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Final Fantasy Wiki - Welcome to the Final Fantasy Wiki!

Final Fantasy Wiki - Welcome to the Final Fantasy Wiki!
In November 2014, Square Enix announced a new Final Fantasy Dimensions game titled Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō where soundtracks from the original game were incorporated. No localization has been announced. In November 2016, following the conclusion of the game's first storyline, Square Enix rebranded Final Fanasy Legends: Toki no Suishō to Final Fantasy Legends II. (more...) Related:  Final Fantasy

Video Game Music at Galbadia Hotel 'Final Fantasy' designer creates the wildest take on Batman yet If nothing else, Square Enix artist Tetsuya Nomura has built up a distinctive style over the years — his androgynous, zipper-heavy designs for characters in games like Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series are recognizable anywhere. But none of that will have prepared you for his surreal take on Batman, revealed in action figure form at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The "DC Comics Variant Play Arts Action Figure" looks more like something from Soul Calibur than the Caped Crusader, with bizarre talons on the back, dragonesque "wings," and a helmet with giant red horns.

Snowfly Forest — Vagrant Story Q&A with Yasumi Matsuno on Twitter - Contains Spoilers untitled final fantasy 12 « If the kids are the foundation of Final Fantasy XII, and the nobles are the driving force behind its plot, I think it’s certainly fair to say that the sky pirates are its heart and soul. Balthier and Fran are, unquestioningly, the most memorable PCs in the game. Fantasy writing — and JRPGs in particular [...] The first thing a fantasy story does is belch out a bunch of nonsense words at you. These nonsense words are supposedly the names of places, important characters, groups of people, concepts or ideas… but you won’t remember any of them because a stream of nonsense words doesn’t mean anything without context. Look up on GameFAQs which arbitrarily-placed treasures to avoid. Among the harshest criticisms lobbed at Final Fantasy XII is the alleged “pointlessness” of Vaan and Penelo. Sony finally got their act together and re-launched PSN, so I was able to log in and push the magic button I needed to push in order to gain access to Portal 2 on my PC.

[Artworks] Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy) - The Farthest Land Yo! Bienvenue dans mon antre, faites comme chez vous! Je me suis lancé il y a environ deux ans avec ma rubrique principale "Ma sélection musicale". C'est en quelques sortes le fil rouge de mon blog, les articles qui arriveront le plus fréquemment, même si, ayant déjà passé les 100 articles de cette catégorie, je vais un peu baisser la cadance et m'essayer à d'autres types d'articles, que ce soient des critiques, des sélections d'artwork ou des articles plus personnels.Bref, faites comme chez vous, et n'hésitez pas à donner votre avis! Au passage, allez écouter le podcast mensuel ORIGINAL SOUND BLOGGERS, consacré aux musiques de jeux vidéo, animé par Poulpyblast, Vicporc et moi-même. Le podcast est également disponible sur Itunes, n'hesitez pas à vous abonner et à donner votre avis! PSN : OninkSteam : OninkGuild Wars 2 : Onink - Asura Envoûteur - Place Vizunah Top 10 : 1. Top 5 - 2013 : Jeux terminés en 2014 :C'est le néant ma bonne dame!

Four Fiends - The Final Fantasy Wiki - 10 years of having more Final Fantasy information than Cid could research! Appearances Edit Final Fantasy Edit Final Fantasy IV Main article: Archfiends The Four Archfiends or Four Fiends of the Elements play a major role in this game, as they act as go-betweens between Golbez and Zemus, keeping tabs on Zemus's control of Golbez while serving the latter as minions. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit The Four Archfiends of Final Fantasy IV return in the sequel, as do the original Four Fiends from the original Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy IX Only Lich, the Earth Guardian, is fought by the player (using Zidane and Quina), while the other three are killed off-screen (Maliris by Freya and Amarant, Tiamat by Vivi and Steiner, and Kraken by Garnet and Eiko). Final Fantasy Tactics Advance An elite group of the Red Wings known as the Falgabirds appears. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Main article: Vile Four Final Fantasy Adventure After Julius has seized control of the Pendant of Mana, he summons several powerful monsters. The Final Fantasy Legend Bravely Default Four Generals Trivia

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable - The Final Fantasy Wiki - 10 years of having more Final Fantasy information than Cid could research! Characters Edit Final Fantasy VII Edit Final Fantasy VIII Quistis Trepe (Non player character) Final Fantasy IX Zidane Tribal (Player character) Eiko Carol (Non player character) Final Fantasy XII Vaan (Player character) Ashe (Player character) Balthier (Player character) Penelo (Player character) Basch (Secret player character) Fran (Secret player character) Chocobo Series Chocobo (Non player character) Maps Each map is based on a location of either a Final Fantasy game or a Dragon Quest game. List of Final Fantasy Cards External Links Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable Official Site

List of airships - Final Fantasy Wiki - Wikia List Edit Final Fantasy Edit In the remakes since Dawn of Souls, it is revealed that Cid of the Lufaine built it. Final Fantasy II Dreadnought Edit Cid's Airship Never named, Cid's airship is the only airship in the world, before the Dreadnought is finished. Final Fantasy III According to Refia, she and Takka forged the parts for the ship in Kazus. Enterprise The Enterprise is a ship awarded to the player by Vikings for appeasing the sea serpent Nepto. The Enterprise derives its name from the famous American Carrier the USS Enterprise. The Enterprise appears in a Field Music Sequence in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call. Nautilus Invincible The Great Ship, Invincible, is the final airship found in Final Fantasy III. Final Fantasy IV The Red Wings Main article: Red Wings The Red Wings are a fleet of five airships built by Cid Pollendina as its own military division in Baron. The masterpiece airship of Cid Pollendina, the Enterprise was the party's airship for much of the journey. Falcon Lunar Whale - Final Fantasy Music Online For the first time in aeons FFMO gets a proper update with a new section added for mp3 remixes, tributes and medleys. Check it out for the first entry, courtesy of a curious chap called 'BEEF!!!' ;) If you've made any remixes or reviews or anything, send them my way! We could use some updates around here. The History of “FFMO” At the time FFMO was conceived, very few music sites existed where the focus was on a particular game series. With the increase in space from the new hosting, new sections were added to the site. The site was given a completely new design. The site became pretty popular and thrived successfully for quite a while. After the fall of SMN, as well as the forums eventually (sadly enough), much time passed. Familiar, but still new, FFMO finally has a new home… An enormous “Thank You” goes out to for bringing back a treasured memory to many of us. *takes a final bow* -Dragon627 For the past few weeks the forums have been down. Catalog #: SSCX-10071

Ivalice *,* Final Fantasy Tactics Advance *,* [Ivalice Stories] Info > Générales > Ivalice Sommaire : La Carte Voici une petite animation flash qui va vous montrer différentes cartes d'Ivalice qui permètent entre autre d'obtenir des objets rares, disponible uniquement grace aux chasses aux trésors. Vous pourrez également éditer votre propre carte afin de voire si votre configuration permet de déceler des raretés Liste des Lieux Les Mois Lorsque vous voyagezà travers Ivalice, le temps s'écoule à raison d'un jour par déplacement. Le mois joue sur quelques paramètres, comme le recrutement; en effet si vous êtes dans le mois des Viéras et que vous terminer une mission, vous aurez plus de chance de voir une Viéra vous demandez si elle peut rejoindre le groupe.