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Host your 3D printer projects. Version control included.

Host your 3D printer projects. Version control included.
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Free 3D Models, Free CAD Models Votre design 3D devient réalité avec l'impression 3D WebGL Inspector An advanced WebGL debugging toolkit About WebGL Inspector is a tool inspired by gDEBugger and PIX with the goal of making the development of advanced WebGL applications easier. What Firebug and Developer Tools are to HTML/JS, WebGL Inspector is to WebGL. Note: this is alpha software - if you find bugs, let me know (or better yet, fork and fix them! Check out the readme on github for more information. Status There hasn't been an update in awhile, but the project is not dead! Features Extension for injecting into pages Embed in an existing application with a single script include Capture entire GL frames Annotated call log with stepping/resource navigation and redundant call warnings Pixel history - see all draw calls that contributed to a pixel + blending information GL state display Resource browsers for textures, buffers, and programs Live Demo Click here to view a live demo (in a browser that supports WebGL, of course): Install ATTENTION: The extension is now hosted on the Chrome Web Store.

These Cute Little Drones Could 3-D Print a House | Design A swarm of super cute, 3-D printing robots called "Minibuilders" could replace construction workers in the near future. Minibuilders Three robots working in conjunction can lay a foundation, build walls, roofs, and even act as a handyman fixing weak spots on demand. Minibuilders employs a specially formulated, thermosetting build material made from 60% marble powder and 40% Axson Easymax which is cured using a pair of heat guns attached to the robots. These little laborers are directed by a master unit that also dispenses the concrete mixture through long tubes. But each robot has some built-in smarts. To help advance the state of the are, the creators of Minibuilders have shared some of their findings in technical journals. Nail guns and chop saws are easy to find in a construction worker’s pickup truck, but if Saša Jokić and Petr Novikov are successful, robotic concrete mixers could be the next must-have power tools. How the Building Begins A Team Effort

Bld3r 3D Print Skin | L'impression 3D à la portée de tous GLSL 1.2 Tutorial In this tutorial shader programming using GLSL 1.2 will be covered. Although many parts are now considered deprecated, the essence of GLSL has remained constant. Besides, this tutorial will continue to be online because learning the basics of deprecated OpenGL is easier than learning the new versions. If you’re looking for a GLSL tutorial that deals only with non-deprecated features visit the GLSL Core tutorial, here in Lighthouse3D. Shaders are a hot topic and 3D games have shown that they can be put to good use to get remarkable effects. The tutorial contains an introduction to the specification, but reading the OpenGL 2.0 and GLSL official specs is always recommended if you get serious about this. GLSL stands for GL Shading Language, often referred as glslang, and was defined by the Architectural Review Board of OpenGL, the governing body of OpenGL. I won’t go into disputes, or comparisons, with Cg, Nvidia’s proposal for a shading language that is also compatible with OpenGL. Index

About Us - is a free library of 3D printable, beautiful and useful objects. The first version of MyMiniFactory was launched on the 18th June 2013. It is the result of many months of hard work by a professional team of experienced 3D designers. Our large range of downloadable 3D printable objects will satisfy the growing number of 3D printer owners.

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