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The Ocean Cleanup - Boyan Slat

Any Waste, Any Time - Global Garbage Em 11/01/2011, publicado por Fabiano Barretto. Categoria: Featured Articles, Global News, Videos | no responses The port of Rotterdam has a very active waste collection business. In this movie we will make you aware of the effects of marine litter on the marine environment, the role of shipping and possible solutions. The Port of Rotterdam Authority shows together with its business partners what their contribution is in solving the waste problem. Marine litter has become an increasingly serious environmental, economic, health and aesthetic problem around the world. Marine litter is a vicious killer of marine mammals, seabirds and many other life forms in the marine and coastal environment. More information about the disposal of waste in the port of Rotterdam is available on

Plastic-Eating Underwater Drone Could Swallow the Great Pacific Garbage Patch A new underwater drone concept could seek and destroy one of the ocean's most insidious enemies, while earning a profit for plastics recyclers. This marine drone can siphon plastic garbage, swallowing bits of trash in a gaping maw rivaling that of a whale shark. Industrial design student Elie Ahovi, who previously brought us the Orbit clothes washer concept, now presents the Marine Drone, an autonomous electric vehicle that tows a plastic-trapping net. The net is surrounded by a circular buoy to balance the weight of the garbage it collects. It discourages fish and other creatures from entering its jaws via an annoying sonic transmitter, and it communicates with other drones and with its base station using sonar. The system could stay underwater for two weeks, sipping tiny plastic shards and entire plastic bottles. Ahovi, Adrien Lefebvre and fellow students developed several schematics, including a concept that looks much like a whale shark. [via Infoniac]