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ICFF 2013 Trends: Geometric Patterns & Shapes. I have a hard time resisting geometric prints and patterns.

ICFF 2013 Trends: Geometric Patterns & Shapes

They’ve been around for a few years now, but they continue to pop up in contemporary designs and they definitely had their moment again at this year’s ICFF. I feel like my entire life is an ode to the humble, but beautiful, triangle so seeing them pop up on everything from tiles and wallpaper to chairs and tables made me very happy. Here are 10 of my favorite geometric designs from this year’s show. I can’t wait to see how designers push this trend forward next year… If you missed yesterday’s ICFF trends they’re right here: Green and Great Tables. Image above: Tiles by Keiou Design Lab Images above: Sofa by O & G Design. Image above: A triangle-print wooden credenza from MatterMade.

More geometric designs from ICFF 2013 continue after the jump… Image above: I loved the grid-shape shadows cast by these chairs. Pi Metal Handmade Pendant Light / Light Cookie. Καλώδιο με μεταλλικούς σωλήνες σχήματος S και Π σε χρωματιστά υφασμάτινα καλώδια.

Pi Metal Handmade Pendant Light / Light Cookie

Χειροποίητα μεταλλικά μέρη. Η βάση οροφής ταιριάζει με το καπάκι του ντουι και τα σχήματα. Pi Metal Handmade Pendant Light Chandelier Edison by LightCookie. Aura — L & G Studio. .

Aura — L & G Studio

Year: 2012 . Price: $375 - $425 . Materials: brass ring, copper or brass, cord . . . 5" round brass canopy . 8-foot cord. Light sisters collection by Ana Babic for Lanterna. Light sisters is group of elegant sophisticated lamps, that can be used as bookshelf or place for your favorite magazines as well.

Light sisters collection by Ana Babic for Lanterna

They are made of powder coated metal with led stripes inserted in them. Because of their hidden lights, when you turn it on it gives the illusion of floating magic cubes, making mystical atmosphere. Designed by Ana Babic for Lanterna. Wood frame + chopstick lampshade. Himmeli light Cage table lamp industrial metal by LightCookie. GEOMETRY. Large-Frame Light Cluster Chandelier - Chandeliers - by Iacoli & McAllister. Himmeli light Cage table lamp industrial metal by LightCookie.

Doodlecraft: Reclaimed Wood Lamp with Himmeli Shade! Reclaimed Wood Lamp with Himmeli Shade!

Doodlecraft: Reclaimed Wood Lamp with Himmeli Shade!

I pulled an old pallet apart...and there were big wood blocks between the layers. They were junk and were placed in the "burn later" pile. Last weekend we lit a smore's fire and I found one of the blocks! Instantly in my head, it became a rustic reclaimed wood lamp... and I rescued it from smore's fodder! Here's how it came to fruition--you can make one too! You will need: 4 by 4" wood block drill and 3/8" drill bit bottle lamp kit &/or pull chain kit coffee stirrer straws wire pliers spray paint (optional) wax or stain (optional) 2 hours I got a bottle lamp kit...but then decided I wanted a pull chain light instead, so I got a pull chain thing. I use my new drill and some drill bits. I drilled in the center of the top of the wood...but not all the way through the bottom.

Then I drilled in from the backside until it met up with the center hole. I didn't measure or just worked! (yes, technical terms...ha ha ha) Okay so I have the holes. Lovely! Geometric Wire Lighting : Rock Garden. Despite the simple lines and shapes of the Rock Garden light fixtures, they are completely captivating.

Geometric Wire Lighting : Rock Garden

As its name suggests, it is inspired by the austere beauty of a Japanese rock garden. A modern interpretation of such a traditional practice, the 'lampshades' mimic the sharp angles and clean silhouettes of the object they are named after. The Rock Garden light fixtures were created by Tokyo-born, London-based industrial designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka for Italian furniture manufacturer Pallucco. Available in two sizes, the lamp is either made up of one pyramidal shape or, as in the larger version, three. The latter option allows people to arrange the 'rocks' on a rectangular frame in a configuration that pleases them, embodying the true essence of a rock garden.