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For Commissions & licencing, please feel free to contact me : Note that I DO NOT work for free, and DO NOT take private commissions. For personal query, like using my artworks for tubes and such, please read the Legal term below. Born in 1980 (in france, so excuse me for my very bad english ^^), and as far as I can remember I have always drawn… but on paper. I studied archeology and history of arts, then I went to a gamedesign school (for 2 years), which just was not my thing.

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Le blog des tendances design, technologies, architecture, web - Posted by Kat Bauman | 11 Apr 2014 | Comments (0) Yep, it's Friday, get ready to waste some time and feel fine doing it. Skip your next Facebook break and try out the addictive game Super Planet Crash—build planetary systems, watch as they destroy themselves, collect points and think about gravitational relationships for fun! Super Planet Crash was made by Stefano Meschiari, whose real job involves real planets. As a postdoc astronomer at UT Austin and a big contributor to Seismic 2—software to aid "exploring and analyzing exoplanetary data"—Meschiari knows what's up with interplanetary intrigue.

Fine Art and You: Acrylic Paintings By French Visual Artist Patrice Murciano Patrice Murciano was born in Belfort on May 27, 1969, he grew up in South of France. He is a visual artist and uses mostly acrylic color for painting. He started to draw at an early age of 6 years. CGS Artist Profile - Linda Tso While the world outside has a rich collection of reference, there is nothing like the web as the source of searchable visual reference, and Linda Tso takes advantage of that resource for mood. “I've saved a lot of beautiful images and paintings from the web,” she explains, “and I like to browse through the folders when I have nothing to do. As much as things like music and writing inspires me as well, it's the visual queues that make the greatest impact, and that includes movies, dreams and magazines of any kind.

50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers - Smashing Magazine Advertisement There are tools that make our lives much easier. However, finding those obscure time-savers which would save time in every single project isn’t easy and requires a lot of time. Fine Art and You: American illustrator William Loomis was born in Syracuse, New York, and grew up in Zanesville, Ohio and spent much of his working life in Chicago, Illinois. William Andrew Loomis was an American illustrator, author, and art instructor. His work was featured prominently in advertising and magazines; but, he is best known as author a series of instructional art books printed throughout the 20th century. Long after his death, Loomis' realistic style has continued to influence popular artists.

Eric Freitas I’ve just discovered some wax materials that I’m very excited about! Yes, that’s right, I just said I’m excited about wax….what of it? I’ve been diving more seriously into the world of casting, and I like some of the creative doors that the process opens up. JukeboxAliveListen, Share, and Enjoy Music Online Guest: jeenobrien network type: musician Fine Art and You: Beautiful Illustrations by Sarah Bochaton Hey all! How are you doing? Hope you are having a great time browsing this wonderful fine art blog and have found some of the most amazing and incredible art works on this planet. Today, I am back with some very amazing and lovely watercolour illustrations made by Sarah Bochaton who is a France based artist and loves to showcase talent with the medium of watercolour illustrations.

Ruth Sanderson's Golden Wood Studio - Welcome I am happy to share the process for creating the cover illustration of my upcoming book A CASTLE FULL OF CATS, due to be released in early 2015. Yes, it takes almost a year for a publisher to produce a book after the artwork is delivered. I’ll be doing lots of sneak previews during the year. Usability Do’s And Don’ts For Interactive Design - Smashing Maga Advertisement We often talk about how to make our websites more usable, whether it’s tweaking the HTML structure of pages to benefit the user’s process or figuring out how best to display a message via CSS. But we never bring this thought process into our jQuery-based (and other JavaScript-based) elements. How can we enhance the user experience and usability of our jQuery events? Below, we’ll briefly discuss ways to look at the code and the result of our interactive designs and, thus, improve their usability. Don’t Leave Users In The Dark

Art Era Timelines These pages are free! You may download these pages for your own personal use! I humbly ask you to respect my copyright. If you would like to share the files, please give the link back to this site.Blessings,Nadene Art Timelines: english Version E-mail us at to place your order or request a price. Would you like a ‘C YK t-shirt’? Send us an e-mail, with your size ( S, M, L or XL, and whether it should be a girl or boy’s shirt. Be aware the girl’s shirts are quite small), the colour you’d like (white or magenta) your name and adress to t-shirt costs €20 incl. post and packaging within The Netherlands. Additional costs can be added for overseas postage.

Gil Elvgren’s Pin-Up Girls And Their Photo Reference The Pin-up girl culture became very popular during the early 20th century and continued well into the 80s and even late 90s. Many pin-ups were photographs of celebrities who were considered sex symbols. Other pin-ups were artwork, often depicting idealized versions of what some thought a particularly beautiful or attractive woman should look like. The genre also gave rise to several well-known artists specializing in the field, one of whom was the American painter and illustrator Gil Elvgren. Gil Elvgren was one of the most important pin-up and glamour artists of the twentieth century.