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US Election 2020. US Presidential Election, 7-B1. St. Patrick’s Day 17 mars · Mia Smith. GetUp! - What's the big deal about Australia Day / January... Dokumentation av RESAN. English Speaking Countries. English Speaking Countries - Kimstudies. Realia möter digital läsförståelse - Mia Smith. Vill du också veta hur du ska planera för och bedöma kunskapskravet för “realia” där eleven ska diskutera företeelser och jämföra med egna erfarenheter och kunskaper?

Realia möter digital läsförståelse - Mia Smith

Då jag och Annika Sjödahl började reflektera över hur olika fokus engelsklärare generellt la på bedömningen fick vi en tanke att skapa en planering som bygger på Skolverkets olika material. I de uppgifter vi sett bedöms ofta bara skrivuppgifterna och inte själva jämförelsen kring realian. India - Culture. India is definitely a country of festivals and events – they take place all year round.

India - Culture

There are festivals for “everything”. There is the March festival, the Festival of Colour with elephant shows and parades and the Pushkar Camel festival with the popular camel races. The Holi, a Hindu festival, marks the end of winter in February and everyone throws brightly coloured water and powder over as many people as possible in one day. Indian dancing and music are very different from their western counterparts, and the music in particular seems to lack rhythm and harmony, but that’s only in the eyes of the visitors!

India has a huge and glamorous film industry, often referred to as “Bollywood”, as it’s situated in Bombay. India - Chennai - Festival of Lamps The arts also have a strong influence on religion and there are beautiful Hindu temples and sculptures all over the country. Native Americans (Easy) Name the things that you associate with Native Americans.

Native Americans (Easy)

The picture below should help you. Tribal People Tribal LeadersWhen the Europeans started to settle in North America in the 1500s, the first natives they met were a tribal people. The most famous tribes were the Sioux, the Navajo, the Apaches and the Cherokees. It is difficult to give exact numbers, but it is estimated that the native population was about 1.5 million. Homeless Teenagers. Halloween 7-9.

A Theme Page about All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween, on October 31st, suitable for level A2-B1, year 7-9 in Sweden Related Themes: Halloween 4-6, Halloween B1, Salem Witch Hunt Warm-up Songs Vocabulary Lesson Plans Reading Listening Viewing Speaking Writing Quizzes Game Interactive More Materials This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Halloween 7-9

English Around the World. Climate Change and Global Warming - Internasjonal engelsk. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Climate Change and Global Warming - Internasjonal engelsk

UK Climate Change Text in Brief. Capital Punishment in the US. Capital punishment in USA Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Capital Punishment in the US

Capital punishment in USA Death Row Otherwise known as the death penalty, capital punishment means executing a criminal for a serious crime. In the United States, each state determines whether to practice capital punishment and what offences are capital crimes, but first degree murder is a capital offence in all states. The USA. United States – Related Native Americans, 7-9 Related topics: Thanksgiving, Year 3-7 Colonisation of North America 8-9 Background Native Americans Came to America in One Single Migratory came later than we originally thought—and in one single migratory wave.

United States –

Seterra Online - lär dig geografi. New York City Vacation Travel Guide. Racism & Donald Trump. English speaking countries. H&M For Every Victory. Education System in the USA. Introduction In the USA, children start school when they are five or six years old.

Education System in the USA

Depending on the state, schooling is compulsory until the age of 16 or 18. Children younger than five can go to a nursery school or preschool. At the age of five or six, the children attend elementary school (also known as grade school or grammar school), which last six years. The fist year at elementary school is called kindergarten. After elementary school, students attend middle school (also known as junior high school) for three years. When students in the USA say what year they are in, they usually use ordinal numbers, e. g.

Classes At elementary school pupils primarily learn how to read, write and count. At junior and senior high school, mandatory subjects are English, maths, biology, chemistry, physics, physical education and history. Gifted and talented students can take advanced courses in their schools or attend additional courses at community colleges in the afternoons or during the holidays. English speaking countries. How classrooms look around the world — in 15 amazing photographs. To mark last month’s World Teachers’ Day (sponsored by UNESCO , the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), photographers from Reuters took pictures around the world of educators with their students in a telling exhibit of the very different circumstances under which children attend school.

How classrooms look around the world — in 15 amazing photographs

Here are 15 pictures taken by Reuters photographers, revealing the spectrum of “classrooms” — from those with literally no resources to those well-stocked and housed. Teacher Mahajera Armani and her class of girls pose for a picture at their study open area, founded by Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), outside Jalalabad city, Afghanistan September 19, 2015.