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Article: Trump vs. the media Boston—Not many months ago I was among the millions of moviegoers transfixed and inspired by the work of a small team of journalists at The Boston Globe – the Spotlight Team – who in 2002 told the shocking story of pedophile priests whose vile acts were routinely protected by the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy. The team’s effort not only won journalism’s highest award, the Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal, but also ignited a global attack on such pedophilia. Theater audiences like mine cheered as the “Spotlight” film credits rolled. I had watched through teary eyes the film’s climactic scene – so familiar to newspaper movies – in which the monstrous presses churn out paper bundles for circulation trucks that fan out across the region delivering the edition containing the story. As a journalist for most of my adult life, my heart swelled with pride.

Atlantic City Press If some state legislators get their way, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy could bring an end to one Jersey Shore tradition — the beach badge. State Sen. Michael Doherty, R-Hunterdon, Warren, and Senate President Stephen Sweeney, D-Salem, Gloucester, Cumberland, have introduced legislation requiring any town that accepts state or federal aid for rebuilding its beaches to provide beach and restroom access for free. “A beach fee is another word for tax,” Sweeney said Monday. “I just don’t agree with it. ... You’re taking federal money (and) tax dollars to build beaches.

Accessibility Accessibility Topics on this Page: Overview The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is committed to making its electronic and information technologies accessible to the widest possible audience, including individuals with disabilities. Donald Trump: Supporter at Rally Says Obama is Muslim Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump took questions at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Thursday, and the first one came from an audience member who expressed anti-Muslim sentiment. “We have a problem in this country, it’s called Muslims. Our current President is one. We know he’s not even an American,” the audience member said. The Greatest Lesson I Never Learned — Bad Words I had many teachers, great and wise. Book by book, lesson by lesson, they taught me all I thought I needed to know. How to judge, what to understand, why to strive. Who to be, how to get, what to want.

Blog post: Post-Truth and Fake News Earlier in the year I was tasked with creating a resource guide on “post-truth” and fake news. It’s not something I was clamoring to do. To be honest: I was still in the post-election malaise–and my heart was just not into it. Rarely would I label any of my work tasks as “edicts,” (I like the flexibility and creativity of my job) but this time it was. As part of a broader campus-wide discussion, the library needed to play a part. Cronkite News From sink to garden: Gray water systems catching on in Tucson Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Since 2008, Tucson has required plumbing in new homes to allow homeowners to set up gray water systems to reuse water from bathroom sinks, showers and tubs as well as washing machines to water plants and lawns. But the systems have yet to catch on in the Valley. Coltin Gerhart follows brothers’ path in football, blazes his own in baseball

John F. KENNEDY Library Foundation Privacy Statement This Web Site was funded by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and is a joint collaboration of the John F. Arts and Culture By Julian Sancton Sep-2015 Over the past decade, Abu Dhabi has spent billions creating a cultural paradise on the recently uninhabited island of Saadiyat, including outposts of the Louvre and the Guggenheim. MORE FEATURES: 1 of 5 What Would You Do Before You Die? — TED Fellows When artist Candy Chang invited people to confess their most private wishes in public spaces, the whole world responded. What about you? Above, watch Chang’s talk, “Before I die I want to…” to hear the moving story of how the project came to be. In 2011, while grieving the death of a dear friend, artist Candy Chang installed “Before I Die” — a public artwork that invited anyone walking by to scrawl their life’s dearest wish on the side of an abandoned New Orleans building.

Article: What does – and doesn’t – make news? Just because you announce something in a news release doesn’t actually make it news. Unfortunately, many organisations don’t get that and they are disappointed and frustrated when the release they have crafted does not generate publicity. Most often they blame the media when in fact the organisation itself hasn’t understood what actually makes news.

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