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CARGO - Tropfest Australia 2013 Finalist (TSI "Balloon")

CARGO - Tropfest Australia 2013 Finalist (TSI "Balloon")
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Short Films | The Best Short Films Free Felix Baumgartner: GoPro-Video vom Rekord-Sprung - News Im rund acht Minuten langen Clip sehen Sie einen eindrucksvollen Zusammenschnitt der Bilder, die von den fünf am Körper Baumgartners befestigten Kameras gemacht wurden. Dazu können Sie "live" miterleben, wie die Kommunikation zwischen der Kommandozentrale am Boden und Felix Baumgartner von statten ging. Ursprüngliche Meldung: Felix Baumgartner ist wohl behalten wieder auf der Erde zurück. Der Österreicher schaffte den Rekordsprung aus rund 39 Kilometer Höhe. Rund zweieinhalb Stunden war seine Kapsel von einem riesigen Helium-Ballon in die Höhe gezogen worden, bevor sie schließlich die Stratosphäre erreichte. Der Weg nach unten ging dann etwas schneller vonstatten: Im freien Fall erreichte Felix Baumgartner eine Geschwindigkeit von 1342,8 Stundenkilometern – die höchste Geschwindigkeit, mit der sich jemals ein Mensch ohne technische Hilfsmittel fortbewegt hat. YouTube verzeichnete mehr als acht Millionen User zeitgleich auf dem Stream und brach unter der Last zeitweise zusammen.

How can film help you teach or learn English? | British Council What can film and video add to the learning experience? Kieran Donaghy, who won the British Council’s TeachingEnglish blog award tells us why film is such a good resource and recommends some useful websites, in one of our top five articles of all time, illustrated by artist Jamie Johnson. Language teachers have been using films in their classes for decades, and there are a number of reasons why film is an excellent teaching and learning tool. Learning from films is motivating and enjoyable Motivation is one of the most important factors in determining successful second-language acquisition. Films and TV shows are an integral part of students’ lives so it makes perfect sense to bring them into the language classroom. Film provides authentic and varied language Another benefit of using film is that it provides a source of authentic and varied language. Film gives a visual context Variety and flexibility Lesson plans Allat C Lessonstream Viral ELT Film English Film guides ESL Notes Film Club Go Animate

Look Up This EFL lesson is designed around a short film and poem by Gary Turk and the theme of isolation caused by the use of new technology. Students watch a short film with no sound and speculate about the story it tells, read a poem and discuss digital technology, social media and isolation. I would ask all teachers who use Film English to consider buying my book Film in Action as the royalties which I receive from sales help to keep the website completely free. Language level: Upper Intermediate (B2) – Advanced (C1) Learner type:Teens and adults Time: 90 minutes Activity: Watching a short film, reading a poem and speaking Topic: Digital technology and isolation Language: Vocabulary related to digital technology and social media Materials: Short film and poem Downloadable materials: Look up lesson instructions look up poem Support Film English Film English remains free and takes many hours a month to research and write, and hundreds of dollars to sustain. Step 1 Show the film and pause at 02:22. Step 2

All at C | Video Lesson Plans for Teachers How to succeed when you have no special skills 2.7k shares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter We’re forever being sold a lie on how to prosper in life: discover what you’re best at, work hard at it, swim in an ocean of riches and happiness. That works brilliantly if you were born the best at something, but for everyone else, it’s kinda soul-crushing. The good news is, nearly everybody is like this, and that includes ultra-successful megastars. Bill Gates is not the best programmer in the world, nor is he the world’s greatest speaker, salesperson, visionary or accountant. Will Smith doesn’t claim to be the world’s greatest actor or musician. Most such people would have made a terrible mistake had they solely focussed on the one skill they were ‘best’ at. Even when your skills are mediocre, an astute combination of mediocrity can turn you into something priceless. Say you’re a passable tennis player. This works for any profession. Individual skills are common. Keep reading Comments

Webbresurs från vårt grannland - London Walk - Språkbloggen Finska Utbildningsstyrelsen är en myndighet som ungefär motsvarar Skolverket (även om jag inte ska svära på de exakta detaljerna rent politiskt). De har också en hel del lärresurser på sin hemsida, och där har jag hittat en guldklimp, via ett tips på Facebook. Mina 9or ska i engelskan arbeta med olika ämnesområden kopplade till Great Britain och vi inleder med att fokusera på London. För att få en bild av sammanhanget tittade vi först på en film från med den självförklarande titeln GREAT BRITAIN, artikel V4258. Under tiden som vi tittade fick eleverna svara på frågor om filmens innehåll genom webbtjänsten Socrative. Eleverna går in på sidan, skriver in klassrumskoden som jag ger dem, kopplat till mitt konto, och jag startar quizet. Efter introduktionen fick eleverna ge sig ut för att själva upptäcka London. Bild: skärmdump från

The Butterfly Circus · Learning Designer Name The Butterfly Circus Topic Abilities and disablilities Learning time Designed time 1 hour and 9 minutes Size of class Description Students will watch a short film, discuss important question... Aims Apart from working with the language, students will learn ho... Outcomes Comprehension Be able to understand the language in a film Affective learning outcomes Learn about abilities and disabilities in yourself Application Use apps like Canva and Haiku Deck Comprehension, Affective learning outcomes, Application Editor spraktrollet Homework preparation 22 minutes) 0 Watch this video clip on youtube on your iPad at home before our lesson: Resources linked: 0 In school. 10 minutes) 0 Practice your English by retelling the film. In school. 0 Discuss the following questions: 1. In school. 7 minutes) 0 What did this film make you feel? In school. 20 minutes) 0 Present your thoughts in a presentation using pictures and text with the help of the apps Canva and Haiku Deck.

Spel-och undervisningsfilm ( bild lånad från ) 23 april hyllar vi böcker, författare och upphovsrätt! Temadagen ” Världsboksdagen” instiftades av Unesco 1995 med målet att uppmuntra författare, kämpa mot analfabetism och bidra till ökad förståelse, tolerans och kunskap om andra människors situationer och detta vill vi givetvis uppmärksamma med filmatiseringar av litteratur! Varför inte passa på att ha en läslektion med eleverna och samtidigt bjuda på lite film? Hoppas ni blir inspirerade till diskussion och debatterande av dessa tips! Vi börjar med lite filmtips för målgruppen F-3: Klicka på bilden för att komma till filmen! Bu och Bä får besök De populära fåren Bu och Bä medverkar här i sin första film... Läs mer

How to become an entrepreneur 918 shares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter You don’t need qualifications, money, a planet-sized-brain or even a particularly good idea. All an entrepreneur ever does is create something that consistently makes money. Think of a company as a machine you design and build. Your ‘machine’ always has certain parts. If you can design, build, own and care for such a machine, you can become very rich indeed. Let’s talk about you Are you young, poor, unqualified – a student, or hating your job? Older, wiser, bit of money saved, experienced with a stable job? The most important qualities of a good entrepreneur are energy and determination. Enough preamble. The idea Please forget all of the terrible deluded nonsense you’ve heard about the value of ideas. You do need an idea of course. Original ideas are overrated. People fear setting up a business wherever there’s competition, but competition can be a good thing. Starting It’s at the start where you’re most likely to fail. Extracting yourself Scale

Of Mice and Men - Topics: Literature - U.S.; Discussion Questions: 1. Aunt Clara seems to have involved George in a life-long duty to attend to Lenny. 2. 3. Assignments and Assessments: 1. 2. 3.