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Someone Knows Something All podcast episodes Use the links below to download a file. S2 Episode 7: Ghost David drives cross-country to meet with Gwen, Michael Lavoie's partner of many years. Retired detectives share new details about their investigation. Download audio from Bandcamp album insanely fast for free! - Bandcamp album download Fast web converting tool is a completely free web service helper which allows you download files from Bandcamp album to mp3, Bandcamp album to mp4, Bandcamp album to other formats and 2418 other streaming websites. Since the videos from Bandcamp album are downloaded and converted in a high-performance cloud, you don't need to install any software and your downloads from Bandcamp album are processed much faster than any software or extension helper on a regular computer.

J-J-J-JENGA With a Twist It is that friggen time again…back to school! Or if you are me… After my quick cry in the bathroom and panic attack about what the hell I am going to do with the little muffins this year- I pulled myself back together and got shiznit in order. One of the games I will have handy this year is English Jenga. New Unit: Immigration Thanks to the addition of another unexpected day at home (snow day #6), I’ve been able to devote quite a bit of time to the next unit that Spanish IV is going to explore: Immigration in the United States. Before I go any further, I must say that I am indebted to the great, original work of Kara Jacobs @(karacjacobs) and the additions of Pilar Munday (@mundaysa) and @cristinaZimmer4. Next, I would like to say that while this is a unit that I will be using with my Spanish IV students, I think that there is material here that can be used with all levels of proficiency, including novice. I’ve created a database for 29 songs that deal with immigration, 17 videos that deal with immigration and 35 links on the web for authentic resources both in Spanish and in English. This is my Pinterest board, where I have been collecting resources for the past several months. PREGUNTAS ESENCIALES (2-5 Kara Jacobs)

1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die is a musical reference book edited by Robert Dimery, first published in 2005. The most recent edition consists of a list of albums released between 1955 and 2013, part of a series from Quintessence Editions Ltd. The book is arranged chronologically, starting with Frank Sinatra's In the Wee Small Hours[1] and the most recent edition concluding with The Next Day by David Bowie. Each entry in the list is accompanied by a short essay written by a music critic. The entries are accompanied by pictures, quotes, and additional information (such as the album's running time and producer). Film soundtracks were excluded unless they consisted fully of original material by a particular artist, which meant that compilations by various artists were also excluded.

GOONJ: Clothes and Respect Transcript Voice 1 Welcome to Spotlight. I’m Robin Basselin. FindSounds - Sound Types FindSounds Search the Web for Sounds What types of sounds can be found on the Web using FindSounds? Below is a partial list. Click on any link below to perform a search, or enter one or more words in the search box above and then click on the Search button. Animal Sounds alligator, baboon, bat, bear, bobcat, buffalo, bullfrog, camel, cat, cheetah, chimpanzee, chinchilla, chipmunk, cougar, cow, coyote, crocodile, deer, dinosaur, dog, dolphin, donkey, elephant, elk, ferret, fox, frog, gibbon, goat, gorilla, grizzly bear, guinea pig, hippo, horse, hyena, jaguar, kitten, lamb, lemur, leopard, lion, llama, marmot, monkey, moose, mouse, orca, panda, panther, pig, polar bear, prairie dog, puppy, rabbit, raccoon, rat, rattlesnake, rhinoceros, rodent, sea lion, seal, sheep, snake, squirrel, sugar glider, tiger, toad, whale, wolf, zebra

Intermediate Archives Intermediate Archives - Dreamreader Other Featured Articles The Hand of God July 05, 2019 World Refugee Day July 23, 2018 Reach the World Location:Bahía Blanca, Argentina Latitude/Longitude:-38.718299865723, -62.266300201416 Journal Entry: These are factually the 10 best cello pieces in existence 10 January 2017, 11:59 From Bach to Shostakovich big-hitters and some leftfield choices, these are just the greatest cello works ever composed. Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 Towering over the cello repertoire is the opening from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1. Independent English podcast (noun)a recording of a radio broadcast or a video that can be taken from the InternetTo listen to the podcast, click on the link below.I download podcasts of radio shows and listen to them in the car.[Definition from the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary] Although the word podcast was originally taken from ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’, you don’t need an iPod to listen to one. In fact, you don’t even need an mp3 player; a computer with internet access is enough.

8 Websites to Help You Discover New Music Genres Are you fed up with listening to the same music all the time? It doesn’t matter whether you like Bieber or Black Sabbath, we could all do with a change every now and again. Broadening your musical horizons by discovering new or niche genres can be beneficial. You might discover a new artist — or even a whole genre of music — that you weren’t previously aware of. 5 Ways to Discover New Music Without Being Overwhelmed 5 Ways to Discover New Music Without Being Overwhelmed How do you discover new music? These five easy tools will help you find new songs and fresh albums without feeling overwhelmed.

Teach English with Word Games Need to fill a 20-minute gap with an engaging activity that helps students learn and review English vocabulary? Try one of these high interest word games. These word games help students learn and review vocabulary based on a fun puzzle format.

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