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Why boycott Coca Cola?

Why boycott Coca Cola?
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Criticism of Coca-Cola Criticism of Coca-Cola has arisen from various groups, concerning a variety of issues, including health effects, environmental issues, and business practices. The Coca-Cola Company, its subsidiaries and products have been subject to sustained criticism by both consumer groups and watchdogs, particularly since the early 2000s. Allegations against the company are varied, including possible health effects of Coca-Cola products,a poor environmental record,perception of the companies' engagement in monopolistic business practices,questionable labour practices (including allegations of involvement with paramilitary organisations in suppression of trade unions),questionable marketing strategies, andaccusation of violations of intellectual property rights. Perception of the company as behaving unethically has led to the formation of pressure groups such as "Killer Coke", product boycotts, and lawsuits. Health effects[edit] Acidity and tooth decay[edit] High fructose corn syrup[edit] Water use[edit] | News & Opinion | Media: TV, Print, Online, Jobs, Ranking Science and Technology News and Commentary: Aardvark Daily Campaign to Stop Killer Coke | Tell Coca-Cola to STOP the VIOLENCE! Global Research The Australian | Latest Australian National & Business News | TheAustralian Spotlight — RT Programs 1967 - Born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, USSR 1987 - Applies to Moscow Military Institute 1991 - Military translator 1993 - Founder, Transavia travel agency 1995 - Establishes trans aviation network group, Oostende, Belgium 1995 - Founder, Air Cess,... 31.08.2007 20:00 Spotlight is a 26 minute, in-depth, daily interview programme which focuses on current events in Russia and across the world. Respected Russian journalist Aleksandr Gurnov speaks to people from a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds, including politics, academia, arts, and science. Some 40,000 English football fans have arrived in Russia to watch the Champions League final between Manchester ... Head of the Russian Islamic Committee Geidar Jemal and Financial Analyst Sergey Aleksashenko “Dear ... 1973 - Born in St. Barrister, Andrey Knyazev 1969 - Born in Moscow 1996 - Graduates, Moscow State University 1996 - Joins bar ... Konstantin Simonov – Political AnalystA day after the vote, the big picture is clear.

The Conversation: In-depth analysis, research, news and ideas from leading academics and researchers. Hjerneforskningen er kun lige begyndt Giver det mening at stille kriminelle til ansvar for deres handlinger, når nu hjerneforskningen har vist, at vi ikke har fri vilje? Dette spørgsmål stiller Nikolaj Theil i kommentaren ’Amagermanden hinsides skyld’, bragt i Information d. 23.11. Årsagerne til kriminelle handlinger har oprindelse i hjernen og er ikke et udtryk for ’jegets’ frie vilje. Det giver derfor ikke mening at snakke om skyld og straf. Dette gælder ikke kun kriminelle, men alle mennesker og alle handlinger. Det er vores hjerner, som styrer rattet, og ’Vi’ er kun med som passagerer på bagsædet, lyder argumentet. Men her er en fundamental fejl: Selv om hjernen beskrives som årsag til alle handlinger, glemmer forfatteren at fortælle, hvad der menes med ’Jeget’. Denne idé spores tilbage til de antikke filosoffer, men er især forbundet med den franske filosof René Descartes. Har vi fri vilje? Hvad mener vi, når vi taler om at have fri vilje? Hjerneforskningen har ikke modbevist, at vi er ansvarlige for vores handlinger.

Conspiracy Theorist conspiracy theorist » Bush and His Aides Made 935 False Statements about Iraq In the 2 Years After 9/11 Given the Republican obsession with Benghazi talking points, it’s time for a very specific flashback. Read More » Something Is Wrong – Do You Feel It? There is something "in the air" these days and many people are feeling it. Report: U.S. Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has been deemed credible by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, several senators (free subscription required), and a coalition of prominent conservative and liberal groups George W Bush Practically Admits 9/11 was a ‘Conspiracy’ Plot Interesting recent interview: George almost slips - 9/11 was a cons plot!!! 100 Critical Points About 9/11 It's time for ‘debunkers’ to showcase their years of hard work. The 9/11 Truth vs.The BBC Court Case From Julian Rose: The interveiw sequence in this needs to be heard by as many as possible. British Man Wins Small Victory For 9/11 Truthers 9/11: Illegitimacy of US government

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