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BRICOGAMES. Print-and-play – Diario de WKR. El Espía (que se perdió) (reseña) – Diario de WKR. Un magnífico juego de deducción y engaño que acaba de salir en español gracias al buenhacer de Zacatrus que sin duda nos proporcionará grandes momentos de diversión y partidas épicas.

El Espía (que se perdió) (reseña) – Diario de WKR

El Espía (que se perdió) es un juego de identidades secretas de 3 a 8 jugadores (quizás el número idóneo sea 5-6 jugadores) y unos 15 minutos de duración creado por el autor ucraniano Alexander Ushan (que al menos en mi caso era un completo desconocido). El juego trae 240 cartas con el mismo reverso (210 cartas de ubicación y 30 de Espía), 30 bolsitas zip y un reglamento.

Las cartas de ubicación representan 30 localizaciones distintas (Avión, Embajada, Restaurante, Base Militar, Hospital, Colegio, Casino, Submarino, Teatro, Submarino, Supermercado, Carnaval…) con un colorido diseño y unas atractivas ilustraciones, que por otra parte son todo un acierto para el desarrollo del juego. El hecho, además, de que haya tantas garantiza una cierta rejugabilidad, lo cual es de agradecer. Ficha en Zacatrus! Save Money On Expensive Board Games With These Self-Printed Alternatives. Christmas is coming, and that means getting together with friends and family around a good board game.

Save Money On Expensive Board Games With These Self-Printed Alternatives

But board games can be expensive, and many of you will only play them once or twice at most. Instead of buying something new this Yuletide, how about printing your own instead? Here’s my pick of 5 awesome printable games to suit all tastes, mostly drawn from personal experience, and BoardGameGeek’s extensive list of Print and Play games. Be sure to check out Angela’s picks from February too, as none of these are repeated there. Cards Against Humanity A warped and decidedly adult version of the classic Apple to Apples, Cards Against Humanity is about as non-politically correct as they come. Sold for $60 on Amazon, you can download it from the official site (it’s Creative Commons Sharealike), and print for free on regular paper or card stock. Here’s an idea of the gameplay from Beer and Board Games. Zombie in my Pocket The Thing Decket Here’s a good video overview of the system.

Print & Play Games. At Quest Schools, Institute of Play game designers and curriculum specialists partner with teachers to design, produce, play-test and refine games and other learning materials that engage students in exciting new ways.

Print & Play Games

Since 2009, Institute of Play has developed over 70 original classroom games. Straight from the games library at Quest Schools, Print & Play Games are downloadable board-and-card or discussion-based games for grades 6-12. Games are designed to focus on concepts and skills that students have difficulty grasping, and align with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards as well as 21st century skills. Each game pack includes game materials, plus tools and resources for educators – roll-out tips, assessment guides, video tutorials and more.

The first two games are now available for free download, with more soon to come! Quest for the Open Tavern. Update: Version 2 The downloads for version 2 have been stripped down significantly in order to provide a consistent experience across all playtest groups.

Quest for the Open Tavern

To playtest Quest for the Open Tavern, you just need a single file. It can be found on: - The website or - Quest for the Open Tavern v2 Version 2 components: Version 2 being played: However, if you still want to check out some of the cool custom stuff we (and mostly Keith Swingruber) designed for version 1 of the PnP, here is a breakdown of those options: You'll note that in the files section of this page there are a LOT of downloads. PnP "packages" - Quest for the Open Tavern - All Print and Play Components: This pdf has EVERYTHING included. Quest for the Open Tavern - Print and Play Build Instructions: A handy guide for building the PnP components. Rules: - Quest for the Open Tavern - Rule Sheet: (2 pages or single page front and back) - Quest for the Open Tavern - Rule Booklet: (same size as a card (3.5" x 2.5"), fits in a tuck box)

CARTAS contra la HUMANIDAD - El Juego de mesa.