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Worlds Without End: Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Books IMAGINE PEACE Terry Bisson Internet Public Library: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or You Are Not Alone (Maybe) Example Questions That Can Be Answered Using This FAQ I’ve heard there are only 7 (or 5, 20, 36…) basic plots (or themes) in all of literature. What are they? People often say that there are only a certain number of basic plots in all of literature, and that any story is really just a variation on these plots. Depending on how detailed they want to make a "basic" plot, different writers have offered a variety of solutions. Here are some of the ones we’ve found: 1 Plot | 3 Plots | 7 Plots | 20 Plots | 36 Plots 1 Plot: Attempts to find the number of basic plots in literature cannot be resolved any more tightly than to describe a single basic plot. 3 Plots: Foster-Harris. "’Type A, happy ending’"; Foster-Harris argues that the "Type A" pattern results when the central character (which he calls the "I-nitial" character) makes a sacrifice (a decision that seems logically "wrong") for the sake of another 7 Plots 7 basic plots as remembered from second grade by IPL volunteer librarian Jessamyn West:

Science-fiction classics that have rewired your brain - Image 3 Image 3 of 8 Tunes from Mars Taking a completely different attitude to Martians, Raymond Taylor's marching tune A Signal from Mars is jaunty in the extreme. Published in 1901, the piece became immensely popular but has little to do with its title. Observant readers may notice that the piece was arranged by E. (Image: British Library Board)

The Feminist Wire - | The Feminist Wire | Cory Doctorow's World Adventure Writing Month ‘08 How to write a bestselling dystopian thriller polis Junot Díaz A Call for Stories « Christopher Barzak’s The Interstitial Arts Foundation will be publishing a second volume of Interfictions. The first volume was edited by Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss. I’ve been asked to fill the co-editor seat for this second volume, and am excited to be along for the ride. Below are the guidelines for the next volume. We would love to see work from you all, so please distribute these guidelines near and far to help spread the word. And then send us your best when the reading period opens this coming October! for Interfictions II: The Second Anthology of Interstitial Writing Editors Delia Sherman and Christopher Barzak We invite submissions for an Anthology of Interstitial Fiction, to be published by Small Beer Press under the auspices of the Interstitial Arts Foundation in ??? What We’re Looking For Interstitial Fiction is all about breaking rules, ignoring boundaries, cross-pollinating the fields of literature. We are also open to graphic stories of about 10 pages. Who We’re Looking For Practical Matters

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