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Free Commercial Use Fonts

Free Commercial Use Fonts
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50+ New and Free Photoshop Brush Packs Jan 11 2012 Nearly every designer loves freshly-made, free Photoshop brushes that can be used in your designs as it is one of the most widely used graphics programs on the market. It is what some would call an incontrovertible truth. This is the reason why designers are constantly browsing the web in search of all the latest brushes to add them to their arsenal. We have previously posted many collections of high quality Photoshop brush packs, and today we are bringing our readers another fine collection of over 50 fresh Photoshop brush sets that are sure to delight even the most discerning of designers. This round up includes 50+ packs containing more than 500 brushes of various styles and for a range of effects. Note: Licenses of every brush set varies, so be sure to check that information before using them. Photoshop Brush Packs Glowing Swirl Brushes ( Download )This high quality set contains 8 high resolution brushes to add glowing swirl effects. (rb)

15 JQuery Plugin One Page Scroll With Animations - Creating a Single-page website is becoming the latest trend which is being widely adapted by many website owners lately. The benefits of a Single Page website are that they displays all the essential features of your website on the home page, makes easy for the users to get all the required information within a single page. There are several jQuery plugins which will enable you to create single page website much quicker and easier. They offer many features in terms of parallax content, animations, scale, rotate, translate, change opacity of elements on the page as well as other advanced features. Bellow are 15 of the most popular and feature-rich open source jQuery plugins which can be used in creating a single-page website. 1 – ScrollMe Demo Download ScrollMe is a jQuery plugin for adding simple scrolling effects to web pages. As you scroll down the page ScrollMe can scale, rotate, translate and change the opacity of elements on the page. 2 – ScrollDeck Demo Download 3 – multiScroll-js

4ME333 Audiovizuální postprodukce Test Your HTML, CSS, and Web Design Knowledge Online 4. WizIQ HTML Tests I don't recommend this quiz site. WizIQ provides tests on many different topics. The first test that I took on this list is almost an exact duplicate of the W3Schools quiz, including most of the errors I listed above about the W3Schools quiz. I didn't see any contributors to the HTML tests that I recognized as being particularly knowledgeable in HTML or web design.

Free Font Qarmic Sans by Joanne Taylor Joanne Taylor Font License v1.00 This license can also be found at this permalink: Although this is freeware, i would very much like to know out of curiosity where and how it is being used if for commercial purposes. And as always, since I am an amateur at font design, I would appreciate any comments on problems or faults so that I can fix them. Enjoy! Webfont Kit This font's license appears to allow you to use @font-face css embedding! Fonts Font Information From its name, it’s obvious that this font is how i would have designed Comic Sans. Email me at for a bigger fuller file, with all the foreign appendages. Best Free Photoshop Brushes | Syntaxxx Our online creative community has a long history of sharing resources such as Photoshop brushes. Prior to writing this piece, I scanned my massive PS brushes folder. My oldest brushes date back to 2001. Best is a buzzword and highly subjective. The brushes must be free for personal and – ideally – commercial use.High resolution (2500 × 2500 pixels) brushes should be free.Screen shots should be large enough to discern brush samples.There must be a one-click download, and it should be in plain sight.You shouldn’t have to register for this or that before you’re able to complete the download.Brushes must be open source, or released under a Creative Commons license. Over the years I’ve bookmarked a few websites that offer quality free resources and I go to them first when I need a certain something for a project. Brusheezy Brusheezy is well designed, easy to use and provides a huge selection of Photoshop brushes, as well as textures and patterns. Q Brushes Brush King Conclusion

yEd - Graph Editor “ As a software developer, I used to use Graphviz for my code comprehension needs. While its compact format has its advantages, it was just too much effort to input data - particularly relationships. I wanted to be able to create relationships by dragging my mouse from one node to another. This is exactly how yEd works.You don't have to sacrifice the longevity of plain-text that Graphviz files offer. yEd works entirely on the XML-based GraphML format. You get the same benefits of cross-platform support and exporting to SVG, PNG, PDF etc. as with Graphviz. Niedlov's Breadworks - We Love to Knead. We Knead to Love. So you want to be a web developer? | Christopher Pound I originally wrote this document as a personal email to friends and used it subsequently as a training manual for students employed by Web Services at Rice University. Your mileage may vary. To address several questions and needs I’m aware of at the moment, I’m going to describe one good path to acquiring all necessary technical skills for becoming a professional web developer at no cost, up until you actually try to turn your work loose on the world. Obviously, there are other ways to approach this, and one of the pleasures of the job is getting to explore those other paths on your own over time. I. Get Google Chrome and install these plugins: Web Developer, Eye Dropper, and ModHeader. II. Let’s assume you know nothing about the web. III. Web developers often don’t do graphic design. At this point, it’s worth wondering whether you want to proceed further and become a web developer.

Free Font Garton by David Rakowski This license can also be found at this permalink: This font was found on the internet and did not come with a license. While we try to make sure that all the fonts on are properly licensed for commercial use, there are many fonts that have either been abandoned by their authors or the authors distribute their fonts without an explicit license. It is our opinion that if the unlicensed font is freely available for download from either the original source or from multiple free-font sites then we assume it to be safe to use the font commercially. This is no guarantee of such freedom, but there are so many unlicensed free fonts distributed by primary sources that the intentions must be read that the font is free to use how you like. We are not lawyers and don’t pretend to be them on TV.

25 Photoshop Web Design Tutorials Photoshop never stops to enchant us with its various helpful and resourceful features. Its more of a magic wand in the hands of web designers. Every kind of business whether its retail, construction or even online merchandizing; every one needs a website to showcase their potential and capabilities to the world. Photoshop gives you the freedom to make great looking websites through it. You can create out of the box webpages with the help of Photoshop. Our today’s collection of tutorials highlights the use of Photoshop to make websites. If you like this article you might be interested in some of our older articles on PSD To HTML Tutorials, Cutting Edge PSD to HTML Tutorials, Lighting Effects Tutorials, Text Tutorials, and Photoshop CS5 Tutorials. Advertisement How To Create A Vintage Photoshop File In this tutorial author will show you how to create a vintage website layout. Tutorial Link For How To Create A Vintage Photoshop File Creating Hosting Template Technologies Sharks Full Forum Skin

HTML5 - Web developer guide HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML. The term represents two different concepts. It is a new version of the language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors, and a larger set of technologies that allows the building of more diverse and powerful Web sites and applications. Designed to be usable by all Open Web developers, this reference page links to numerous resources about HTML5 technologies, classified into several groups based on their function. Semantics: allowing you to describe more precisely what your content is. Semantics Sections and outlines in HTML5 A look at the new outlining and sectioning elements in HTML5: <section>, <article>, <nav>, <header>, <footer> and <aside>. Using HTML5 audio and video The <audio> and <video> elements embed and allow the manipulation of new multimedia content. Forms improvements A look at the constraint validation API, several new attributes, new values for the <input> attribute type and the new <output> element.

UX Courses from the Interaction Design Foundation As a member, you can take as many courses as you want with no additional costs. This means you only have to pay our membership fee to take an unlimited number of courses. There are no further charges on top of the membership fee. Start Learning Yes, you can take as many courses as you would like. For example, if there are 30 active courses, you can enroll in all 30 courses at the same time and move from one to the other as you please. There are no further charges once you have paid for your membership. Please note: If you have a student membership, you can take a maximum of three courses at the same time. Here is how to get your manager or company to pay for your membership: Get approval from your manager (e.g. using the email template below). Dear manager, I would like to get reimbursement for my membership of the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF). Don't worry if you missed the course.

PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner [box] For a complete list of Zend Training Courses – PLEASE CLICK HERE ! [/box] This area is intended for everyone new to PHP. It opens with a series of informal, entertaining tutorials written by Vikram Vaswani, founder and CEO of Melonfire. These tutorials build on a previously-published 5-part series which has now been updated and extended to embrace PHP 5, making parts of it suitable for those of you who already have worked with PHP 4 in the past. If you came here to learn about elementary PHP 4 or basic PHP 5, this is for you. PHP 101 (part 1): “Down the Rabbit Hole” An introduction to PHP’s variables and operators.PHP 101 (part 2): “Calling All Operators” The rest of the PHP operators (there are many), and simple form processing.PHP 101 (part 3): Looping The Loop Basic control structures explained.PHP 101 (part 4): The Food Factor Arrays, PHP array functions, and what it all means.

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