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Photoshop Mermaid

Photoshop Mermaid
“The Internet is wonderful for distributing and comparing information, but it doesn’t replicate the actual handling of items,” Silton explains. “While the Web can build product awareness, consumer knowledge, and to some extent affect user preference, product trials are still an important and often critical step before a purchase is made. There’s an amount of detail about how something looks, moves, and relates to a user’s context that Web developers can’t duplicate with existing imaging and VR technology.” HyperActive was designed not only to give customers a more true-to-life interaction with products before purchase, but also to enable online stores to provide better support during and after the sale with real-time collaborative capabilities such as chat, white-boarding, laser pointing and measurements.

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40 Extravagant Surreal and Fantasy Scenes Photoshop Tutorials I always stated that Photo Effects and Text Effects were the most popular Photoshop topics around. When I decided to create this list I thought that I’d have a hard time to find tutorials with a reasonable quality. Well, that was not the case. In my way I found Mysterious woods inhabited with magical fairies, dragons and mythical creatures flying on fantasy night skies, magic crystal balls, hats and other objects hidden in strange houses.

20 Beautiful Vintage Photoshop Brush Sets Vintage designs has gotten very popular over the past years, and it seems the trend keeps on going. In this round-up, you’ll find 20 vintage Photoshop brushes you can download for free. There are over 300 individual vintage brushes here, so you will have a broad choice of brushes to apply onto your designs. Each brush set was first tested, and the images you see below are previews of what to expect from each brush pack. 20 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials in Digital Painting I grew up learning traditional painting and have also seen how digital painting emerged, opening a new era in visual arts. Digital painting is applied using digital tools such as a computer, a digitizing tablet with stylus, and softwares like Corel Painter, ArtRage, openCanvas, GIMP, PaintShop Pro and the most widely used and popular Adobe Photoshop. All these digital tools are used to try to mimic what traditional media has, like utilizing different kinds of digital brushes and effects. Digital painting is also similar to a traditional painting environment minus the mess. Of course, who wouldn’t miss, aside from the mess, the smell of oil and acrylic paints, and the emotional strokes your brushes create against the canvass. Admittedly, I do.

80+ Color Altering Photoshop Actions 353 shares Inspiring Architecture and City Photography I believe that architecture and general city landscapes are pretty inspiring. If we stop to pay attention to it, it is amazing the amount of textures, angles, symmetry, depth and other details we can find on the streets surrounding us. This is why today we gathered some inspiring photography to inspire you to look around… Free Photoshop Tutorials & Adobe Photoshop Tips Topaz Plugins Super Crazy Sale - 35% Off All Products I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. As we near the end of 2015, Topaz wants to spread a little cheer with a sale on the entire line of their products. From December 17th through December 31st, Topaz is offering 35% off of the entire Topaz store. If you love plugins and have been waiting for a great sale, here it is! Use coupon code TOPAZ2015 for the discount sale price to be reflected in your shopping cart.

Beautiful Fallen Angel - Photoshop tutorial The Fallen Angel Open a new photoshop file size 600/600 pixels. Now open this beautiful photo of an old room Nature's Room by *FaceTaiheiyo. Because it is so beautiful I will not change it to much. Place the image on the right side of the screen. Duplicate this image and Flip it Horizontally, than place it on the left side as shown in the image. All Around Grunge Photoshop Brushes We had been wanting to put together another freebie for Andrew and the readers at MyInkBlog, and began scratching our heads as to which direction to take it. Then the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death passed and we found ourselves in a grunge state of mind, and decided that we would pay homage to this inspired musical icon who helped to bring the Seattle Grunge scene under the spotlight, and gave the angst of a generation a powerful voice to relate to. And a new grunge set of brushes was born! This new high resolution set of eight Photoshop brushes is available for use in any of your personal and commercial projects alike with no attribution necessary.

500+ Free Download High Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Designer Why redo what is from the web “free download” ? Plenty of web designers create and share with the community, plenty graphic files. Most often, they are free download and can mostly be used in business projects. But the plenty ways used for the distribution of these files is problematic (from own blogs, social networks, sharing networks)…Lot of you have interest for these files, and regarding this point, 2experts decided to create selection lists of these files. These lists give to the web designers, the possibility to get a quick overview of some of the best free download files, grouped on an unique page.

20 PSD Tuts That Will Turn You Into A Photoshop Guru Many people can use Photoshop, but only a select few can call themselves gurus. Learn all the methods in the 20 tutorials below and you’ll be well on your way to joining this elite. Rather than focus on tuts for beginners, intermediates or advanced users, we’ve simply chosen ones which produce jaw-dropping effects. All of them are easy to follow, although most do require at least some prior knowledge and experience. Adobe Photoshop: 50+ High Quality .PSD Files and Tutorials Aug 10 2008 It’s always fun to experiment different techniques and learn how to work with various aspects of Adobe Photoshop to spice up boring text or pictures and make them into works of arts and masterpieces. Today we’ve got you a marvelous set of more than 50 high quality Photoshop .PSD files to offer an assortment of techniques for making your next photoshop effect. You might be interested to check other Photoshop related posts: 1-dvd Plastic Case – PSD file - by manicho 2-Cassette PSD File- by manicho