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Google’s featured snippets are worse than fake news

Google’s featured snippets are worse than fake news
Peter Shulman, an associate history professor at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, was lecturing on the reemergence of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s when a student asked an odd question: Was President Warren Harding a member of the KKK? Shulman was taken aback. He confessed that he was not aware of that allegation, but that Harding had been in favor of anti-lynching legislation, so it seemed unlikely. But then a second student pulled out his phone and announced that yes, Harding had been a Klan member, and so had four other presidents. It was right there on Google, clearly emphasized inside a box at the top of the page: For most of its history, Google did not answer questions. Type in the name of a person and you’ll get a box with a photo and biographical data. Unfortunately, not all of these answers are actually true. Back to Shulman and his students. “I understand what Google is trying to do, and it’s work that perhaps requires algorithmic aid,” Shulman said in an email.

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Types of Wind Turbines Used Today Capturing the earth’s natural energy through wind was once an abstract idea. Eventually, however, engineers were able to focus the idea and put it into action through innovative technology. Throughout the development of wind turbines, many prototypes were created, and many of the first ones designed are still used today, just with more modern engineering. Here are a few of the different wind turbines we are used to seeing today, and some we definitely are not. HAWT Wind Turbines A “HAWT” is a Horizontal Access Wind Turbine.

Fake news. It's complicated. - First Draft News This article is available also in Deutsch, Español, Français and العربية By now we’ve all agreed the term “fake news” is unhelpful, but without an alternative, we’re left awkwardly using air quotes whenever we utter the phrase. The reason we’re struggling with a replacement is because this is about more than news, it’s about the entire information ecosystem. And the term fake doesn’t begin to describe the complexity of the different types of misinformation (the inadvertent sharing of false information) and disinformation (the deliberate creation and sharing of information known to be false).

Neil Gaiman on Will Eisner: 'He thought comics were an artform – he was right' It isn’t yet easy or comfortable for me to write about Will Eisner. He was too important, and writing this reminds me how much I miss my friend Will Eisner. Rereading his stories reminds me that I miss Will Eisner the storyteller, the craftsman, the dreamer, the artist. When Will died in 2005, he was as respected and as revered around the world as he would let us respect and revere him. He was a teacher and an innovator. Worried about the US being led by a tyrant who may destroy the earth? Blame Alex Jones American far-right radio host Alex Jones believes that Hillary Clinton is literally a demon – a red monster with a rubber face, an unregistered foreign agent from hell, which is a real place, where Satan, who is real, tortures unbaptised babies with a big fork in between demanding sacrifices of “blood, semen, and breast milk” from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. I am only editorialising a little. Jones, an ardent Trump booster, has made such claims over and over again on his too-popular-for-comfort radio programme, the Alex Jones Show, as well as on his websites, the best known of which is

Cable Cars Are Changing the World – How We Get To Next On the slopes of the seven hills that surround the city of Medellín in Colombia, life is pretty good. Children play in the streets. Retirees relax in the parks. In age of alternative facts, a scholarly course on calling out crap ired of alternative facts, fake news, and breathless hyperbole, two professors at the University of Washington are trying to strike a blow for science. Their weapon? A new course: “Calling Bullshit In the Age of Big Data.” The class website and colorful syllabus went online last month and almost instantly went viral. article continues after advertisement “We woke up the next morning to chaos.

The CG Actors in ‘Logan’ You Never Knew Were There While Hollywood has been relying on digital doubles for many years, the work in Logan is particularly seamless, even if the scenes are relatively brief and do not involve an avatar delivering any dialogue. It’s perhaps another example of where things are headed with digital actors and how they can be used to help tell the stories directors are wanting to tell. Cartoon Brew sat down with the studio behind the digital Hugh Jackmans and Laura, Image Engine in Vancouver, who worked under overall vfx supervisor Chas Jarrett, to discuss how the the cg ‘digi-doubles’ were brought to life.

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you Comics Blog Books Shop Comics: Random Most Popular All Cats Grammar Food Animals Tech Scientists Have Made a Huge Breakthrough In Cryogenics Cryopreservation Cryopreservation is the process of freezing organs and tissues at very low temperatures in order to preserve them. While it sounds simple in theory, only a handful of cells and tissues have survived this method. This is because while science has successfully developed ways to cool organs to the very low temperatures required for preservation, thawing them out has proven far more difficult. As the specimen thaws, it forms ice crystals, which can damage the tissue and render organs unusable. Right now, the process is only a viable option for small samples, such as sperm or embryos.

US Senate Says Your ISP Can Sell Your Private Data. Here's What To Do Ever since Edward Snowden took off with a cache of top secret NSA documents, and revealed to the world how un-private online user data really was, there has been an obsession with staying private online. That obsession for privacy was protected by the then-Democratic leadership of the FCC who formulated rules last year to that effect. But now all of that work may have been thrown under the bus by the now Republican-dominated US Senate’s decision to scrap those privacy rules. The new rules would allow ISP’s to sell your private online data to the highest bidder without obtaining your consent first.