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Gormenghast, the official website Gormenghast Gormenghast home | About Mervyn Peake | Blog | Extracts | Writing Gormenghast The official website The cast of Gormenghast The Official Gormenghast website brings you: news and events from the world of Mervyn Peake, extracts from the books and the story behind the creation of Gormenghast. The official Mervyn Peake website not only aims to bring you regular news and events from Mervyn Peake's world of Gormenghast, but also to add interest by including stories and ideas that led to its creation. See all Mervyn Peake and Gormenghast books, prints and DVDs JL8: A Webcomic JL8 #255 by Yale Stewart Based on characters in DC Comics. Like the Facebook page here! Archive Twitter Help support more content by becoming a Patron! Hello, everyone! -Yale

Santharia - Free Online RPG Games & Fantasy World Creation Up To Four Players The Case Of The Vanishing D&D Artist, DAVID TRAMPIER ⋆ Film Goblin An Evening Cab Ride It was a cool February evening in Carbondale when Southern Illinois University student Arin Thompson stepped into a well-worn taxi cab. The driver Dave was friendly enough but rather quiet. Usually that was a good trait to have in a cabbie, but in this case, it was a not what Arin needed. Arin was writing an article on local cabbies for the school paper and was hoping for a night of wacky adventure, but as it turned out it was uneventful. At the end of the ride, the student and cabbie shook hands, and a photo of Dave The Driver was taken. It was 2002. Smell Ya Later Arin published his article and that was that. Within a few weeks, the tabletop gaming world was abuzz. Early D&D David Trampier, who often signed his work “D.A.T.” or “Tramp,” was one of the most prolific artists around the time of the First Edition. My all-time fave was Emirikol The Chaotic, a mysterious magic-user (perhaps based on one of Tramp’s own characters) causing havoc on a city street: Wormy the Dragon