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Parametric 3d CAD

Parametric 3d CAD

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Product Tour Onshape Part Studios You can create and edit component geometry in Onshape Part Studios. The modeling workflows are very similar to traditional CAD. However, there are new capabilities: Otherworldy CAD Software Hails From A Parallel Universe The world of free 3D-modeling software tends to be grim when compared to the expensive professional packages. Furthermore, 3D CAD modeling software suggestions seem to throw an uproar when new users seek open-source or inexpensive alternatives. Taking a step apart from the rest, [Matt] has developed his own open-source CAD package with a spin that inverts the typical way we do CAD. Antimony is a fresh perspective on 3D modeling. Lasersaur Manual Index -- Laser cutters are systems for applying electromagnetic radiation to a work piece. When done like a boss this will cause the material to disintegrate in the area of application. The challenge is doing this in a controlled manner and gaining full control of the energy density at any point in time.

Get Skanect - Skanect 3D Scanning Software By Occipital 3D Scan From An iPad to Skanect on Your Mac or PC - Wirelessly There’s no easier way to capture high-quality, full-color 3D scans than with the Structure Sensor attached to your iPad streaming wirelessly to Skanect on your Mac or PC. But the Structure Sensor is much more than just a 3D scanner. It’s also a developer-friendly 3D sensing platform for mobile devices that lets you map indoor spaces, explore mixed reality worlds and much more. Compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 2/3 and 4th Generation iPad - and it’s developer hackable to work with Android, Linux, Windows and OS X too.

Krazatchu Design Systems » On the Cheap: Supported Linear Rail… Supported linear rail can be quite expensive, at over $100 per rail per meter, not including shipping. An alternative support was theorized using 3/8″ threaded rod, drilled, tapped and screwed into the rail. Today it was assembled and tested, and has now been confirmed as a valid lower cost linear rail/bearing solution. Liquid Metal Printing in 3-D With aid from the STARTUP-NY tax-free entrepreneurial program and grants and faculty expertise from the University of Buffalo, a father-and-son team is commercializing a machine that prints 3-D objects using liquid metal. Most available metal printers use a process of laying down powered metal and melting it with a laser or electron beam. Some powder particles do not get melted, leaving weakened spots. Two products printed with Vader Systems machine. Credit: Douglas LevereIn 2012, at the age of 19, Zack Vader developed his own metal printer when no company could print the 3-D print parts he needed for a microturbine generator. He exposed molten metal in a confined chamber with an orifice to a pulsed magnetic field.

millplans Detailed Plans to convert a Sieg built Mini-Mill to CNC The plans are for converting the SIEG company's X2 Mini-Mill to CNC Sieg built Mini-Mills are sold by the following tool distributors: Harbor Freight model #44991 Grizzly Tool model #G8689 Homier model #3947 DJI launches GPS-enabled PHANTOM consumer quadcopter Today, aerial platform manufacturer DJI announced its new consumer quadcopter, the PHANTOM. It has several features that set it apart from the popular AR Drone – which may or may not sell you on it. View all First of all, the PHANTOM comes with its own dedicated hand-held radio-frequency control unit, that has a range of 300 meters (984 feet).