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Sharing bird sounds from around the world

Sharing bird sounds from around the world
Common Buttonquail (Turnix sylvaticus) · female, song Tero Linjama Tero Linjama recently uploaded a recording of Common Buttonquail Turnix sylvaticus sylvaticus from Morocco. There are historical records from 6 countries in the Mediterranean, but at this moment the population in Morocco is the only one known. After lack of sightings in the 1990's it was considered extinct there. In recent years the birds have been found to survive in an area were fallow lands are part of the agricultural system.

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SCIENCE FICTION TECHNOLOGY TERMS The following items are found in science fiction literature as technologies useful in authoring a plausible setting for a sci-fi story: PROPULSION: Faster Than Light Drive (FTL) is required for stories about star based exploits. Twentieth century rocketry is limited to activities in the Solar System. At present spacecraft velocities, the nearest star would require voyages of thousands of years. At the speed of light, the nearest stars could be reached in decades of time.

danielrapp.github Recently I stumbled upon an interesting paper for implementing motion sensing requiring no special hardware, only a speaker and mic! Unfortunately the paper didn't include code to test it, so I decided to reproduce it here on the web! What is the doppler effect? First of all, what is the doppler effect? The doppler effect is a physical phenomenom which affects waves in motion. The standard example is the effect on a fire engine siren as it quickly drives past.

Archaic Inventions: Various Artists - Magyar Elektronikus Zene - Hungarian Electronic Music -1979- (LP, Hungaroton), Hungary This is one of Hungary's greatest compilations of electronic avant-garde music together with this one which I will post later if it's not around somewhere. There are five Hungarian composers of electronic music present here: Zoltán Pongracz, Péter Eötvös, Iván Patachich and a combined piece by Máté Victor and Péter Winkler. A great piece on here is "Mese", meaning fairy tale, in which the sentence Egyszer volt, hol nem volt, meaning Once upon a time - the classic opening line of a fairy tale - is being processed looped and cut-up.

Taking on Fake News in FYE and Beyond It’s on the news, almost every single day. Fake news is being shared, discussed, and analyzed frequently online and in the classrooms. Studies from Stanford to Pew Research have suggested that this topic has been and will continue to be affecting students and their information consumption and research needs but how can librarians make sense of fake news in the research workflow?

Beautiful Bird Photography Birds are beautiful creatures and with such a vast range of colourful species your sure to find a special photo opportunity. At the sight of an unusual bird your first thought would or will be to take a photo, so if this happens or you are a regular bird watcher here is some inspirational photographs for you to think about for the next time you discover a rare beauty! Please click any photograph you see below to find out more about the photographer’s photographic skill and possibly the secrets to great bird photography! If you’d like to know more about how to photograph birds please follow this link: How to photograph Birds - - Circuit Simulator This electronic circuit simulator is highly interactive giving the feeling of playing with real components. It's very helpful for experimentation and visualization. Best of all, thanks to the power of HTML5, no plug-ins are required! The original implementation, in Java, belongs to Paul Falstad who kindly gave his permission for me to build this port. Click here to open the simulator in a full window. Cell Models For life all cells have basic needs. Cells have diverged in their structure and function to accommodate these survival requirements. Here are some KEY TERMS to help you think, explore and search for similarities and significant differences that have become the characteristics of eukaryote (animal, plant) and prokaryotic (bacteria) cells. Examples might be searching: eukaryote prokaryote reproduction or animal plant cell energy. Reproduction / cell division Energy trapping, storage and consumption Form / shape / structure Cell specialization Compartmentalization of cell functions Communication within and beyond the cell Cell / organism survival

Hungarian Electroacoustic Music-VARIOUS-Hungarian Electroacoustic Music-CD-Soundohm Mariphonia (1972) recorded at the Experimental Studio of Radio Bratislava; previously released on Magyar Elektronikus Zene: Hungarian Electronic Music LP. Madrigál Petrarca LXI, Szonettjére / Madrigal on Petrarca's Sonnet No LXI (1980) recorded in the Electro-acoustic Studio of Hungarian Radio; previously released on 144 Sounds: Electronic Music LP. Contrastes polaires et successifs (1987) commissioned by and recorded at Bourges International Institute for Electro-acoustic Music (France); previously released on Cultures Electroniques 3 Magisteriumusic CD. Concertino Cimbalomra És Elektronikára / Concertino for Cimbalom and Electronics (1989) recorded in the Electro-acoustic Studio of Hungarian Radio. Barna Jancsi Balladája / The Ballad of Jancsi Barna (1976) recorded in the Electro-acoustic Studio of Hungarian Radio.

Alternative Facts and Fake News – Verifiability in the Information Society « Library Policy and Advocacy Blog This week sees the continuation of Wikipedia’s #1lib1ref (One Librarian, One Reference) campaign (highlights from the first week here!). The thematic thread of this week’s activities is fake news, an expression that has been at the tip of people’s tongues lately, along with “alternative facts”. This blog explores the library take on this.

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