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Say it with Cake - {Super Epic Rainbow Cake}

Say it with Cake - {Super Epic Rainbow Cake}
Click here to buy a print! Two cakes in one week. I might have a bit of a problem. Anyway, I made this cake for a good friend. A friend that started as my worst enemy 12 years back, a friend that dreams of losing shoes and a friend that understands the great significance of screaming "EARTHQUAKE!" As soon as she told me she was having a going-away party, I thought of the perfect dessert to tote along. The six individually baked layers match her insanity (in a good way!!!) That wasn't very eloquent, was it? But the most important aspect of this cake, the thing that makes it so her is the fact that it's frosted in white buttercream. And then it all makes sense. PEACE OUT, G! Edit March 28, 2010 The following video was mailed to me by the Daly family (thanks again - you guys are awesome!!). Super Epic Rainbow CakeI'm adding a disclaimer here: THERE IS A LOT OF FROSTING/BUTTER IN THIS CAKE. Watch me make this cake with Ms. Printable Recipe Preheat the oven to 350F degrees.

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