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US Presidential Election, 7-B1

This theme page presents lesson plans and materials to learn about the US presidential election of 2020 in years 6-9 and above (A2-B1) of the Swedish Compulsory School. Related pages: U.S. Government, The USA Now, The Presidential Inauguration 2021 Last edited Jan 6th, 2021 Post Election Day Follow the Race Background Warm-up Vocabulary Lesson Plans Reading Audiobook Listening Viewing Primaries Electoral College Presidential Elections Exit Polls US President Quizz Interactive This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.Election GlossaryRoad to the White House 2016

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US election 2020 : All you need to know about the presidential race Image copyright Getty Images The race for the White House has begun in earnest, and the outcome of the 2020 US general election will have an impact around the world. So what stage are we at now and how do you win the presidency? This will be a presidential campaign like no other. Just as the Democratic contest was winding down, and former Vice-President Joe Biden was strengthening his grip on his party's nomination, the US election was derailed by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. United States – Related Native Americans, 7-9 Related topics: Thanksgiving, Year 3-7 Colonisation of North America 8-9 Background Native Americans Came to America in One Single Migratory came later than we originally thought—and in one single migratory wave. Colonization in the New informative text for the teacher about the British colonisation of the East… In "Intermediate" US 50 States

Electionary campaign: the competition for public office; organized actions that a candidate takes in an attempt to win an election candidate: a person who seeks office caucus: an early statewide meeting where members of a political party select delegates to support their favorite candidates convention: a big meeting in which delegates from a political party pick the candidates for President and Vice President delegate: a person given power or authority to act for others; a representative electoral college: a group of 538 people representing the voters in all the states of the U.S., who formally cast votes for the election of the president and vice president

Homebuilt pickups and trailer hitches: How underage teens skirt the law to drive in Photos by the author. [Editor’s Note: Ronan Glon of Ran When Parked recently took a trip to the Swedish countryside, where he discovered a sneaky (and legal) way some teens there have figured out how to drive before the legal age.] Some of the most interesting cars that Sweden has to offer are hiding in small, rural towns, not in museums. How America Elects: Who Can Run For President? Accessibility links Languages VOA Learning English How America Elects: Who Can Run For President?

Ten of the Most Successful Presidential Campaign Ads Ever Made (with Lesson Plan) That's according to University of Wisconsin Journalism Professor James L. Baughman, who documents the rapid rise of TV in American life. "No other household technology," he writes, "not the telephone or indoor plumbing, had ever spread so rapidly into so many homes." It didn't take political campaigns long to catch on to the enormous potential this new technology offered: a green light to instantly infiltrate the living rooms of millions of Americans, more directly, personally, and visually than ever before. The very first televised campaign ads were launched in the 1952 presidential race.

Education System in the USA Introduction In the USA, children start school when they are five or six years old. Depending on the state, schooling is compulsory until the age of 16 or 18. Famous cartoonist made donkey and elephant the symbols of political parties Thomas Nast’s cartoon shows a donkey in a lion’s skin scaring an elephant and other animals. (Library of Congress) Why is the elephant the symbol of the Republican Party and a donkey the symbol of the Democrats? 33 ways to speak better English If you’re reading this, I imagine you want to speak better English and communicate in a more confident and competent way. When we communicate effectively we are able to express our ideas and opinions, share experiences, and build relationships with others. When we struggle to express ourselves, we feel unvalued and insecure. As human beings, we want to participate in group discussions and have an impact on the society around us. In the modern world, we communicate across borders. English is the closest thing we have to an international language.

How America Elects: U.S. Political Parties Accessibility links Languages VOA Learning English US Government for Kids: Running for Office History >> US Government In order to be elected for public office, candidates must convince people to vote for them. This is called "running for office." In some cases, like when running for president, running for office can be a full time job.