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Devex International Development

Devex International Development
Career Matters Along with the growing trend of localizing aid efforts U.N. agencies and development banks are also trying to localize their efforts by getting more of their staff out of high-rise headquarters in places like New York, Geneva or Washington, D.C. and into the field. If you are currently working in, or considering a career in, an institution that has or plans to have a mobility plan, here are some pros and cons to consider.

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Einstein, letters from and to children During his lifetime Albert Einstein exchanged letters with a lot of people. Their number can hardly be estimated today. He corresponded with scientists, crowned heads, important statesmen, authors and artists. Last but not least Einstein exchanged uncounted letters with unknown and scientifically interested people, people looking for help and with children. The content of the letters with children were quite different from each other.

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 201 6 About a year ago, I published an e-book called the Teacher’s Guide to Tech. Over the last month, I have been updating it for 2016, adding over 30 new tools and refreshing the information I had about the original ones. I have to say, the 2015 version was excellent, but now it’s SO MUCH BETTER. The timing is right for impact investing in Latin America By Elizabeth Boggs Davidsen Sep 15, 2016 0 Comments There is increasing momentum behind impact investing—the global movement of investors, development agencies, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists working to realize financial, social, and environmental gains. In Latin America, capital committed by impact-investment funds increased to roughly $2 billion by the end of 2013, from $160 million in 2008, representing a 12-fold growth in just five years. Fourteen to fifteen firms have entered the impact-investing space in Latin America every two years since 2007, according to a new study produced by the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), in partnership with the Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA) and LGT Impact Ventures.

How to create customized OS X Mail stationery in Snow Leopard Back in 2007, I wrote a tutorial on how to create your own customized OS X Mail stationery when Leopard was first released. To this day, it’s still one of the most popular articles on this site. I decided it was about time that I took a look at it again to make sure nothing had changed with all the updates to Leopard, and the release of Snow Leopard.

Every Noise at Once traditional scottish folk underground latin hip hop melodic progressive metal progressive post-hardcore Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch - (Private Browsing) Forget that it is 2012 and pretend like it is the early 1990's. The time when electronic wrist gadgets were super cool, and the next neat Casio was sure to excite you. This watch coming out back then would have been a no brainer super star. 15 Online Job Boards for Nonprofit Professionals Working at a nonprofit often pays less than the for-profit sector, but the perks of extended vacation time, flex time, and the personal satisfaction of having a meaningful professional life can outweigh the financial downside of building a nonprofit career. And the good news is that 2015 is predicted to be a great year for nonprofit sector hiring thanks to a rebounding economy. Many nonprofit professionals who have weathered years of pay freezes and minimal advancement are ready for a change.

Installing Piwik This page explains how to install Piwik on your web server and start tracking your site web analytics. If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, click here: How to Setup Piwik Analytics [Video] Getting Started 826 National: Once Upon a School Once Upon a School is an initiative that Dave Eggers, the TED team, and 826 National developed after Dave received the 2008 TED Prize and was given one wish to change the world. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is known worldwide for its conferences, the exemplary TED talks it shares online at, and the people and causes it champions through its annual TED Prize. Dave's wish was to gather stories of private citizens engaged in their local schools so that people everywhere could share the details of their efforts in schools and be inspired by the work being done by others. Stories have poured in from people around the world and the impact of their work, captured here thanks to TED and others, continues to be felt in communities near and far. Below are stories about how all kinds of people - from celebrities to retired journalists - are doing their part to improve their local schools. We hope they will inspire you to get involved with schools in your own communities.

Skills and Education for Innovation This strand of the Innovation Strategy in Education and Training aims to identify the skills required for innovation-driven societies and how education stakeholders can foster them. What skills are needed in order to promote innovation at the society level? The research literature on skills for innovation shows that innovative societies require a broad mix of skills. How do the most innovative organisations make use of their staff’s skills?

Commercial Building Energy Audits There are several reasons having an energy audit done is the right decision for most building owners. Abraxas Engineer at Site Location To Reduce Your Operation Expenses, Increase Your Profit In these days of uncertainty, it is important to keep operating expenses to a minimum.

In Their Own Words: An Oral History Archive The Boy Who Would Be King, by Lisa Robinson (September 2009) By the time Michael Jackson died, his unparalleled fame and dark troubles had locked him into a fragile shell. With her interviews and notes from the early chapters of the pop king’s career, Lisa Robinson resurrects the innocent, ebullient, exploring youth as he confided his struggle to move beyond his family and take control of his art. Photographs by Annie Leibovitz, from her 1989 V.F. shoot with a then 31-year-old Jackson. The Godfather Wars, by Mark Seal (March 2009)

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