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Matte Painter & concept artist online Portfolio

Matte Painter & concept artist online Portfolio


KARL BANG - Visionary Art Karl Bang Karl Bang's collection of art masterpieces could easily be called Goddess Central. Karl was born as Bong Ka in Shanghai in 1935. He was formally trained by the master artists of Chinese painting and he also formally trained in the European painting tradition in France and Belgium. ANEYEONI.COM SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2nd 2005 Too much news and projects ! I’m currently too busy to update my gallery but I’ve got tons of new pictures to show. My website even need a new complete lifting, with removal of a lot of old pictures. 40 Matte Painting Masterpieces Jun 28 2010 Matte painting is a technique often used to create landscapes, sets and scenes for movies, TV and print when building a physical set or traveling to a particular location to film is either cost prohibitive or impossible. This technique requires a solid understanding of light, exposure, color theory and composition. Artist will often use a mix of digital painting, compositing and Photoshop magic to create the wonderful scenes we all enjoy in films. Today we present 40 Matte Painting Masterpieces from some truly talented artists.

Skull Illusions How’s everyone out there doing today? I hope you’re doing good, because I’m about to scare the crap out of you with today’s new optical illusion. Okay, so probably not, but I at least think it’s a pretty cool illusion and I think all of you will appreciate it. This is another one of those […] How’s everyone doing today? VLADIMIR KUSH - Surrealist Art (Russia) Looking at these surrealist paintings, you get the impression that Vladimir Kush of Russia must have been highly influenced by artist Salvador Dalí. Vladimir states, "Art school was a world of a new inspiration. The class I attended allowed total artistic freedom. I learned much about the famous Renaissance painters, impressionists, post-impressionists, and contemporary artists. Here I painted my first surreal picture.” courtesy of

This Is Freaking Ridiculous - TIFR - Superhero Dinosaurs Wolveraptor These were created by artist d.r3sto as part of his exploration of morphing some of our favorite creatures with comics. My parody set of Superhero Characters as Dinosaurs. I'll be working up a few of these every week so stay tuned. The Art of Negative Space. on the Behance Network Sign Up Log In The Art of Negative Space. Project Featured On: Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre Photography - The Ruins of Detroit At the end of the XIXth Century, mankind was about to fulfill an old dream. The idea of a fast and autonomous means of displacement was slowly becoming a reality for engineers all over the world. Thanks to its ideal location on the Great Lakes Basin, the city of Detroit was about to generate its own industrial revolution.

Mariana (Millais) Mariana is an 1851 oil-on-wood painting by John Everett Millais. The image is based on the solitary Mariana from William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, written between 1601 and 1606. In the play, Mariana was to be married, but was rejected when her dowry was lost in a shipwreck. The painting is regarded as an example of Millais' "precision, attention to detail, and stellar ability as a colorist".[1] She only said, 'My life is dreary, He cometh not,' she said; She said, 'I am aweary, aweary,' I would that I were dead!' Mariana 1851.

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