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Welcome to the world’s most popular innovation blog, featuring regular contributions from the brightest minds in the field of enterprise innovation — thought leaders, practitioners, consultants, vendors, and academia. Innovation Excellence is proud to bring you the best of the best, helping you keep up with the latest insights from the field, while also providing you the opportunity to make your own contribution to the future of innovation.Submit A Post

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Inventive online resources for inventors Last week, I received an e-mail asking if I had ever taken a look at sites and services for inventors. I hadn't. And judging by the size of those sites' communities, I'm guessing that most other folks haven't, either. Below are some of the neatest resources, both on the Web and on your iPhone, designed specifically for inventors. Web sites

The List of Lists August 14, 2010The List of Lists Of the 410 postings on this blog, the most popular ones have been our lists. Many have "gone viral" (which, I guess, is better than "going postal.") How to Make Money With Blogs & Blogging : . As there are over 100 million active blogs online I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of them don’t earn much money at all. I suspect a lot of blog owners can’t even cover their hosting costs. Whilst there are other benefits to blogging besides making an income, many people do aim to be financially rewarded for the efforts they put in. If you don’t want to make money from your blog (which I totally respect) then this blog post is probably not for you. If you do want to get a return on the time and creative effort that goes into building a blog, then this guide will show you how to do just that.

Innovation playground Welcome to the 24hr Innovation Marathon! That’s right! This post is part of “My Half Time Pep Talk for 2009,” a collection of posts about innovation on a variety of blogs, as part of the Board of Innovation’s 24 Hours of Innovation event started 3am May15 (Central time) to 3am May16. Random acts of innovation need not be so random: here’s how - Sm We've been preaching innovative thinking since the inception of this blogsite as the best path to more enlightened management, sustainability, and growth. But innovative thinking isn't just based on random acts of brilliance -- it can be forged into a systematic process that can be learned and built into all organizational operations. BusinessWeek recently published a special report on an emerging paradigm called "design thinking," in which innovation is systematically ingrained into processes, much as quality management or Six Sigma. It appears a number of leading business schools are incorporating design thinking into their curriculum. But how practical is it for business?

The Top 50 Blogs for Startups In 2009 30) Inventor Spot URL: The #1 invention website in the world, Investor Spot focuses on ingenious inventions, innovations and ideas. What is new, cool, clever, wacky, weird and fun? This blog offers serious fun for the inventor in all of us. 31) Springwise URL: Springwise and its network of 8,000 spotters scan the globe for smart new business ideas, delivering instant inspiration to entrepreneurial minds.

24/7 Innovation (Steve Shapiro) Home » BLOG The Real Power of Purposeful Tangents March 22, 2014 In a blog entry of mine last year, I discussed the concept of “Purposeful Tangents.” (if you’ve not read it, I encourage you to do so) In that article, I mentioned I was going to take a class with master magicians. Well, I just completed the training, and it was beyond my expectations. Heart of Innovation (Mitch Ditkoff) April 10, 2014The Art of Self-Acknowledgment If you're a creative person regularly involved with starting new projects -- the kind unlikely to get results overnight -- here is a simple practice that will keep you in a positive frame of mind and save you from the all-too-familiar phenomenon of depressing yourself by focusing on the cup (or your life) being half empty. At the end of each work day, acknowledge yourself for all of your accomplishments, small, medium, and large. But not just silently, in your head, verbally -- aloud. Most cultural creatives, no matter how inspired they are at the beginning of a project, eventually end up feeling down in the dumps.

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