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Template:Mérimée link - Wikimedia Commons This documentation is transcluded from Template:Mérimée link/doc. Français: Crée un permalien vers la base Mérimée du ministère de la Culture français. Usage Template parameters The Gulf/2000 Project - SIPA - COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Maps and Statistics Collections All maps and their accompanying texts that are hosted by this Gulf/2000 web site are original, authored and produced by Dr. Michael Izady who retains exclusive copyright to them all. They are frequently upgraded by him as well as new ones being posted. These maps may be used for personal use by noting the origin as Dr. Introduction — QGIS Tutorials and Tips QGIS is a popular open-source GIS with advanced capabilities. Here is a series of tutorials and tips that show you how to use it to tackle common GIS problems. You may use these tutorials as a self-paced course to learn the software thoroughly. However, each section is fairly independent, so those familiar with QGIS can jump into any section. If you are an educator, see Teaching QGIS for resources and examples of using these tutorials to teach GIS curriculum. You can also check out QGIS Learning Resources for other materials to help you learn QGIS.

Software - geOrchestra Spatial Data Infrastructure geOrchestra’s core relies on a security proxy based on Spring Security and on a single-sign-on system using CAS. geOrchestra provides independant and interoperable modules to build your own custom spatial data infrastructure: a data catalog based on GeoNetwork version 2.10, a map and feature server: GeoServer version 2.5.4, an advanced data access list manager: GeoFence, a map tiles server: GeoWebCache version 1.5.1, an advanced web map viewer with query, styling, editing functions, a data extractor to extract, reproject and download datasets from OGC services, a user and group manager (“ldapadmin”), a module to display data usage statistics (“analytics”).

Create, collaborate and share advanced custom maps with Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta) Maps are useful for visualizing and sharing information about places around the world. For enterprises, Google Maps Engine has been providing businesses with professional tools to help them organize large datasets, make decisions, and give their customers important details about their locations and services. Of course, experts aren’t the only ones who love to make maps. Today we're launching Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta), so any mapping enthusiast can now create and share robust custom maps using this powerful, easy-to-use tool. You can import small spreadsheets of locations onto a comprehensive map, visualize those places through a variety of styling and drawing options, and organize and compare up to three different data sets for your non-business purposes.

Activer Office 2010 Et 2013 Sans Crack Regedit - sans utilisation de Serial Number et sans Crack, il suffit de me suivre : 1Etape: Vous allez ouvrir exécuter puis tapez regedit 2Etape: ensuite tapez HKEY_Local_Machine \ SOWFTWARE \ Microsoft \ OfficeSowftwareProtectionPlatform \ Plugins \ Objets \ MSFT: / algorithm/pkey/2005 / Cherchez MdoduleId editez-le en remplaçant le dernière chiffre 8 par 7 Derniere Etape: Dernière étape redemarer votre pc est voila votre office est activé, c’est magique !!! 9 free mapping tools and resources for visual storytelling The resources available for working with data and visualising it have become more numerous and more accessible in recent years. "We find ourselves in this perfect storm where suddenly journalists, everybody, is paying attention to data and the ability to collect data and create new data," Vizzuality's Andrew Hill told earlier this year. Vizzuality created open source mapping tool CartoDB, and the team also set up "the map academy" where journalists can access free resources to learn more about online mapping. Mapping can be a powerful storytelling tool, which journalists can use to take their audience on a journey following a narrative storyline, or to illustrate and make sense of fast moving breaking news events. Here is a list of 11 mapping tools reporters can use to add an extra dimension to their reporting and to build a more immersive experience for readers. CartoDB

Read Leaflet Tips and Tricks Acknowledgements First and foremost I would like to express my thanks to Vladimir Agafonkin. He is the driving force behind leaflet.js. His efforts in bringing Leaflet to the World and constantly improving it are tireless and his altruism in making his work open and available to the masses is inspiring. Vladimir has worked with a large collection of like-minded individuals in bringing Leaflet to the World. Tutorials Every tutorial here comes with step-by-step code explanation and is easy enough even for beginner JavaScript developers. Leaflet Quick Start Guide A simple step-by-step guide that will quickly get you started with Leaflet basics, including setting up a Leaflet map (with Mapbox tiles) on your page, working with markers, polylines and popups, and dealing with events.

Space-Time Research With self-service options offering enormous benefits in terms of speed, availability and cost, SuperWEB2 gives beautifully visualised ad-hoc tabulation on the internet. Featuring integrated charts, maps and metadata, users can help themselves to insights using their preferred browser, readily performing queries and selecting from a range of open standard outputs. With demand for timely information growing, SuperWEB2 offers self-service, web-based access to data for external, skilled users such as analysts, researchers and subject matter experts. Allowing government departments and other organisations to share information transparently, SuperWEB2 uses web-based ad-hoc tabulation to enable analysis across millions of table cells without compromising confidentiality. Previously, organisations offering any degree of transparency were limited to responding manually to information requests – a time consuming and often labour-intensive process.

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