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Flynn - The product that ops provides to developers

Flynn - The product that ops provides to developers
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Tent — All your data in one place Packer Type: docker The Docker builder builds Docker images using Docker. The builder starts a Docker container, runs provisioners within this container, then exports the container for re-use. Packer builds Docker containers without the use of Dockerfiles. The Docker builder must run on a machine that has Docker installed. Basic Example Below is a fully functioning example. Configuration Reference Configuration options are organized below into two categories: required and optional. Required: export_path (string) - The path where the final container will be exported as a tar file. image (string) - The base image for the Docker container that will be started. Optional: pull (bool) - If true, the configured image will be pulled using docker pull prior to use. Dockerfiles This builder allows you to build Docker images without Dockerfiles. With this builder, you can repeatably create Docker images without the use a Dockerfile.

Bootstrap CNAM UI portail · Bootstrap CNAM UI portail Skip to main content Accueil Accueil avec logo partenaire Accueil avec entête complète Menu corbeille Menu vertical Menu complémentaire à gauche Bureau métier Bureau métier sans fiche de travail Bureau métier avec éléments de formulaires Bureau métier avec tableaux Bureau métier avec navigation par étapes Bureau métier avec fiche de travail à droite Fenêtre modale liens et applications Fenêtre modale paramétrage Fenêtre modale actualités Fenêtre modale alertes Fenêtre modale de l'instancier Fenêtre modale enregistrer un modèle tableau shipyard · shipyard Programming Cloud: Introducing a Programming Revolution Battle-Tested Systems The core infrastructure of Wolfram Development Platform has been battle-tested for years in Wolfram's widely used public Wolfram|Alpha system. Maximize Programmer Productivity The knowledge-based Wolfram Language dramatically changes the economics of programming by automating many programming tasks and letting programmers start from a very high-level platform of built-in capabilities. Consulting if you Need It Wolfram Solutions has a distinguished history of providing outstanding solutions to top organizations around the world. Apply Your Own Web Code Wolfram Development Platform is set up to interoperate with standard web systems and code, supporting editing of web assets, as well as sophisticated programmatic templating of web content. Completely Scalable Code Many great businesses can be built with just the right few lines of Wolfram Language code. Automated Testing Is Built In Source Code Control Data-Science-Level Logging Infinite Interoperability

sreuter/dockship Home - Apache Brooklyn (incubating) Pastec, the open source image recognition technology for your mobile apps