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Fake News and Exaggeration

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Fake news is in the news. This section is for news stories where fact checking would tell a different story: "unprecedented" that isn't, weather events that are blamed on global warming, or claims made that are highly exaggerated to frighten readers or play to political purposes. thinks ‘global warming’ is increasing ticks in Alabama, except it’s cooled over the last century there. From the “you really should check the data before you invoke the universal boogeyman” department: ‘Very bad tick year’ expected for Alabama in 2017, and climate change a factor BY DENNIS PILLION2017 could be a record year for ticks and tick-borne illnesses according to one researcher who studies the arachnids in Alabama. thinks ‘global warming’ is increasing ticks in Alabama, except it’s cooled over the last century there

“I would say this is going to be a very bad tick year because it was a very mild winter,” said Tim Sellati, chair of Southern Research’s Infectious Diseases Department.In addition, Sellati said a warming climate has let certain species of ticks expand their range and those changes are reflected in tick surveys in Alabama and other parts of the United States. “The winters are warmer and the ticks recognize this, they sense this change in their environment,”Source: Uh, no. A Complete List Of Things Caused By Climate Change. A complete list of things caused by global warming Apologies for a temporary delay in updating the dead link list Advice of any omissions (with sources) or broken links is welcome at

A Complete List Of Things Caused By Climate Change

Climate FAIL from A to Z presented at Durban. This might be a bit overzealous per Morano’s unique writing style, but compared to some of the stuff we’ve seen from warmists, pretty mild.

Climate FAIL from A to Z presented at Durban

Lots of useful links and notes – Anthony. Speaking of emotionalism and global warming…use of ‘Extreme weather’ as an emotional motivator is up nearly 1000 percent. Our previous story showcased a study that linked emotionalism and global warming activism.

Speaking of emotionalism and global warming…use of ‘Extreme weather’ as an emotional motivator is up nearly 1000 percent

And so it goes with Network News, using the “if it bleeds it leads” strategy to make people afraid of the weather. Network Coverage Of ‘Extreme Weather’ Up Nearly 1,000 Percent Sean Long, Media Research Center Ten years ago ABC, CBS and NBC barely used the phrase, now they go to extremes despite scientific disagreement. Smackdown: AMS Paper Exposes Media, Scientists As Falsely Hyping Human Attribution In Extreme Weather Events. Source: “Climate models are unable to predict extreme events because they lack spatial and temporal resolution.

Smackdown: AMS Paper Exposes Media, Scientists As Falsely Hyping Human Attribution In Extreme Weather Events

In addition, there is no clear evidence that sustained or worldwide changes in extreme events have occurred in the past few decades.” —- IPCC AR4 (2007) Section Page 232 According to no less of an authority than the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), there is a significant lack of evidence connecting anthropogenic global warming to changes in the frequencies or intensities of extreme weather events (such as storms, hurricanes, droughts, floods, and tornadoes).

In Chapter 2 of the most recent IPCC report (AR5, 2013), for example, we find these (7) conclusions affirming the the lack of clear observational evidence linking extreme weather events to human activity. IPCC AR5, Chapter 2: 1. Claim: Genocide in War-torn Cesspits is Because of Climate Change. Global climate change is shifting the odds in favor of trees in contrast to grasses, with the consequence that large parts of Africa’s savannas may well be forests by 2100.

Claim: Genocide in War-torn Cesspits is Because of Climate Change

Copyright: Steve Higgins, used with permission Guest essay by Eric Worrall Despite decades of militia atrocities, religious lunacy, terrorism, kidnapping of aid workers, attacking schools, kidnap and murder of educated people, and export of terror attacks against the West, Salon thinks the current food crisis in dangerous parts of Africa and Arabia is our fault because climate. Climate change as genocide: But the international response is essentially a shrug of indifferenceNot since World War II have more human beings been at risk of disease and starvation than at this very momentMICHAEL T.

KLARE, TOMDISPATCH.CONot since World War II have more human beings been at risk from disease and starvation than at this very moment. Bad Weather Proves Climate Change, Says WMO. By Paul Homewood From the “A bit of bad weather proves climate change “ Dept.

Bad Weather Proves Climate Change, Says WMO

An unbelievably crass piece from the failed Independent (and doubtlessly the BBC and the rest of the dismal MSM): There is “no room for doubt”. The astonishing weather experienced by the world last year and advances in climate science demonstrate conclusively that fossil fuel emissions are causing global warming – and something must be done about it. That was the reaction from scientist after scientist to a new report by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), which documented record-breaking droughts, heatwaves, rainfall, melting of sea ice and a host of tangible signs observed in 2016 that the Earth’s climate has changed.

Global Cooling and Wikipedia Fake News. By Andy May There is an excellent new post up at on the global cooling scare of the 1970’s and the efforts to erase it from the record by the climate alarmists at

Global Cooling and Wikipedia Fake News

For some the scandal at Wikipedia over William Connolley deliberately posting false articles and altering factual ones on climate is old news. German Springs Arriving Later As Wikipedia Caught Whitewashing, Disinforming! By Dr.

German Springs Arriving Later As Wikipedia Caught Whitewashing, Disinforming!

Sebastian Lüning and Josef Kowatsch (Translated and rewritten by P Gosselin) At the Hamburg Binnenalster near the Lombard Bridge, one finds a particular patch of forsythia, which blossoms every year when spring arrives at the north German port city. And just days ago on March 24, 2017, the famous patch blossomed again as it does every year. NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT. By Paul Homewood h/t QV The Woodland Trust are apparently spreading this fraudulent fake news: Carpets of bluebells in woodlands are a much-loved sign of spring, but the flowers could struggle as the climate changes, a study suggests.


Researchers analysed hundreds of thousands of ‘citizen science’ records of the changing seasons to help predict the impacts of warming temperatures on 22 species of plants and trees found in the UK countryside. Spring plants have an optimum time for coming into leaf and flower which gives them the best chance to grow and reproduce, but with rising temperatures caused by global warming that time is likely to shift.

Some plants such as bluebells may not be flexible enough to keep up with the shift in spring, and may suffer as a result, the research suggests. Bluebells are, according to Wikipedia, a very climate tolerant plant, flourishing all the way up from Spain: Fake News From The New Yorker. By Paul Homewood h/t Joe Public Fake news from the New Yorker: Ako Salemi took the first photographs of his career when he was a teen-ager, growing up in northern Iran. His earliest subject, a river near his family’s home, is now mostly dirt.

New York Times Or The Onion? You Decide! — Manhattan Contrarian. If you think it's getting harder and harder to tell the New York Times from The Onion, you have a point. And it's not just the three front page stories every day trying to blame the big election loss on Russian hacking, as if the Russians haven't been trying to hack everything they can, ever since the very concept of hacking was invented. For another example, consider this big headline today: "As Donald Trump Denies Climate Change, These Kids Die of It. " Is There Any News In The New York Times That Is Not Fake? — Manhattan Contrarian. Sure looks like 2016 ice cover is right in the same range now (December) as in 2012 - 2015 -- and the September minimum was a lot lower in 2012. But why should we let a few facts get in the way of a good narrative?

The New York Times Goes Full "Fake News" — Manhattan Contrarian. It seems just days ago that the New York Times was all worked up over the threat of "fake news," and particularly how some fake stories may have helped swing the recent election to Trump. For example, just before the election on November 6, the big headline was "Media's Next Challenge: Overcoming the Threat of Fake News. " On November 20 there was a deep analysis of the nefarious processes by which "fake news" gets wide dissemination, "How Fake News Goes Viral: A Case Study.

" More Fake News From The Guardian. By Paul Homewood h/t Joe Public More fake news from the Guardian: Spring is arriving ever earlier in the northern hemisphere. One sedge species in Greenland is springing to growth 26 days earlier than it did a decade ago. And in the US, spring arrived 22 days early this year in Washington DC. Big Picture News, Informed Analysis. Observations Show No Warming Trend, Mostly Stable Glaciers In The Himalayas…Contradicting IPCC’s ‘Fake News’

By Kenneth Richard on 23. Quartz: Fix the Climate, or be Overwhelmed by African Climate Migrants. Claim: Rubbish Dump Polar Bears are “Climate Refugees” Guest essay by Eric Worrall NYT brings us this heartrending story about polar bears on the verge of extinction fooling people into thinking they are fine, by looking overweight, and scavenging Alaskan rubbish dumps. Polar Bears’ Path to Decline Runs Through Alaskan VillageThe bears that come here are climate refugees, on land because the sea ice they rely on for hunting seals is receding.By ERICA GOODEKAKTOVIK, Alaska — Come fall, polar bears are everywhere around this Arctic village, dozing on sand spits, roughhousing in the shallows, padding down the beach with cubs in tow and attracting hundreds of tourists who travel long distances to see them.At night, the bears steal into town, making it dangerous to walk outside without a firearm or bear spray.

The “precarious state of the U.S. polar bear population” Today’s MSM is woefully inept at catching mistakes. Worse, reporters are often woefully inadequate at getting facts straight in the first place. And, with instant electronic distribution, it is much like the imaginary Roman vomitorium; eat, regurgitate, rinse, and repeat. Journalistic Fraud: North Pole Region Saw Similar Warm Spikes Before… OVER 70 TIMES In Last 58 Years! Last week the media, led by the Washington Post, screamed and hollered the North Pole was in meltdown as temperatures there rose some “5 degrees above normal”.

Environmentalists Use Photoshop and Fraud to Deceive. Watts Up With That has a funny instance of warmist deception. You may have seen the headline, I did: Antarctica hits record high temperature at balmy 63.5°F. Where? Blindingly Stupid Fake News: #ExxonKnew Campaign Claims Global Warming Caused Exxon Valdez Spill. By Katie Brown, PhD. The Deplorable Climate Science Blog. NOAA shows the Earth red hot in December, with record heat in central Africa. NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT. Picking Rotten Cherries At The Washington Post. I’m headed to DC shortly, land of cherry trees and politicized science.

Spiegel Calls Recent Extreme Weather Claims “A Climate Bluff”. Data Show “No Recognizable Increase”! The surprising real story about this year’s Northeast passage transit: The media botched it. Overhyped: The Human Cost of Climate Alarmism. Global warming could be increasing the risk of shark attacks. Playing Climate Games – The Latest Attempt to Blame Carbon Dioxide for Extreme Weather. Remember that claim “global warming is causing cherry trees to bloom earlier” ? – Never mind, light pollution is likely the cause. Uh oh: Study says ‘collapsing’ Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica melting from geothermal heat, not ‘climate change’ effects.

German Geology Expert: Glaciers Are Not Melting “Faster Than Ever” …Requests Statement From Deutsche Welle. Prince Charles Blames Climate Change For War In Syria. The science says Prince Charles is a fool to blame global warming for the Islamic State. “A Myth” …Spiegel Journalist Douses Alarmist Claim Alberta Fires Caused By Climate Change. NYT’s sort-of-clarity on Norfolk sinking aka “sea level rise” and an inconvenient map. Will the Cost of the Climate Wars be the BBC’s Integrity? NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT. Fake News “Cooks” Guardian’s Climate Credibility. The Guardian’s Suzanne Goldenberg takes a fossil fueled trip to a remote Alaskan village to tell us recent global warming caused it to sink – but that’s not the cause. Are Glacier Earthquakes Shaking Greenland? Scientists, WaPo Seeing Only What They Want To See. “Atlantic City Gambles on Rising Seas” Featured Climate Fraudster Of The Day – Christopher Flavelle Of Bloomberg. Claim: Climate change is 10x faster than ever before.

The Deplorable Climate Science Blog. Associated Press gone wild: 2010 disaster article is unadulterated trash. Daily Kos Eschews Anthrax Basic Epidemiology, Embraces Climate Fear Mongering. Anthrax: More Global Warming Fear Mongering. Claim: Climate caused the Russian Anthrax Outbreak. Blinded by Beliefs: The Straight Poop on Emperor Penguins.

The Irony, It Burns … Tuvalu. Bengal Island succumbs to global warming nonsense – AP gets nutty over the loss of a sandbar. Lying About The Climate – The New Normal. ‘Climate change created ISIS’ is now #49 on the ‘official list’ of things supposedly caused by global warming. Even The Guardian doesn’t accept the Syrian War / Climate Link. Thought Provoking words for the BBC and the Guardian – from a Podcast by the BBC’s Michael Buerk. Debunked: the “climate change causes wars” myth. The 97% consensus – a lie of epic proportions. Left-Wing Violence Is Caused By Global Warming, Scientists Claim - Ice Age Now. Pope Francis: Climate change causes human trafficking. Claim: ‘Megadrought risks in Southwest soar as atmosphere warms’ based on model, ignores records.

Fake Climate Science Exposed: Lake Malawi In Fact 120 Meters Lower During Little Ice Age! Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York Principle 1: Environmental Issues are Binary – Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York. Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York Principle 3: Baloney Asymmetry Principle – Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York. NYT drought / famine smackdown. After record low Tornado year, NOAA accused of inflating number of tornadoes – ‘Graph is grossly dishonest’ Data vs. Models #3: Disasters. Polar Bear Climate Change Deaths Exposed as Fake News - Principia Scientific International.

NOAA Jumps The Shark In Tampa Bay. The Ninth First Climate Refugees. And you thought the Kiribati Climate Refugee Story was Over. The Deplorable Climate Science Blog. Climate Fraudsters Continue Their Meltdown Ahead Of Trump’s Inauguration. Washington Post Record Arctic Fraud Continues Unabated. Politifact or Politi-fiction. The Economist, fossil fuel subsidies and climate disaster. Global Cooling and Wikipedia Fake News. Sea Levels Have Risen By 8 Foot Since 1990 – BBC. Fracking fake news: Friends of the Earth Issues Apology - Principia Scientific International. BBC In Warmist Fantasyland. Headlines Claim, But Details Deny.

Greenpeace enlists Justin Gillis & John Schwartz of the NY Times in Journalistic Terrorist Attack on Willie Soon – Miss Target, Hit Smithsonian Instead. Greenpeace Crimes and Lies. Truth in Climate Advertising. MIT climate scientist on ‘hottest year’: ‘The hysteria over this issue is truly bizarre’ – Warns of return ‘back to the dark ages’ NYT Blames Winter Chill on Global Warming. The New York Times Publishes Another Flawed Prediction on Climate. A Big Picture Look At “Earth’s Temperature” – “Extreme Weather” Update. NYT pushes crazy claims about “extreme weather” but public interest wanes. Skeptical Science’s John Cook – Making **** Up. Watts Up With That? What Kate Humble Forgot To Tell You About Yellowstone. Climate lies for the Planet are OK (says self-proclaimed elite brain) Arctic Heatwave? It Was Warmer In 1985! The "Science" Underlying Climate Alarmism Turns Up Missing — Manhattan Contrarian.

Job of the Week: New York Times Climate Editor.