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Someone Knows Something All podcast episodes Use the links below to download a file. S2 Episode 7: Ghost David drives cross-country to meet with Gwen, Michael Lavoie's partner of many years. Urbílogo - Doce grandes misterios del lenguaje bogotano Upload Señal Colombia senalcolombia Loading... China's Calligraphic Arts Home > Explore + Learn > Chinese art > China's Calligraphic Arts Six major scripts have developed over the course of more than three thousand years for writing Chinese characters, and all are still used in "artistic writing" (calligraphy) today. Each of these styles of writing—oracle bone, seal, clerical, cursive, running, and standard—has distinct differences in appearance. Characters in seal script, for example, have symmetrical structures made with thin, even lines. Clerical script is recognized by its prominent down strokes, while running script more closely resembles informal handwriting.

GOONJ: Clothes and Respect Transcript Voice 1 Welcome to Spotlight. Tour interactivo a El Jardín de las Delicias de El Bosco About this project The interactive documentary Jheronimus Bosch, the Garden of Earthly Delights provides an in-depth tour though The Garden of Earthly Delights. In a web interface the visitor will be taken on an audio-visual journey, including sound, music, video and images to enrich the storytelling. Welcome to the Chinese American Museum of Chicago! Provides general office support with a variety of clerical activities and related tasks. The receptionist will be responsible for answering incoming calls, light data entry, as well as additional clerical duties. Bi-lingual required - Mandarin Chinese and English. • Answers telephone and directs the caller to the appropriate associate.• Greets visitors to the museum.• Provides callers with information such as museum address, directions to the location, fax numbers, website and other related information.• Enter information into databases and/or spreadsheets.• Generates letters and mailings.• Schedule group tours/visits.• Assists with other related clerical duties such as photocopying, faxing, filing and collating. • Flexibility.• Communication Proficiency.• Collaboration Skills.• Customer/Client Focus.• Organization Skills.• Technical Capacity.• Bilingual - Chinese is required.

Independent English (You can listen to this blog post while you are reading. Just click below.) Part 1: Part 2: Láminas en la memoria de Jorge Julián Aristizábal : Jorge Julian Aristizabal Personal Memories By Jorge Julian Aristizabal In 1961 a chocolate company in Medellin, Colombia created a new product called “Chocolatinas Jet”. At that point they never imagined it was going to be their best-selling product among the vast quantity of products they make.

The uncertain limits of intellectual freedom in China In my last post about my time lecturing on property rights in China, I mentioned that many Chinese academics and intellectuals are very open about criticizing their government in private and semi-public settings. There is little question that there is greater intellectual freedom in China today than several decades ago. But, as I saw during my trip, there are still important limitations on freedom of speech as well. Often, the exact boundaries of what the government will tolerate are difficult to figure out. I. Welcome to English, step 3-4 (Spring 2015) Listening Listening is considered to be the most difficult skill by language learners because we not only have to understand the grammar of the language, but also the speed, pronunciation, intonation and choice of words that the speaker uses. All these factors combined make listening very hard. Luckily, there are some tips and help for you and here I will talk about some strategies to help you become a better listener. Strategies Pre-listening Pre-listening activities are an important part of becoming a better listener.

Looking back on the Great Leap Forward Blood on the tracks: a portrait of Mao adorns a freight train in Yuhsien County, Shansi Province, May 5th, 1958.In the People’s Republic of China, archives do not belong to the people, they belong to the Communist Party. They are often housed in a special building on the local party committee premises, which are generally set among lush and lovingly manicured grounds guarded by military personnel. Access would have been unthinkable until a decade or so ago, but over the past few years a quiet revolution has been taking place, as increasing quantities of documents older than 30 years have become available for consultation to professional historians armed with a letter of recommendation.

Pay It Forward Comments Before and After: Before showing the movie ask the class to evaluate the various ways that characters in the movie paid it forward. At the end of the movie, tell students that there is a Pay It Forward Foundation with a web-site showing instances of paying it forward. Teaching Tiananmen to a New Generation Photo Born and raised in , Rowena Xiaoqing He is best known for her research on the 1989 Tiananmen democracy movement. In 2010, she created a freshman seminar at called “Rebels With a Cause: Tiananmen in History and Memory,” and in 2014, she published “Tiananmen Exiles: Voices of the Struggle for Democracy in China.” In 2015, she joined the faculty of St.

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