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The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. A few sample entries appear below. Click here for the Introduction and more on the text; here for the FAQ page; here for advice to students on citations. Find entries via the search box above (more on searching here) or browse the menu categories to the right of the SFE logo. 1. US tv serial (1950-1955).

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7 Fantasy Series to Read If You Love Game of Thrones If you’re like most Game of Thrones fans, you’re getting impatient waiting for April 12, when Season 5 of the TV version of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series gets started. Fortunately there’s a lot of other newly written fantasy fiction to gorge yourself with while you wait. As Martin himself recently pointed out, there’s never been so much new epic fantasy published as there is now. To help you navigate all these new epics, we collected seven of our favorite series below, along with a recommended book to start with and the description from its publisher.

Le Guin: Art, Information, Theft, and Confusion, Part 2 Continued from Part One i. Influence A long time ago now, discussing my book The Lathe of Heaven, I called it “a homage to Philip K. Dick” (who was then not the culture hero he has become, but a science fiction writer scorned as such by the American literary establishment, and honored mostly within the genre and in France). Photographing Playing Cards – by Steve Rosenfield Let’s be honest, everyone is a “photographer” these days. Social media has made it very easy for people to get their images out there and be more “creative” in whatever they do. Which is a good thing, right? I’ve been a professional photographer for about 12 years now and although new filters have made it easier to create appealing photos, there are some things that filters don’t fix. The basics.

125 Great Science Videos: From Astronomy to Physics & Psychology Astronomy & Space Travel A Brief, Wondrous Tour of Earth (From Outer Space) - Video - Recorded from August to October, 2011 at the International Space Station, this HD footage offers a brilliant tour of our planet and stunning views of the aurora borealis.A Universe from Nothing - Video – In 53 minutes, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss answers some big enchilada questions, including how the universe came from nothing.A Year of the Moon in 2.5 Minutes – Video – The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been orbiting the moon for over a year. The footage gets compressed into 2 slick minutes.A Day on Earth (as Seen From Space) – Video – Astronaut Don Pettit trained his camera on planet Earth, took a photo once every 15 seconds, and then created a brilliant time-lapse film.Atlantis’s Final Landing at Kennedy Space Center - Video - After more than 30 years, the space shuttle era comes to a close. Video runs 30 minutes.

Galaxy Magazine : Free Texts : Download & Streaming Sep 1, 2017 by Andy Khoo texts eye favorite 2 comment 0 Galaxy Magazine, February 1960 Converted to single page for reading on tablet in comic format (*.cbz). E Welty on Writing etc 2 clicks To be human is to unfold in time but remain discontinuous. We are living non sequiturs seeking artificial cohesion through the revisions our memory, that capricious seamstress, performs in threading the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. It is, after all, nothing but a supreme feat of storytelling to draw a continuous thread between one’s childhood self and one’s present-day self, since hardly anything makes these two entities “the same person” — not their height, not their social stature, not their beliefs, not their circle of friends, not even the very cells in their bodies.

Greenland’s Hand-Sized Wooden Maps Were Used for Storytelling, Not Navigation On September 1, 1884, the Danish explorer Gustav Holm and his men set ashore at the small settlement of Ammassalik (“the place with capelin”), on the eastern coast of Greenland. They had traveled for four months, from the trading post of Nanortalik in the south, in a small armada of seal-skin boats and kayaks. Johannes Hansen, a translator on the expedition, recalled that day’s first meeting with the local Tunumiit people in his diary, “… sometimes they lined up quite far away from us and stared at us, and yelled îh and âh; and then someone said, ‘We are sorry for you poor things, for having come this long way up to our dismal land; but to us you are incredibly funny, and pleasing to look at!’”

The Pineal Gland/Our Third Eye: The Biggest Cover-Up In Human History Source: | Original Post Date: June 19, 2012 - The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join. The Secret: What they don’t want you to KNOW! Every human being’s Pineal Gland or The third eye can be activated to spiritual world frequencies and enables you to have the sense of all knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around you.