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Sakimichan's deviantART gallery

Sakimichan's deviantART gallery

MARTA DAHLIG / deviantART Alaska Cannabusiness Gets Ready to Take Off “I want to see Juneau become a forerunner,” says restaurant owner Tracy LaBarge. “I want to see it done in a very responsible and classy way.” She’s referring to the implementation of Measure 2, a voter-approved ballot initiative legalizing recreational marijuana in Alaska. Along with other pro-weed residents, LaBarge testified in January before the Juneau City and Borough Assembly, which had proposed a 12-month moratorium on issuing land-use and other permits for pot businesses. The good news: They talked the assembly down to a six-month delay. As it stands, the earliest that weed shops, smoke lounges and bars can be operational is May 2016. The business people don’t really need the delay, but lawmakers probably do. LaBarge, who owns four restaurants and bars in the area, believes that the existing laws regulating alcohol sales can serve as a template for weed regs. Other parts of the state have also seen evidence that change is a-coming. (Photo by Chris Beck)

VLADIMIR KUSH - Surrealist Art (Russia) Looking at these surrealist paintings, you get the impression that Vladimir Kush of Russia must have been highly influenced by artist Salvador Dalí. Vladimir states, "Art school was a world of a new inspiration. The class I attended allowed total artistic freedom. courtesy of Introducing to you an ultimate game-changer for the way we listen to music: the Bragi Dash earbuds. These neat little gadgets are the world’s first wireless smart in-ear headphones. But they’re also much more than that. Being able to listen to music on the go is a wonderful thing; you can take your favorite melodies with you anywhere you please and use them to shut off from the rest of the world. And all that untangling and pulling doesn’t do the wires any good, which often break, warranting a new pair pretty regularly. Thankfully, there are people out there that have realized our frustrations and woes, and have gone and done something about it. These earphones were born out of German startup company Bragi, which received almost $3.5 million from 16,000 backers on Kickstarter. Given the importance of good fit, the team used ear molds acquired from hearing aid companies to guide their design. So what’s the catch? [Via Bragi and The Verge]

ANNE STOKES / Collection In a TV show about healthy living on the first channel of the Russian national television, Mark Sandomirsky, a doctor of medical science and psychiatrist, advices his patients to relieve stress using a simple technique. The causes and effects of stress often vary, and people experience it in many different ways. After being stressed, we are left with an uncomfortable feeling, followed by a feeling of heaviness or pain in certain parts of the body. The first thing you should do is get rid of all destructive emotions. Ancient Chinese called this point Shen Men or “The Gate of Heaven,” because its treatment brings celestial energy to your body. This acupressure point also suppresses inflammation and addiction, and its treatment relieves pain in every part of your body. Dr Sandomirsky advices: Using a cotton bud press this point and gently massage it. Extra tips: Thanks to Truth Seeker Daily for this article The Open Mind Staff Writer and Social Media Manager for The Open Mind. More Posts

MICHAEL C. HAYES / Art 19 Genius Ways To Organize Your Closet And Drawers Share 19 Genius Ways To Organize Your Closet And Drawers For TrendyJoe [GT] by julia.letts Life DIY When you have a lot of clothes and accessories, or just a lot of clutter, it can be difficult to reclaim your closet and drawers and get organized. 1. via Kat Black Designs 2. via Fravel 3. via Better Homes and Gardens 4. via Don't Disturb This Groove What Did You Think? julia.letts For TrendyJoe [GT] Iced coffee is the way to my heart. More posts by julia.letts Verified Join Diply Today Connect with a social network Sign In to Diply Sign into your Diply account with your social network Report Post Select the option(s) that best described why this should be removed from Diply.

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