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How to Make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily)

How to Make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily)
A salute to those who have laboured through to this point (and to demonstrate that it is reproducable) Here are some pictures of other peoples machines. Photo 1 - Chris and his friend put together this unit; laser cutting the parts out of half inch acrylic. Not only does it look super it must weigh a ton. But kudos, anyone who's worked with acrylic knows laser cutting it is great but it is a very very unfriendly material to drill and there is a lot of side drilling in this design. Good job guys, check out more details (and photos including some testing with circuit boards) on Chris's blog Photo 2 - Sam McCaskill has finished his desktop CNC machine and it's looking really really nice. Photo 3 - Angry Monk's - With MDF pieces cut on a laser cutter and drive converted from toothed belts to threaded rod (If you have built one and would like it featured here, please send me a PM and we can arrange for the sending of photos) Related:  CNCImprimante, Cnc, gravure 3D

DIY CNC Router Plans : How to Build NOTE: I originally posted this on my arts and crafts blog, Make It With Jason, and you're welcome to go visit and check out my other tutorials, reviews, and step by step drawing and painting lessons. Ever since I saw my first CNC, I knew I wanted to own one. I'm a realist though, and I also knew that I wouldn't own a REAL $20,000 one. So, on a whim this spring, I decided to design and build a homemade 3-axis Computer Numerical Controlled milling machine myself. I looked all over the web and decided to build one using drawer slides as my rails, an arduino as my microcontroller, and try to keep everything within the $300 mark. So far so good. So, without much ado, I am going to show you the steps I took to build my diy cnc router project (please realize, as of April 16th, 2013, this project isn't quite finished--in fact, it's at the halfway mark). Onto the Instructable!

How to make a mini milling machine- manual or CNC! I think one of the best things about tools is that they can be used to make more tools! I decided to build a miniature milling machine for machining plastic parts, creating wax patterns and for drilling really small precise holes. I also wanted to design it so that I could convert it to CNC for machining circuit boards and for doing repetitive work. The finished mill has a 11" x 18" footprint and is about 19" tall. Depending on the motor used it is capable of machining plastic, wax, wood and non ferrous metals. Right now my motor is a bit underpowered due to the power supply I had on hand. The X axis travel is 6 1/8" The Y axis travel is 6 1/4" The Z axis travel is 2 1/4" If there are any questions about any of the drawings or something just doesn't make sense just ask! Follow along and build one for yourself!

Quadcopter build log 1. Introduction This page will be a walktrough on the creation of my quadcopter. It will be a quick tour as most basiscs are explained in the 'multicopter basics' document as listed on the right. A list of the items I acquired for the project is in on the bottom of this document. 2. Should you decide to build your own frame, start with drawings as every engineer does. Cross (aluminium square tubes from the local DIY shop) For the Dutch, Hornbach is your next stop ;-) Lower level of the "Hamburger", with light switch, power plug, Spektrum satellite receiver and LiPo low battery warner. 3. I decided to make a 'power ring' to provide the ESC's and other equipment with power. After supplying your ESC's with power, you have to program each ESC to let it function properly for a Quadcopter. Typical programming card Quadcopter setup. 4. Before you make your control board unreachable by wiring etc, be sure it's programmed with the latest firmware. Pin 1 on the KK board is located here: 5. 6. !! 7.

Morovian style hinges For the live auction at the conference Al Olson made a sturdy wooden tool box and I got to make the hinges, hasp and bale handles. I took some in-process shots of the tops of the hinges and figured I would share them here. Attachment: Image resized to 20% of its original size [2448 x 3264] Morovian hinge design.JPG [ 2.29 MiB | Viewed 327 times ] This is the design I came up with. Morovian hinge tops split.JPG [ 2.48 MiB | Viewed 327 times ] After some quick napkin math I split about 3 1/4" of a 1 1/4" by 1/8" stock . Morovian hinge one side forged.JPG [ 2.24 MiB | Viewed 327 times ] I then turned and welded the barrel, finished splitting the little horns, and roughly shaped the first side of the hinge. Morovian hinge tops shaped.JPG [ 2.25 MiB | Viewed 327 times ] I shaped the second side of the hinge and went back to tweak the other side getting them to match and to fit within the 2" strip it was going to have to mount on. Morovian hinge tops and bottoms.JPG [ 2.29 MiB | Viewed 327 times ]

Building a Small Format Vacuumformer from an Old Toaster Oven : Sourcing materials Materials for this project will vary slightly depending on several factors. The size of the heating elements mentioned in step 1 will determine the general scale of your project and, in turn, the amount of materials needed to finish your machine. Generally, the following materials will be necessary: Wood, in various sizes - I used a combination of 1x6, 1x4, and 1x2 poplar along with 3/8" and 1/4" MDF. 16ga grounded home electrical wire, approx 20ft Wire nuts, approx 10 Wood finish, shellac, sealer or paint Screws 4x bolts w/ nuts & washers.

DIYLILCNC Arduino Controlled CNC / 3D Printer Hybrid Repetier or Marlin Firmware for Arduino Mega implement G2 an G3 circular interpolation so they are good to use for CNC and 3D Printing. However they have limitations regarding pure CNC instructions such as pecking an other GCode's. Download and install Arduino IDE Here: Download and Repetier Firmware here: Configuring the Repetier Firmware for CNC functionality: After installing Arduino IDE, open it and use it to open the Repetier Firmware you have just download (repetier.ino file). - Arduino IDE Tools Tab: SelectBoard -Arduino Megra 2560 or MEGA ADK - Navigate to the Configuration.h file and alter the following lines: #define NUM_EXTRUDER 0 #define MOTHERBOARD 33 #define XAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 128 #define YAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 128 #define ZAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 2560 #define HAVE_HEATED_BED false #define ENDSTOP_PULLUP_X_MIN false #define ENDSTOP_PULLUP_Y_MIN false #define ENDSTOP_PULLUP_Z_MIN false #define ENDSTOP_PULLUP_X_MAX false

How to Make a Three-Pendulum Rotary Harmonograph A harmonograph is a mechanical device that uses swinging pendulums to draw pictures, believed to be originally invented in 1844 by Scottish mathematician Hugh Blackburn. This 3-pendulum rotary type of harmonograph gives a wide variety of pleasant results, and is fairly easy to build once you've settled on a design and have acquired the appropriate materials and tools. This is a great project to do with kids and can result in endless experiments creating new types of geometric designs. Skip to More Results and Movie Two lateral pendulums swing back and forth at right angles to each other with arms connecting to a pen.

Free projects The Free projects category is dedicated to people who find pleasure in making various useful things from wood or metal. Every single man that has done something with his own hands knows what a great satisfaction it is to look at a finished assembly. That satisfaction comes out from the quality time he spent, applying of knowledge and experience, overcoming many challenges and obstacles that emerge during the manufacture and also from the fact that he made some useful thing with his own hands and does not have to buy it. We made an effort to make free metalworking and woodworking plans for manufacturing versatile items for you, but we have to emphasize that the most attractive objects for us have always been the kinds of objects that can be rarely found on the market offering, the antique items that we bring out of oblivion, because they were pushed out from usage by modern industry, educative children toys and puzzles...

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