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The UK. Roald Dahl. Roald Dahl is one of the greatest storytellers the world has ever known.

Roald Dahl

He’s sold well over 200 million books and you might also know stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr Fox, The BFG and Matilda from the film versions. Roald Dahl had a way of telling stories that makes them fun and easy to read. This, according to Roald himself, is because he found it very easy to remember what it was like to be a child. His life Roald was born in Llandaff in Wales on 13 September 1916. Roald’s dream was to go to exciting foreign places, and he got the chance when he got a job with the Shell Company supplying oil in East Africa.

Have you heard of any of these stories? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie is a young boy from a poor family and, like most children, he loves chocolate. The BFG The BFG is the Big Friendly Giant and he brings sweet dreams to children while they are sleeping. Matilda Boy: Tales of Childhood. England's obsession with tea. England’s ongoing love affair with the humble cup of tea is no secret.

England's obsession with tea

In fact, our obsession with tea is probably one of the most well-known quirks about your average Brit. It makes up a huge part of English and British culture, both historically and today. It is the solution to all of life’s biggest problems: feeling a bit sad? Have a cup of tea! Need to relax in front of the television? Life outside London: five reasons to visit the North of England! Most people when visiting England will go to London.

Life outside London: five reasons to visit the North of England!

In fact most people don't even know much about England outside of London. It makes sense, it’s the capital, there’s lots to see there. However as a northern girl, from a place just between Manchester and Liverpool, and a university student in Sheffield, I’d say the north is well worth a visit, and definitely as good if not better than London! Here’s five reasons why: 1) Friendliness: Northerners will chat to you on the bus, say hello in the streets and won’t think you’re crazy if you smile at them when you walk past. 2) Gravy: Now although Southerners have gravy (a delicious meaty sauce that goes well with everything), they don’t do it properly. 3) Beautiful Countryside: We have the Peak District, and the Lake District. 4) Excellent Party Cities: We have Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield … You can’t go wrong if you want to go on a night out here. 5) Cheap: and the same night won’t cost you anywhere near as much up north!

England. England is the biggest of the four countries in the United Kingdom.


Together with Scotland and Wales, these three countries are the island of Great Britain. The English Channel is in the south between England and France. People travel to France by ferry across the English Channel or by train through the Channel Tunnel which goes under the sea. Over 50 million people live in England, that’s around 80% of the total UK population. It is a multicultural country where more than 250 languages are spoken in the capital city, London.

Other large cities in England are Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Bristol. Scotland. Scotland is a country in Great Britain, to the north of England.


Scotland has nearly 800 islands, but people only live on some of them. Scotland is a very beautiful country with many mountains, forests, beaches, rivers and lochs (the Scots word for lakes). In the north of Scotland it is light until 11.30 p.m. in summer and in winter you can sometimes see the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, which are spectacular lights in the sky. Energy from the sun turns the Earth’s sky green, red and other colours. Scotland has its own parliament which makes laws for Scottish people.

Language There are three languages in Scotland. Scotland is ane o the fower kintras that maks the Unitit Kinrick. A minority (around one percent of the Scottish population) speak Scottish Gaelic, an old Celtic language which is very different from English. Music At public and cultural events you can often hear traditional music and see traditional dancing. Sport Food Symbols. Wales. Wales is one of the countries in Britain and the United Kingdom. It’s a small country with England to the east. Wales has got a continuous coastline, around 1,300km long, which means there are a lot of beaches! Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is one of the four countries in the United Kingdom, with England, Scotland and Wales.

Northern Ireland

It is to the north of the Republic of Ireland, on an island next to Great Britain. Around 1.8 million people live in Northern Ireland, which is about three per cent of the population of the UK. The capital city is Belfast. Another name for Northern Ireland is ‘Ulster’ or ‘The Six Counties’ because it is made up of six regions or counties.