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Weather and Climate

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Weather Facts for kids. Water Cycle - Animation lesson for Kids What Is Climate? Weather is what the forecasters on the TV news predict each day.

What Is Climate?

They tell people about the temperature, cloudiness, humidity, and whether a storm is likely in the next few days. That’s weather! It is the mix of events that happens each day in our atmosphere. Weather is not the same everywhere. It may be hot and sunny in one part of the world, but freezing and snowy in another. Weather Wiz Kids weather information for kids. Question and Answers - Why Does It Rain - Tell Me Why - Kids Most Asked Why. Weather and Climate Difference ,Elements -Video lesson for kids. Weather. Weather Wiz Kids weather information for kids. Climate What is climate?

Weather Wiz Kids weather information for kids

Climate is the average weather usually taken over a 30-year time period for a particular region and time period. Climate is not the same as weather, but rather, it is the average pattern of weather for a particular region. Welcome to Web Weather for Kids. What is a Tornado? Facts & Information. What are hurricanes, typhoons and tropical cyclones?