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Watch Psychology Documentaries Online Free This Fifth Estate documentary was filmed in 1994 and is about a troubled 11 year old called Evan and his family. His parents agreed to have video cameras installed in their home for a 3 month period which resulted in recording Evan’s emotional... In Holding the Sun we get to look into a Canadian family’s struggle to save their son from schizophrenia and cope with the consequences of the condition. The Millar family was torn apart when on May 30th, 1997, Ruth Millar’s son Aaron came calmly up behind her and stuck a sword through her heart. Earlier that morning Ruth wrote to her husband about Aaron’s schizophrenia. She said he was looking quite psychotic these days, not in a harmful way but simply because he lives in his own world.

Some resources for ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) « HealthSkills Weblog Well, I slipped up with posting some resources yesterday, so I’m getting in now to put together a few web resources on ACT for the curious. I’m personally focusing on using ACT with people who have health problems – but ACT seems to be something that everyone could do with learning! The first and most extensive ACT resource on the internet has to be the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science. This site contains information for therapists and for the general public. One of the resources for the general public that also happens to give a great explanation for anyone interested in ACT – try this link, which is a 22 minute video (takes a moment or two to load up) presented by Tom Lavin (go here for more information on his video’s).

Does your diet affect your mental health? - Health & Wellbeing A: Studies have found an association between diet and certain mental health conditions, but there are still many questions about the links between the two. Our expert: Professor Felice Jacka [Image source: iStockPhoto | slava_b] It's often said 'you are what you eat'. Antidepressant Skills Workbook - Table of Contents The following is the online version of the workbook. PDF versions are also available for download. Listen to the audio version The Death of Robin Williams, And What Suicide Isn't I was coming home from a long day of working when I saw the news on Twitter. Today, probably sometime this morning, Robin Williams, beloved American actor, passed away in his California home. The coroner suspects that he committed suicide, probably from asphyxiation. In the short hour since his death broke to the world, I have seen a number of reactions.

Glossary Skip to Navigation Home Glossary Suicide: it's about more than mental illness - Health & Wellbeing by Bianca Nogrady When it comes to suicide there are usually more questions than answers, especially when there have been no outward signs - such as a mental illness - to suggest that someone is at risk. [Image source: ABC TV] What drives people to suicide? It's a question posed by those who have lost someone they love to suicide, as well as the clinicians, policy makers and others who are working in the field of suicide prevention.

How Unethical Behavior Becomes Habit When a former client’s secretary was arrested for embezzlement years before his own crimes were uncovered, Bernie Madoff commented to his own secretary, “Well, you know what happens is, it starts out with you taking a little bit, maybe a few hundred, a few thousand. You get comfortable with that, and before you know it, it snowballs into something big.” We now know that Madoff’s Ponzi scheme started when he engaged in misreporting to cover relatively small financial losses. Over a 15-year period, the scam grew steadily, eventually ballooning to $65 billion, even as regulators and investors failed to notice the warning signs.

Forms Prior to your first appointment, please print, complete, and sign the following forms: Informed Consent; and Client Information Form. If you are unable to print and complete the forms prior to your initial scheduled appointment, please plan to arrive approximately 30 minutes beforehand to complete them. Informed Consent Form Client Information Form

Depression's many shades of blue - Health & Wellbeing by Bianca Nogrady Understanding the different types of depression is essential to ensuring those with symptoms get the treatment they need, many experts argue. [Image source: stock.xchng/Nihan Aydi] When it comes to depression there is no single, one-size-fits-all entity. It comes in many different shades of severity, of symptoms and of causes. As a result many psychiatrists now argue that it is helpful to understand major depression not as a single condition, but as different sub-types.

What happened to U.S. mental health care after deinstitutionalization? If you ask any social policy expert to describe a well-intentioned initiative that didn't work out as planned, the word “deinstitutionalization” will probably appear in her response. This conventional wisdom is vastly oversimplified. In a recent law review article, University of Michigan disability expert Samuel Bagenstos notes that the broad set of policies designed to move individuals with disabilities out of large institutions into family- or community-based settings was more complicated — and often more beneficial — than is now remembered. Suffolk Cognitive-Behaviour Below you will find a variety of printable forms and audio files. If you would like to read, print or listen, click on the links below. Do not download and use these files without explicit permission of the staff of Suffolk Cognitive Behavioral, PLLC. CLINICAL FORMS & AUDIO should only to be used during the course of therapy.

Does depression always make people sad? - Health & Wellbeing by Cassie White It's often assumed that depression and sadness go hand in hand. But could someone be struggling with depression and not appear to be sad? Post-traumatic stress 'evident in 1300BC' 24 January 2015Last updated at 02:40 ET By James Gallagher Health editor, BBC News website Evidence of post-traumatic stress disorder can be traced back to 1300BC - much earlier than previously thought - say researchers. The team at Anglia Ruskin University analysed translations from ancient Iraq or Mesopotamia. Accounts of soldiers being visited by "ghosts they faced in battle" fitted with a modern diagnosis of PTSD. The condition was likely to be as old as human civilisation, the researchers concluded.