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The amazing, surprising, Africa-driven demographic future of the Earth, in 9 charts

The amazing, surprising, Africa-driven demographic future of the Earth, in 9 charts
Traffic moves through downtown Lagos, Nigeria. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) The United Nations Population Division, which tracks demographic data from around the world, has dramatically revised its projections for what will happen in the next 90 years. The new statistics, based on in-depth survey data from sub-Saharan Africa, tell the story of a world poised to change drastically over the next several decades. Most rich countries will shrink and age (with a couple of important exceptions), poorer countries will expand rapidly and, maybe most significant of all, Africa will see a population explosion nearly unprecedented in human history. If these numbers turn out to be right – they're just projections and could change significantly under unforeseen circumstances – the world of 2100 will look very different than the world of today, with implications for everyone. Here is the story of the next 90 years as predicted by UN demographic data and explained in nine charts. That's huge.

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UK money transfer firms accused of excessive charges on Africa remittances Britain's leading money transfer companies are imposing a "super tax" on remittances to Africa and should be investigated by the government's consumer watchdog, the UK's leading international development thinktank said on Wednesday. The Overseas Development Institute called on the Financial Conduct Authority to look into Western Union and Moneygram as it issued a report which said Africa was losing $1.8bn a year from excessive charges on money sent home by workers in the rest of the world. Latest World Bank figures show that remittances from foreign workers are expected to be $436bn this year, more than three times what poor countries receive in overseas aid, but the ODI said the cost of sending money back to Africa was far higher than the global average. "Migrants sending $200 home can expect to pay 12% in charges, which is almost double the global average. A spokesman for Moneygram said the ODI had got its figures wrong.

The Case for Unlimited Tablet Time for Toddlers - Public Health Hello there! If you enjoy the content on Public Health Perspectives, consider subscribing for future posts via email or RSS feed. This sounds extreme, but first let me ask: how many parents do you think actually keep track of their kids’ screen time? IZA World of Labor - Wage compression and the gender pay gap There are large international differences in the gender pay gap. In some developed countries in 2010–2012, women were close to earnings parity with men, while in others large gaps remained. Since women and men have different average levels of education and experience and commonly work in different industries and occupations, multiple factors can influence the gender pay gap. Among them are skill supply and demand, unions, and minimum wages, which influence the economywide wage returns to education, experience, and occupational wage differentials.

1st LD-Writethru: Deadly Marburg hemorrhagic fever breaks out in Uganda The deadly Marburg hemorrhagic fever has broken out in Uganda after samples taken to the Uganda Virus Institute tested positive, a top government official said Sunday. Elioda Tumwesigye, minister of state for health told reporters that one person has so far died and 80 others are being monitored in central Uganda and the western district of Kasese. "The Ministry of Health would like to inform the country of an outbreak Marburg which has so far killed one person. Another person who has developed signs is being monitored," he said. He said the index case died on Sept. 28 after developing signs of Marburg which was later confirmed by laboratory tests. ‘Screen Time’ For Kids Is Probably Fine When I was a kid, my parents had strict television rules: no more than an hour a day, and the content must be educational. This meant a lot of PBS. I did briefly convince my mother that the secret-agent show “MacGyver” was about science, but that boondoggle ended when she watched an episode with me. These restrictions seemed severe at the time, but my parents were just following the orders of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP): Children and teens should have no more than one to two hours of screen time per day, with children under 2 having no screen time at all. Those orders remain the same today.

UW study shows direct brain interface between humans November 5, 2014 Sometimes, words just complicate things. What if our brains could communicate directly with each other, bypassing the need for language? University of Washington researchers have successfully replicated a direct brain-to-brain connection between pairs of people as part of a scientific study following the team’s initial demonstration a year ago. Militarized Humanitarianism in Africa Humanitarian and development missions are at the forefront of AFRICOM’s public relations campaign. But promoting AFRICOM as a humanitarian outfit is misleading at best. (Photo: U.S. Army Africa / Flickr) As the world remains transfixed by the kidnapping of almost 300 Nigerian girls, there have been increasing calls for international intervention in the effort to rescue them. But what many Americans don’t know is that the U.S. military has been active in the region for years.

8 Horrifying Things We Do When No One's Looking When the founders of OkCupid started one of the most popular dating sites on the Internet, they didn't intend to find out all of humanity's deep, dark secrets. All they wanted was to help people make babies. However, they accidentally ended up with a treasure trove of information about the difference between what people say (and even think) about themselves and what they actually do -- and you won't like it. By analyzing the language and behavior of OkCupid users, they've determined that you're probably a lot more racist than you think, and you can actually guess someone's race with a stunning degree of accuracy based on what they care about. (It involves lumberjack music festivals.) You're also probably a lot gayer, unless you actually label yourself as bisexual.