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ABU DHABI. Refs sam. FreestyleXtreme United Kingdom. Creators - endemol beyond. #promotesupportprofessionalize More viewsand subscribers/More collaborations andrevenue opportunities/More resources, equipment,tools and techniques/More synergies withEndemol TV operations ready to#getbeyond?

Creators - endemol beyond

Expand your network andboost your name beyond YouTube/Get support from experiencedTV-professionals/Become a member of aninternational network, including stars suchas Pitbull or Michelle Phan! We make youeven stronger Mr. Mr Bean's ability to turn simple everyday tasks into chaotic situations will leave you in stitches as he creates havoc wherever he goes.

Over 1.7 million subscribers / 1.35 billion views Michelle Phan She is undoubtedly the queen of makeup, beauty and lifestyle. Over 7.7 million subscribers / 1.1 billion views Míster Jägger He has one the fastest growing entertainment channels in Spain. Over 600K subscribers / 45 million views. Objects - Infinite Objects. Miho Unexpected Things New Wall Decor items and gifts - MIHO UNEXPECTED SHOP. Zuloh - Miho Unexpected Things Disaster Franck Fisher Inch Blue Kids on Roof Deglingos Londji Olive Moss Snoozebaby - Zuloh, grab your style! What Every Musician Ought to Know About Stage Fright. iPad iPhone Music App: Yamaha TNR-e. Pixelstick - Light painting evolved. by Bitbanger Labs. What's "light painting"?

pixelstick - Light painting evolved. by Bitbanger Labs

In 1889, artist Georges Demeny created the first known light painting photograph, “Pathological Walk From in Front”, by attaching incandescent bulbs to his assistant’s clothing and taking a long exposure. The technique was groundbreaking and became the touchstone for 125 years of unique and compelling works of art. Photographers have since added colored lights and performed deft physical feats to capture interesting images, but the technology involved has remained remarkably similar to what Demeny used in that first image. Until today. Pixelstick Takes Your Light Painting Photography To Whole New Level. Light painting, that thing photographers do where they use long exposure photography to capture light movement, makes for some seriously gorgeous photographs.

Pixelstick Takes Your Light Painting Photography To Whole New Level

As you get more advanced, though, you begin to realize the limitations inherent in the medium, requiring you to come up with difficult out-of-the-box solutions to effectively get the results you dream about. Launchpad Mini USB MIDI Controller. We've been big fans of Novation's Launchpad ever since it came out a few years back.

Launchpad Mini USB MIDI Controller

It's fun, functional and those grid of lighted control pads just look pretty as heck. If there's any knock on the thing, in fact, it's just that it's a tad too big to comfortably carry around for on-the-go tactile music creation. The new Launchpad Mini offers a more compact, more portable alternative. Styled similar to the original Launchpad, it comes with the same grid of 64 light-up pads, along with multiple buttons lined up on the sides. Because everything was shrunk down in size, it's a little more crowded than the original. As with the original, you can use the Launchpad Mini's multiple three-color launch pads to trigger loops, sounds, effects, and your collection of cat noises similar to any music controller.

Goji Play Turns Cardio Machines Into Gaming Peripherals. Turning exercise into an entertaining game has been a fascination for many gadget and software manufacturers.

Goji Play Turns Cardio Machines Into Gaming Peripherals

Which is why we've had tons of products in the space, from gaming treadmills to Wii peripherals to Kinect's sports motion games. The Goji Play is one of the more interesting implementations we've seen of late, turning any erstwhile boring cardio equipment into an interactive game machine. Does this thing need to exist? Honestly, I think so. Unless you're doing intervals or some other high-intensity program (and unless you're a serious gym-rat, you're probably not), doing cardio on gym machines is one of the downright most boring things you can imagine.

Developed by the same guys behind Guitar Hero, the Goji Play consists of a wireless clip-on activity sensor and a pair of wireless controllers sized to fit into the handle of most standard cardio machines, including treadmills, ellipticals, and spin bikes. World's Fastest Rapper [Guinness Primetime] Sainsbury's Brings the Perfect Christmas to the Winning Street! Vyclone – friends, cameras, action. The Big Freeze 360 Player.

GoPro Hero 3 Wifi connectivity with an iPhone - Setup demo. GoPro Hero 3 Black Super One Button Mode. For GoPro Hero 3 Black cameras For use with the Controllers The Time Lapse Controller, Programmable Scheduler and Motion Detector products for the GoPro Hero 3 Black cameras are designed to turn on the camera automatically for time lapse photography or under the control of an external trigger.

GoPro Hero 3 Black Super One Button Mode

When the camera turns on, Super One Button Mode scripts can be executed to carry out one or more functions. The most common function is to simply take one photo, store it on the SD card, and turn off the camera as fast as possible. This allows the camera to run for days on the internal battery. The free Super One Button Mode scripts identified H3B only work with the Hero 3 Black camera and requires firmware version HD3.03.03.00, released July 29, 2013. There is a real possibility that a future GoPro firmware release will cause the scripts available on this page to not work. Some script functions are possible with the Hero 3 White and Hero 3 Silver cameras. Check Firmware Version. Timeslice Films. Aussie photographers make bullet-time light-painting video. You may have seen plenty of examples of The Matrix-style bullet-time videos, which can provide a unique photographic view of the passing of time.

Aussie photographers make bullet-time light-painting video

Land Rover in 360-degree bullet time. This seamless 360-degree bullet-time video for Land Rover shows the technique at its best.

Land Rover in 360-degree bullet time

(Screenshot by CBSi) Last year, we were wowed by this demonstration of light-painting captured in bullet-time photography. The Australian duo behind the creation, Splice Boys, have just unveiled their latest work. Painting with light and strobe bullet time. Check Out the Snapdragon Booth: A 130-Smartphone Matrix-Style Bullet Time Rig. In an attempt to show off just how powerful its Snapdragon 600 processors are, Qualcomm decided to go all Matrix on the people of Venice, CA and New York City.

Check Out the Snapdragon Booth: A 130-Smartphone Matrix-Style Bullet Time Rig

They did this by putting together an impressive 130-smartphone 540° bullet time photo booth using only HTC One smartphones. They call it the Snapdragon Booth, and like any photo booth, after it was set up it was just a matter of time before volunteers started using it. Of course, that’s where the similarities end, because the photo booth at your local theatre has nothing on Qualcomm’s creation.

The video at the top shows some of the shenanigans the Qualcomm folks got up to in Venice, CA. Everything from skateboarders doing tricks, to jumping dogs, to a little bit of Hadouken made it into the booth to get frozen in time. Snapdragon builds world’s first bullet time photo booth made from 130 HTC Ones. Back in 2000, the bullet-time special effect was all the rage.

Snapdragon builds world’s first bullet time photo booth made from 130 HTC Ones

Made famous by the Matrix in 1999 and found in countless video games and music videos thereafter (Creed’s “Higher” comes to mind), the effect could best be described as a virtual camera that spins around a subject in slow motion. Typically, this done during a kickass fight scene, gun action in mid-air, or anything else that considered “eXtreme” in ‘oo. Well, it looks like it’s making a comeback. To showcase the raw power of Qualcomm’s SoCs, the chipset maker built what they’re calling the Snapdragon Booth. REI 1440 Project - Celebrating every minute spent outside. Mitch Stratten Systems. Toshiba Timesculpture HD 1080p Crystal Castles Mitch Stratten. Frozen in 'bullet time' at Qualcomm's 130 HTC One slow-mo camera booth - Tech News.