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Search Thingiverse Sign in / Join Search Results 800 results matching smartphone support Filter By For Education Using Blender for 3D Printing : Knowledge Base Blender is one of the most powerful 3D modeling applications freely available for open source. It has an insane number of features, but unfortunately the interface has a mixed reputation. Although more recent versions have made huge strides in improving this, it still can be a bit overwhelming for the beginner, especially if you're only looking for the features that are relevant for 3D printing. This tutorial should get you started,

Arduino Laser Engraver I started this project because I wanted to make something that had mechanical, electrical and software components. After looking around on Instructables, I figured that an Arduino based laser engraver would be an interesting machine to make, and that the machine itself could make interesting things. Laser diodes have also advanced quite a lot in the last few years, allowing reasonably powerful DIY laser engravers to be made without the hassles of laser tubes. This machine can engrave wood and cut paper. I haven't tried other materials yet because there is no fume extraction capability - plastics generally create toxic gases when burnt. SAFETY WARNING - Please be safe when using lasers.

default Making people's outdoor experiences better: It's what we do and, in Loll Designs, we found the perfect partner to share our enthusiasm for good design that fits the spirit of the outdoors- fresh, natural, and inviting. The Harvest table, our first collaboration, brings together the expertise of two companies to create a casual, well- crafted table that welcomes people and the experiences they share. Download STL file Owl - Wall Key Holder Did you 3D print this model? 25.5k views 278 likes 657 downloads 3D model description Family Tree RepRap_Family_Tree Release status: concept The project What ? A friend (Arthur S.) and I had thought to make a sort of "family tree" showing the development and variations of the reprap project (and it's inspired cousins). Thanks to the efforts of Spiritdude we're now trying to make a useful database that could be visualized by other tools/methods, I added a google-form on top of it to allow public participation at filling it :)

Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Modeling/PrintToolbox From BlenderWiki Example of Cura with an exported mesh. The purpose of this addon is to be a collection of useful tools when printing. Currently there are 5 main sections to this addon which can be accessed from the toolbox. Arduino 3-axis Mini Lazer Paper-Cutter Updated : 16/3 Add step 4, about using the stage. Updated : 18/3 Add photos (cutting vinyl adhesive sheet) Updated : 19/3 Add step 5, acting as pen plotter Updated : 20/3 Add laser engraving video (Wood) and photo Updated : 22/3 Add 2 drawings to show the structures of machine, also visit this link. +++++++++++++++++++ I read many posts and now I had finished my first mini Lazer Cutter. The design is simple and reliable ( u can see the video ) It is using Arduino Duemilanove + GRBL (0.8c) + 100mW blue/ violet lazer with external battery power supply (5V)

Scan The World back A World of Fragile Parts, La Biennale di Venezia In ‘A World of Fragile Parts’, La Biennale di Venezia and the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) explore the threats facing the preservation of global heritage sites and how the production of copies can aid in the preservation of cultural artifacts. Ecological uncertainty, violent attacks, and the increasing demands of tourism are just a few of the factors putting global heritage sites and cultural artifacts at risk of destruction and loss. Extruder calibration on Artillery printers The calibration of the extruder consists in ensuring that the length of filament which actually comes out of the extruder is the one requested by the program. For this, the principle consists in asking to extrude a certain length, to measure what is really extruded and to correct. We repeat the operation as long as we do not obtain the right result.

British company uses 3D printing to make stone buildings out of sand Enrico Dini is the man behind Monolite UK, a company that hopes to start producing and selling 3D printers under the name D-Shape. However, Dini's printers aren't for printing Minecraft creations, Verge logos, or even prosthetic jaws — they're for printing buildings. As it stands, if you want to make a complex structure out of something like stone, you need to build with Portland cement — a messy, time consuming, labor intensive and error-prone business. D-Shape's printers simplify things, using a computer-driven printer to turn a CAD model into a real structure one layer at a time.

Modeling a Printable Stackable Hexagon Model in SelfCAD: 12 Steps (with Pictures) After creating the solid hexagon box Now we need to subtract one box from the other but before we do that, we have to scale one of them to be smaller than the other one to shape and create the void space inside the box to become a tube that we can use to put drawer inside it.To scale one of them select only one of them and choose the Scale Tool from transformations section in the toolbar or press L in your keyboard.To have a better vision and see the two objects clearly while scaling, make the appearance of them in wireframe mode selecting wireframe option on the left hand-side as shown in the first image above.Now let’s scale. Drag from the center scale point to scale in the 3 dimensions and to scale the object overallAnd then drag the upper point to scale in Y dimension or to scale vertically.And now let's use mesh and wireframe together. Select the bigger box and move it up.The idea of doing this is to make the subtract object go completely inside the big box

Full Tilt: 3D Printing Sparks Pinball Revolution Flip. Flip. Clang. Tilt. Print?

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