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DONATO GIANCOLA - Realist Painter

DONATO GIANCOLA - Realist Painter


VLADIMIR KUSH - Surrealist Art (Russia) Looking at these surrealist paintings, you get the impression that Vladimir Kush of Russia must have been highly influenced by artist Salvador Dalí. Vladimir states, "Art school was a world of a new inspiration. The class I attended allowed total artistic freedom. I learned much about the famous Renaissance painters, impressionists, post-impressionists, and contemporary artists. Here I painted my first surreal picture.” courtesy of

of the Coast Ria of Bladehold In recent months, the Manka Run had become known as the most dangerous circuit of all the routes through the razorfields. It followed a road along the edge of the Liet Field, passing through several outlying settlements before looping back toward Bladehold. It could be done in a week but usually took two.

Andrew Theophilopoulos 1hr Demo at Ringling College in Florida. Together with Thomas Scholes, I had a lovely time doodling for a crowd of passionate Illustrators, Game Art, Animators and many other young artists. I started the event with an old painting of mine, (Tigers) and added a Singer Sargent to the mix (Lady Macbeth). Kemp Remillard Skip to Content Scroll Down!! CGW class Star Citizen More G.I.Joe G.I.Joe ‘Super VTOL’ KARL BANG - Visionary Art Karl Bang Karl Bang's collection of art masterpieces could easily be called Goddess Central. Karl was born as Bong Ka in Shanghai in 1935. He was formally trained by the master artists of Chinese painting and he also formally trained in the European painting tradition in France and Belgium. Igor Kieryluk

CLANG The Moment Being Together Being Together Myth of the Flat Earth Twilight Dreams of a Papilio Demoleus Erasure Blind Spot Remembering Strangers Self Reflection Guilt Me and Friends Time My Twilight Window Wall Street October 2008 Strangers NYC 64.1 N 21.9 W Fear Of Losing The Existence Beon Sleeps Open Wound Existence Of Being Ground Zero Beijing NYC Out of Context

Andrée Wallin Filter by: Concept Art Mattepainting Elder Scrolls Online | Nord Battle Concept Art Telikos Protocol Oblivion | San Diego Comic-Con Poster Interesting Reads and Visits from Flesk Publications Publisher I’ve updated my master Flesk Publications list detailing every book and print I have published, as well as a few other projects I played a role in. This covers everything up until January 2014. The total comes to 44 books, 4 prints and 6 specialty produced book collections.