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The 2016 US presidential elections

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Presidential Election Is a Question of Character. 2016 Presidential Election. “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.

2016 Presidential Election

The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt TABLE OF CONTENTS (Revised 9/1/16) (For info on the 2016 General Elections, visit Student News Daily’s General Elections page.) A National Platform is the official statement of a political party’s position on a wide variety of issues. Party platforms and their planks are very important to the electoral process: They give the candidates a clear political position with which they can campaign. Both of the nation’s major political parties create platforms in advance of national elections so that voters have a clear view of the agenda the party will pursue if its members are elected to office.

Read a November 3rd Daily News Article “Comparison of Party Platforms Highlights Stark Differences“ View all current and previous party platforms at The American Presidency Project. Meet Donald J. Trump. Donald John Trump was born in New York City on June 14, 1946, to Frederick and Mary MacLeod Trump. As a teenager, Trump attended New York Military Academy, where he was an athlete and a student leader. His college years were spent at Fordham University, in the Bronx, and at the Wharton School, the business school at the University of Pennsylvania.

After graduating from Wharton in 1968, Trump went to work for his father as a real-estate developer. Building a Brand In 1971, Trump took control of the family business. Two years later, Trump opened Trump Tower. From Business to Politics By the late 1990s, Trump’s attention had turned to politics. While his TV shows were hits, Trump faced challenges in other parts of his life. In 2015, in an event at Trump Tower, Trump announced once again that he would run for President of the United States. Meet Hillary Clinton. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born on October 26, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois.

Meet Hillary Clinton

She is the oldest of three children. Her father, Hugh Rodham, was a World War II veteran and owner of a small business that made and sold curtains. Her mother, Dorothy, was a full-time homemaker. Understanding the Issues. US ELECTIONS in 2016. Trump website touts bipartisan support for gun policy he opposes - 7 October 2016 "Second amendment policy platform details wide support for expanded background checks on gun sales – a measure Trump and the NRA are against.


" ( US Presidential Debate Shows Disagreement on Asia Policy - Text + Audio - 28 September 2016 "American presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump showed sharp difference on allies in East Asia in their first debate Monday night. Clinton criticized Trump’s calls for a possible U.S. military withdrawal from the area if America’s allies fail to pay a bigger share of defense costs. " ( "South Korean Marines take part in a U.S. -South Korea joint exercise last year. The two allies have held joint exercises to several times this year including naval drills. " "A woman talks to her daughters through the fence, nine years after separation. " The Best Sites To Learn About The 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections. Check out my two student interactives for ELLs on the Presidential election!

The Best Sites To Learn About The 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections

Nine Ways to Teach Election 2016 in the E.L.L. Classroom is the headline of my latest post for The New York Times Learning Network. I thought it was time to create this kind of “Best” list. You might also be interested in: U.S. Election 2016 Teaching Tools. 2016 is a U.S. election year and it is a mine of possible classroom activities.

U.S. Election 2016 Teaching Tools

Starting with an audio interview and article for pupils. First up is primary season. We have a B1-level interview that explains the primaries simply, including the difference between primaries and caucuses and the definition of Super Tuesday. It’s just over 2m30, so is suited to Bac Oral training or evaluation. You can download the MP3 and the transcript here. Who is running for nomination? This site keeps an up-to-date list of who is running or has dropped out. This article from The Atlantic about the different candidates is probably too culturally specific for most students to follow, but a fun read nevertheless.

The Election Process This is a simple guide from the BBC. [Unit1] US 2016 presidential election: webquest - Site pour l'anglais en CPGE. Tue Sep [Unit1] US 2016 presidential election: webquest 1è2016 Use the following links to find out more about the US presidential election and get ready for your long-term objective (to become the 45th US president)!

[Unit1] US 2016 presidential election: webquest - Site pour l'anglais en CPGE

Main facts: Political regime: Use this document Or/and this link Hillary Clinton: link1, link2, link3 Donald Trump: link1, link2, link3 6) EXTRA LINKS: go further and play games (on the website) Election calendar: What American students think about the two presidential nominees: Extra links to go further : 2016 candidate match game election game Write a comment Comments: 0 #1 * Required fields.