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How to Make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily)

How to Make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily)
A salute to those who have laboured through to this point (and to demonstrate that it is reproducable) Here are some pictures of other peoples machines. Photo 1 - Chris and his friend put together this unit; laser cutting the parts out of half inch acrylic. Not only does it look super it must weigh a ton. But kudos, anyone who's worked with acrylic knows laser cutting it is great but it is a very very unfriendly material to drill and there is a lot of side drilling in this design. Good job guys, check out more details (and photos including some testing with circuit boards) on Chris's blog Photo 2 - Sam McCaskill has finished his desktop CNC machine and it's looking really really nice. Photo 3 - Angry Monk's - With MDF pieces cut on a laser cutter and drive converted from toothed belts to threaded rod (If you have built one and would like it featured here, please send me a PM and we can arrange for the sending of photos) Related:  Imprimante, Cnc, gravure 3D

How to make a mini milling machine- manual or CNC! I think one of the best things about tools is that they can be used to make more tools! I decided to build a miniature milling machine for machining plastic parts, creating wax patterns and for drilling really small precise holes. I also wanted to design it so that I could convert it to CNC for machining circuit boards and for doing repetitive work. The finished mill has a 11" x 18" footprint and is about 19" tall. Depending on the motor used it is capable of machining plastic, wax, wood and non ferrous metals. Right now my motor is a bit underpowered due to the power supply I had on hand. The X axis travel is 6 1/8" The Y axis travel is 6 1/4" The Z axis travel is 2 1/4" If there are any questions about any of the drawings or something just doesn't make sense just ask! Follow along and build one for yourself!

DIYLILCNC Arduino Controlled CNC / 3D Printer Hybrid Repetier or Marlin Firmware for Arduino Mega implement G2 an G3 circular interpolation so they are good to use for CNC and 3D Printing. However they have limitations regarding pure CNC instructions such as pecking an other GCode's. Download and install Arduino IDE Here: Download and Repetier Firmware here: Configuring the Repetier Firmware for CNC functionality: After installing Arduino IDE, open it and use it to open the Repetier Firmware you have just download (repetier.ino file). - Arduino IDE Tools Tab: SelectBoard -Arduino Megra 2560 or MEGA ADK - Navigate to the Configuration.h file and alter the following lines: #define NUM_EXTRUDER 0 #define MOTHERBOARD 33 #define XAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 128 #define YAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 128 #define ZAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 2560 #define HAVE_HEATED_BED false #define ENDSTOP_PULLUP_X_MIN false #define ENDSTOP_PULLUP_Y_MIN false #define ENDSTOP_PULLUP_Z_MIN false #define ENDSTOP_PULLUP_X_MAX false

Make CNC DIY Projects & Products | Simple CNC Machine What I'm going to try and show you in this instructable is how to build a simple CNC machine. Now when I say Simple I mean you only require basic tools & materials to build the machine. The machine is made out of Sawn Timber, drawer sliders, nema 17 Stepper motors, a TB6560 Driver Controller Board and a Dremel Trio as the milling/cutting tool I started about year ago trying to build a CNC machine, I tried a few different designs but i struggled to get the building of them right. The Video Gives a quick overview of the Machine Comment fabriquer ses filaments d’ABS pour son imprimante 3D à moindre cout Mon imprimante 3D devrait arriver d’ici une semaine, et je recherche déjà des techniques pour obtenir des filaments d’ABS à moindre coût. Lors de mes recherches, le projet Lyman Filament Extruder revenait souvent, mais il restais encore trop onéreux. Le projet de DeltaPrinter se base sur le projet de Lyman mais en utilisant que des éléments courants du commerce et une pièce imprimée en 3D. Cela permet d’obtenir un coup de revient de l’ordre de 100€, ce qui est de suite plus raisonnable. Le système est composé d’un tube de 10mm en acier inoxydable avec une ouverture dans lequel un foret à bois va faire l’office de vis sans fin pour pousser les billes d’ABS vers l’extrémité. Là, un bloc d’aluminium fait la jointure avec une tube de cuivre de 15mm de diamètre avec un embout percé et calibré au diamètre voulu. Le bloc d’aluminium est chauffé avec deux résistances chauffantes 230V à la température de 200°C.

Simpson Simpson Release status: Kinda Working Disclaimer: This printer is very precise but not the most accurate. There isn't a full featured firmware that will let you do bed leveling and autocalibration. Assembly is also a trick. You have been warned. Simpson refers to a whole category of 3D robots. Typical Characteristics No spherical joints Delta arrangement High level of symmetry Minimizes number of components As a new category of printers it will be awhile until we know exactly what is and what isn't a Simpson. Family Videos Early Prototype First THOR Simpson Print Ever Bed Leveling for the Win First GUS Simpson Print First Moves of LISA Simpson Solidus Labs Dogleg grounded delta robot (GDR) 3D Printer Future Developments Six Arm Simpson: A 6 DOF robot. Links RepRap Development Forum "Grounded Experimental Delta Printer" TRap Adafruit: "3D @ World Maker Faire: RepRap Wally, Simpson, and Morgan!

Arduino 3-axis Mini Lazer Paper-Cutter Updated : 16/3 Add step 4, about using the stage. Updated : 18/3 Add photos (cutting vinyl adhesive sheet) Updated : 19/3 Add step 5, acting as pen plotter Updated : 20/3 Add laser engraving video (Wood) and photo Updated : 22/3 Add 2 drawings to show the structures of machine, also visit this link. +++++++++++++++++++ I read many posts and now I had finished my first mini Lazer Cutter. The design is simple and reliable ( u can see the video ) It is using Arduino Duemilanove + GRBL (0.8c) + 100mW blue/ violet lazer with external battery power supply (5V) Drawing program is inkscape + gcodetools, gcode sender is Unversai G Code Sender I want to share with u but it is really difficult for me to explain it in english... I just want to share some experiences, or, may be u can ask me... Also, most of the technical things (especially about GRBL) u can find in the following articles.

CNC Laser Gravierer [] Es handelt sich um einen Laser der Klasse 3B: Die zugängliche Laserstrahlung ist gefährlich für das Auge und in besonderen Fällen auch für die Haut. Bitte nicht ohne Entsprechende Schutzmaßnahmen/Schutzbrille verwenden. Laser Gravierer V4 So, es ist endlich soweit! Nachdem ich vor über einem Jahr im Winter begonnen hatte den Lasergravierer v2 zu bauen, lag dieser dann den ganzen Sommer fast fertig in der Ecke. Von einem netten Mitflieger bekam ich eine Alte Holz-Kiste die wohl Jahrzehnte einen großen Nadeldrucker in der Werkstatt beheimatet hatte. Vom der Aufwendigen Elektronik des v2 bin ich wieder abgekommen. Die ersten Tests schauen wirklich gut aus, der 1.6W Laser schneidet 3mm Sperrholz mit 3 Durchgängen a 100mm/min. Verbaute Teile Bilder Laser Gravierer V1 Due to many questions about the Laser Build - Most of the parts for a similar build and a complete electronics board are now available in several China Shops. Arbeitseinsatz für alles zusammen ca 12h. Mechanik → Verfahrweg ca 22x22cm