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Korg Legacy Collection The ‘Legacy Collection’ bundle from Korg is an awesome set of virtual instruments! Korg has recreated some of their most beloved and classic synthesizers here as software plug-ins - the MS-20 mono-synth of the 1970's, the super fat Polysix analog synthesizer and the ground breaking Wavestation digital synthesizer. Using Korg's own CMT (Component /modeling Technology) these virtual instruments sound as good, if not better than the originals.

Innovative Designs For Eco-Friendly Business Cards Running a design business and writing for news organisations , I've always printed my own promo... Running a design business and writing for news organisations, I've always printed my own promotional cards using recycled papers. But printing in bulk is costly, especially with ink expenses and time. How do I recycle unwanted business cards?

Sound Quest Inc. Korg Wavestation Editor/Librarian and Virtualizer for Windows and Macintosh Sound Quest's Midi Quest multi-instrument editor/librarian gives you the tools to get the most from your Korg Wavestation. Midi Quest includes all of the standard features you would expect to find in a Wavestation Editor and Librarian along with unique capabilities found nowhere else. Getting Started With Foundation CSS Download and Install To get going with Foundation, simply download a default or custom CSS package from the download page. Download Foundation CSS Setting Up Your Project First, after you unzip the package, move the folder to your desired location and open it in a text editor. If you don't have one already, we use Sublime Text here at ZURB because it's very customizable, powerful, and simply rocks.

Essential Music App Features: Audio Copy & Audio Paste — iOS Music And You The world of iOS music apps is still fairly young, a fact that presents many advantages and some distinct drawbacks. On the positive side of the equation, there’s an unrestrained sense of vibrancy and creativity in the rapid flow of new apps, delivering different ideas that inspire musicians to new heights. Since there’s not one set way of doing things, developers approach the act of making music from a number of creative angles. On the other side of the story, there’s a serious lack of standardization in the music section of the app store. When a musician makes a purchase, there’s no guarantee that the app they are buying will have all the features that they need. The exciting stream of new musical thought has been an intriguing part of the iOS music world, but the lack of predictability among features has been frustrating.

How To Create A Parallax Scrolling Website The trend for parallax scrolling in modern websites shows no signs of stopping. As a technique it has been used by games designers and other artists for many years, and has only in the last two years taken off as a popular way for web developers to show off their skills and get creative. What exactly is it? In short, parallax scrolling creates the illusion of depth in a 2D environment by moving two or more objects simultaneously at different velocities. Occasionally confusion occurs when bloggers label scroll triggered animation as 'parallax' but whilst this can provide a similar experience, it is not technically the same.

Sonoma Wire Works - FourTrack Multitrack Recorder for iOS Record Music Anywhere FourTrack multitrack audio recorder is a songwriting and practice tool for singers, guitar players, piano players, and others who want to capture musical ideas and record songs on iPhone and iPod touch. Record with FourTrack in 3 steps: Arm Record Repeat Watch a demo video 10 pro After Effects tips With the arrival of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, more designers than ever have access to After Effects. We’ve rounded up 10 brilliant tips for the motion graphics software from the experts who use it daily. Enjoy! Also read: