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Classroom iPod touches & iPads: Dos and Don'ts

Classroom iPod touches & iPads: Dos and Don'ts
Do delete content. Since you are mirroring the computer's iTunes Library onto the iPods, deleting items from iTunes will delete them from the iPods. After you no longer have a need for a podcast, video, or audiobook, delete it so it is not taking up room and cluttering up the iPods. Chances are you want to use this content with a future class. If it's something you will use again, drag and drop it into a folder on your desktop. You can drag and drop it back into iTunes for the next time you want it synced to iPods. Do configure the Music app for easy access to playlists and podcasts.

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iPad Tips for Teachers Using iBooks for Education I’ve been spending a lot of time in iBooks recently, and have showed teachers a whole slew of features that are new, or not as well known, in Apple’s default e-reader. So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorites tips for teachers using iBooks in education. 1. Find Free Books There are probably more free book titles in the iBooks Store than you might think, and they can be a great way to add to your classroom library without taking up any more valuable shelf space!

50 really useful iPad 2 tips and tricks An absolute gem of an article by John Brandon and Graham Barlow from MacLife on 30th March over at TechRadar. This is going to become my iPad manual from here on in. Customised iPads for all iPad 2 tips and original iPad tips - get 'em here! With great new features like two video cameras, a faster processor and a thinner design, the iPad 2 is the world's best tablet device. iPad 2 review 5 Recommended iPad Screensharing Apps The iPad is supposed to make teaching and learning easier, right? But if you’ve ever tried to talk your mom through a new task on her computer or iPad without being able to show her what you’re doing, you can understand that some frustration might ensue as you try to get an entire class to follow along with you. Or maybe you want to show a quick video or diagram, but holding up your iPad to the class really isn’t reaching everyone. There are a lot of folks out there who feel your pain, and to ease it just a bit, they’ve created Apps to share your screen. There are a lot of them out there, so we’ve sifted through and picked out some of the better ones to give you a good place to start. If you’ve used any of these (or others) and like them, please let us know!

Schools across the country bring iPads to the classroom ARLINGTON, Va. — On a warm spring morning, a pair of first-grade boys enter the computer lab at Jamestown Elementary, a traditional-looking red-brick neighborhood school that's educated generations of students. The first-graders take a black cart, big enough that they both could fit in it, and push it down the hall to their classroom. It contains an Apple iPad for every student in their class. Apple TV I've been testing out an Apple TV in my classroom for the past few weeks now to see how the mirroring function with the ipad2 could work. My impressions so far have been very positive. Things I like: -Wireless connection has been good (for the most part), sometimes I'm kicked off due to wireless issues, but this is pretty minimal -Students can connect their ipads to the apple tv (I currently have it password protected) and share work, which is super cool! -When using the camera app on the ipad, you have a portable document camera! -It is nice to be able to demonstrate apps to students with full video and audio without being tethered to a cord! -Cost--at only $99, plus a $40 VGA adapter to hook into the projector and some audio cables, its very cost efficient!

Apps for Autism Everyone working with Individuals with Autism can see the amazing potential, and opportunities that successful use of an iPad can bring. And I am sure we are facing some of the same challenges. Finding the time to set the iPad up properly and integrate it across environments. And how can we make sure that our team can access the right training, so it is being used, modeled and integrated effectively? How do we balance it with the other effective learning and communication strategies and technologies already being used? And how, oh how, do we choose the right apps? 50 really useful iPad tips and tricks With great new features like two video cameras, a faster processor and a Retina display, the new iPad is the world's best tablet device. It's also fully capable of running the latest version of Apple's iOS operating system and great apps like iMovie and GarageBand. Here we present 50 really useful iPad tips. We cover everything from customising your Home screen through to getting more from built-in apps like Mail and Safari.

10 Great Ways to Get More From Your iPad The iPad is loaded with all kinds of features you’ve probably heard about, but look a little deeper, and its extra abilities might surprise you. Some of these secrets are enabled through apps, while some are built into the device already. Turn Your iPad into a Secondary Desktop Display With its big, high-resolution display, it’s a shame to just park an iPad when switching to a computer. Instead, Air Display ($10) makes your iPad a second screen for your Mac, extending the desktop. The tool has just been submitted to the App Store and should be released soon; I checked out a beta.

Teacher’s Trial by Tech – Staff Engagement Success? There’s no doubt about it, the iPad is a desirable product. Now the new staff have one it is clear excitement and enthusiasm abound. Despite initial resistance and concern, staff have already asked for increased support and content. This is a short post to highlight anything we have learned over the past three months relating to staff engagement. Recommended approach

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