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5 Flash Players for iPad

5 Flash Players for iPad
Here we are recommending the must have Flash Player for iPad apps, why you ask? When do iPad users wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Each time they see Apple and Adobe promising to become BFFs and wake up to realize it was all a dream. Cupertino’s intolerance to Flash has always been the stuff of legend and the way HTML5 seems to be progressing, there’s hardly any hope for iPad users who find the current web browsing experience incomplete without Flash support. This naturally brings you to our Flash Player for iPad post. 1. iSwifter: YouWeb has put out the bait for Flash Player seekers in the form of iSwifter. 2. 3. 4. 5. So those of you who thought there was no way to get your iPad to play nice with Flash may want to think otherwise.

Algebra Touch Math iPad App: A Teacher's Review Algebra Touch Math App Learn Order of Operations, Solving Equations, Distribution and Factoring If you are looking for an iPad app to help your child or students with learning basic rules and concepts of algebra, the Algebra Touch app by Regular Berry is a must-have! Simple user interface allows even an inexperienced iPad user to jump right into the app and begin learning the foundation of algebra and the concepts required to build a strong base in mathematics. Jump to the following sections of the review: Tap Into Teen Minds Algebra Touch Review Video: Math Lessons & Practice Covered in Algebra Touch: In the top-left menu bar, there is a pull-down menu that allows the user to select the lesson/practice questions from 21 different topics. Algebra Math Lessons and Practice Topics Available: Algebra Touch Explain Mode Also in the top-left menu bar are the Explain and Practice modes. Screenshot from the Algebra Touch app in Explain Mode . Algebra Touch Practice Mode Conclusion

The Ultimate Guide To Apple’s Presence In Education Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-08-31 All eyes are on education right now. Whether it’s in the political theater or the venture capitalists, everyone has set their sights on the future leaders of tomorrow. In an effort to share exactly how Apple is targeting students, MDG Advertising whipped up a thought-provoking infographic. Smart devices are having a real impact on both literacy and learning levels. Awesome Apple logo via DeviantArt Comments are closed.

iPad Applications In Bloom’s Taxonomy This has bubbled up in my feeds not once, but several times now. It’s an interesting graphic that actually places example iPad applications into Bloom’s levels of performance in the cognitive domain. Focussed around students, and not really workplace learning, but interesting nonetheless. Check it out. October 2 & 3 (NEC Birmingham), Booth #D250 | Register (Free) Leave a Reply Couponing Goes Mobile Did you know September is National Coupon Month? The first coupon was issued by Coca-Cola in 1887, but the world of couponing has changed drastically since the availability of smartphones. Mobile couponing is expanding; there is now a 10 percent redemption rate for mobile coupons compared to 1 percent for print coupons, according to Business Insider. Check out Cataldo’s 10 Tips for a novice couponer: Jill Cataldo 1) Understand the pricing cycle: Supermarkets and drugstores regularly "cycle" their prices. 2) Cut the price in half: An easy way to know whether or not you're taking items home at the best price is to use the 50 percent rule. 3) Go "Clipless": There's no need to cut every coupon you receive in the Sunday paper and carry them around with you, attempting to match them to sales once you get to the store. 4) Utilize online tools: Grocery list matchup websites like and list weekly deals in spreadsheet form by store for retailers around the country.

13 Ways To Use iMovie In The Classroom Is there an app for that? Well, chances are there are dozens of apps for anything you want to do, but sometimes you find one app that is robust enough to have multiples uses for you and your students. For me, iMovie is that app. Documentation: Use the camera and microphone to record student work and performances. Peer Feedback: Use video as a great medium to get students to begin to provide each other with feedback. Self Reflection: Students learning to be self aware and provide self-feedback is one of the most effective things we can teach our students. Creating Movies: Youtube is the most popular and powerful search engine for kids, it is how they communicate. Create Pecha-Kucha Presentations: Pecha-Kucha presentations are becoming more popular due to their time efficiency and engaging characteristics. Story Telling: have students tell personal stories and turn them into digital stories using pictures and images from their classroom and their lives.

[GUIDE] How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [Video Walkthrough] [GUIDE] How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [Video Walkthrough] A big thanks to RoboBear, tphillips, Lorddeff07, and anyone else that has helped make this happen. I try to make my guides simple and straightforward so that the average user can root their device. I show every detail and walk you through the process. This guide is a complete video walkthrough on how to root the Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi with edits based on the issues that some may run into with previous guides. Without further ado, let's get started! LINK TO VIDEO WALKTHROUGH FOR HOW TO ROOT THE Galaxy Tab 10.1 (WiFi) ◄●REQUIRED DOWNLOADS●► Just download, do not install or run anything yet. with all needed files ◄●Instructions●► This method is done on Windows. ◄●Downloading Files and Installing Drivers●► DONATE if my guides, tutorials, or reviews helped you! Guides:How to Root the EVO 4G LTE |How to Root the Galaxy Nexus |How to Root the EVO 3D | Best EVO 3D ROMsHow to Root the Galaxy Tab 10.1 |Best Android Apps |

The iPad as a Tool For Education - a case study In the first two terms of implementing an iPad programme, Longfield Academy in Kent have noticed a great impact on teaching and learning. Research carried out on behalf of Naace and supported by 9ine consulting is published here. It’s really exciting to be able to announce our research into the use of iPads. After a successful implementation at Longfield Academy in Kent and two terms of embedded use, the research shows some incredibly positive impacts on teaching and learning. Please note: the tablet implementation surveys here include the questions used in this research. Any further queries can be directed via The iPad as a Tool For Education - a case study

North Area Community Service Center - Connect Chicago About this place The Chicago Workforce Centers provide employment services under the Workforce Investment Act, including access to resource centers and workshops that assist with developing employment related skills. Resource centers are free to the public for conducting job search activities. these centers are equipped with computers, fax machines, printers and telephones to assist job seekers in conducting job searches, researching labor market information or improving job skills. Training Digital Skills Training DFSS, in partnership with TEC Services, provide training in Digital Literacy, Microsoft Office and other topics. Additional info Computers 8 computers available to the public Use restrictions Wifi to be installed July 15, 2013. Assistive tech Not now Time restrictions Timed 60 minutes unlimited, in vet center

The Orchestra for iPad Redefines Music Appreciation — iPad App Review By Emily | December 13, 2012 | No comment yet TouchPress’ The Orchestra for iPad aims are encyclopedic. This new iPad-only app from the British developer covers the interments that comprise the orchestra as well as going in-depth to break down scores from well-known pieces. Created in conjunction with London’s Philharmonia Orchestra and its principal conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen, the Orchestra directs the reader’s attention to both individual instruments as well as the symphony orchestra as a whole. The app’s splash screen scrolls through the eight works it includes. Rather than static encyclopedia-style entries, each instrument entry includes a video interview with a member of the Philharmonia, a musical clip that showcases the instrument, as well as the instrument’s range, frequency, size, and its correspondence to the piano range when appropriate or samples of the sounds of the instrument (e.g. snare drum) that do not follow the piano’s scale.

Flipboard Officially Arrives for Android, Offers Magazine-Style News Reading to All I absolutely love this app on my Droid Bionic, and with 4G now in my area, navigating articles is fast and smooth. But there's one feature that I REALLY wish they would add: Offline article tagging When I'm flipping through articles, I often find myself tapping the "Read later" menu choice to pipe the article over to "Pocket" for later reading. I'd like to be able to select an article for later offline reading. I've suggested this to the developers, and hopefully something might come of this, but it may take more people contacting them to nudge this forward. What do you think?

Riverwalk School iPad Resources There are many reasons for using an iPad. We have found that an iPad - Encourages and promotes active personalised learning It stimulates pupil engagement, attention and interaction It encourages active communication Ease of access – it is good for pupils with poor fine motor control as they are still able to activate the screen, it is portable and can be placed in the correct position for individual pupils to use The back lit screen is very important for pupils who have visual impairment It is flexible as it does not need too be plugged into the mains It allows instant feedback via video and photos It is very motivating and fun to use Apps range from basic to complex enabling pupils of all levels. Have a look at Richard Hirstwood's iPad Introduction video below. Guided Access is a very useful tool to use on the iPad. iPad Apps Here are some of the Apps that we use at Riverwalk. Newly added Apps December 2013 Fisher Price do lots of free apps for babies and toddlers

Defy Ventures, Inc. Appealing Apps for Educators: How SonicPics amplifies a student’s voice - iPhone app article - Carolyn Skibba Since 1999, Carolyn Skibba has served as the technology coordinator at Burley School, a public elementary school in Chicago’s Lakeview community. At Burley, she has taught technology classes for grades K-8, developed technology curricula and integration strategies, led professional development for the school and district, and implemented a 1:1 laptop program. She currently supports the school’s iPad initiative in grades 1-6 and presents frequently on iPad curricular integration and program implementation. Before joining Burley, she was a third grade teacher, an Upward Bound instructor, and received her master’s degree in Technology in Education from Harvard University. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator and a recipient of the 2012 Chicago Public Schools “Ones to Watch” award. Learn more about Carolyn and Burley’s iPad program at, or by following Carolyn on Twitter, @skibtech. What it does Classroom use 1) Creating and sharing student work 3) Differentiation

10 Great Apps for a Teacher’s New iPad Did you receive a gift of a new iPad this year? If so, you’re probably spending this holiday vacation week trying out all kinds of new apps. Here are ten that I recommend getting started with. Evernote is the Swiss Army knife of iPad apps. I subscribe to the RSS feeds of a few hundred blogs and websites. If you want to make your own short instructional videos for students, Knowmia Teach is an app you have to try. Box is another service that I use for file storage and sharing. It took me a while to come around to Pinterest, but now that I have I really like it. Haiku Deck is an iPad app that all students and teachers should have installed on their iPads. Skitch for iPad is an app that I use when I want to quickly edit, create, and or draw on an image. A couple of years ago a friend of mine set a New Year’s resolution to watch one TED Talk a day. You may have noticed that this list is comprised entirely of free apps. Chrome is the browser that I use 90% of the time that I’m on the web.