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Hinges. Hadez, the webcomic. A Redtail's Dream. T-the end!

A Redtail's Dream

Oh noes, I should write some kind of deep and heartfelt ending speech here , but... I I can't pull that off right now. First things first: the countdown blog for my next webcomic "Stand Still. Stay Silent" is now up at and I want all of you to go theeere! Plus change your bookmarks and stuff. Follow the link, follow iiit: I spent all of yesterday finishing the layout for it, and I still have a few small details left to add and tweak today, and I'm also going to adjust the main site of aRTD to reflect that the comic has now ended. Second thing: awesome proof-reading job yesterday guys! That' Now everyone go click that link above and go look at some old aRTD vote baits! ALL NIGHT. Beyond Fire. Bits Fair. Black Tapestries. By Moon Alone. Calliandra Cloak. Delve. Thank you, everyone for sticking with Delve and helping to keep it in the ranking over at Top Web Comics!


In this week’s Vote Incentive Art, we see that Bree, like all Wood Elves, was trained in archery. For her, however, the training proved particularly challenging. Just click on the smaller image or on the Vote button on the right hand side of the page (just below the Tanys Ad) to cast your vote for Delve, and you will be able to see the full image. If you missed a Vote Incentive before, and you really want to see it, you have a few options.

D 0 0 R - toilet genie. TG 123 <~ it's 1 2 and 3!!!

D 0 0 R - toilet genie

THAT'S IMPORTANT.Posted on 17 Jan 2013 01:41 am by blix It was a childhood dream of mine to draw manga, and use the most ridiculous patterns I could find in the background. PAD AND TAMPON BACKGROUND IS NOW UNLOCKED. Elements Of Light. Equsopia. Erstwhile. Eth's skin. Everblue. Fantasy Realms. Fine Sometimes Rain. Fungus Grotto... Gaia. It’s finally time to present the submissions placed between the positions 13 and 25 of the Sandra and Woo and Gaia artwork contest.


There are some great works of art to be seen here, partially thanks to the extension of the submission period. I would like to thank all artists who have submitted a drawing or other piece of art. Don’t forget to check out the first batch of submissions which I posted on Monday. Please show your support by visiting the artists’ websites and writing a comment in the comment section of this blog post! Michael Masukawa (website) This submission by Michael is not actually in the top 25.

[Artist’s comment: I felt bad for poor Shadow and Sid, so I made a comic book cover for the greatest story never told!] Place 25 goes to Marcus Sandra, Woo and Larisa as fearless space adventurers who are somehow able to breath in space. Place 24 goes to Gatekid3 The swamp monster and its minions won’t stand a chance against Cloud and his team of heroic fighters! “Finding Woo” Haru-Sari. Ianua. Life in Aggro. Lost in the Vale. MadWillow. Missing Monday.

Niebla Comic. Roza : The cursed mage. Runewriters. Snarlbear. 14th Apr 2014, 9:39 PM in Chapter 6: Professional Courtesy Author Notes: Gearfish 14th Apr 2014, 9:39 PM edit delete um.


Seed. Shabriri's Phial. Solstoria. Spindrift. Stand Still. Stay Silent. The Androssian Prophecy. The Awakened. The forgotten order. The great isle of Prentil. The Locked Maze. The Meek. The Phoenix Requiem. The Wormworld Saga. Thorns. Three Hours from Troy. Undertow. Unsounded. September 23, 2016, at 12:00 AM With these two NSFW pages and a Ch12 preview, that's a wrap for chapter 11!


Unsounded's been going since July of 2010. Six years! 11 chapters and 940 colour pages to date. Not a bad run! But I need a little break - not for my own sake but for the comic's. So I have to ask you marvellous readers to be understanding these next few months while I'm working hard for you. But maybe you need more? It's been a heckuva ride and a real honour playing your storyteller. 72 Comments. Wake the Sleepers. World without a name.