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Tales Of The Otherworld: Discover Nikolai Lockertsen And His Amazingly Painted Artworks. Design you trust Tales Of The Otherworld: Discover Nikolai Lockertsen And His Amazingly Painted Artworks Follow us on Facebook: Nikolai Lockertsen is from Moss, a city close to Oslo, Norway.

Tales Of The Otherworld: Discover Nikolai Lockertsen And His Amazingly Painted Artworks

The works presented in this column are part of his portfolio, and besides being a very excellent artist, Nikko is also lead Art Director at Storm Studios, a big Oslo-based VFX (Visual effects) post production firm. h/t: writeca Nikolai indicates he’s at the moment also part of another project called Procreate, a painting-app that allows artists to work on ultra-high definition images. By Taboola by Taboola Sponsored Links Sponsored Links Promoted Links Promoted Links You May Like Pixel Joint Forum: The Pixel Art Tutorial. V.

Pixel Joint Forum: The Pixel Art Tutorial

Creating a palette: When should I worry about colors? Well essentially what it comes down to is, what colors does the piece need to have? Then, as I go, how far can I get with those (until of course I need to add more shades). That's when the mixing occurs. This is a common method of creating a palette for a piece. Animation Backgrounds. Cartoon Sprites FX (Smoke) (Sprites) Description: This game asset for game developers, or indie game developers which want to add the animated effects to the game.

Cartoon Sprites FX (Smoke) (Sprites)

The game asset is made with 100% vector. You can edit it with Adobe Illustrator. Best for action, shooting, adventure and other game. Contains: Total Sprites: 20AI Folder: Vector Shape Layers (Adobe Illustrator v.10)EPS Folder: Vector Shape Layers (EPS v.10)PNG Folder: PNG Sequences with Alpha ChannelSprite Sheets Folder: PNG with Alpha ChannelPixel Dimensions: 512×512 px View article –


Chris Sanders - חיפוש ב-Google. Marvel Heroes as Drawn by Bruce Timm. VFX REEL 2014. 100 Studio Ghibli wallpapers. Preston Blair - Advanced Animation by Black Rider. FX on Pinterest. Pirate Fashions - Authentic Clothing, Costumes N' Weapons fer Pirates, Wenches, Privateers N' Bucaneers. Muzzle flashes & gun fire in After Effects by Rich Young. - free Video, Sound FX, Textures, Photos. Free HD Effects for Download. The illusion of life. Three short stories that take place during the sunset.

The illusion of life

Tragically, it's going to be the very last sunset experience for all of the main characters involved.Animation, Directing, Film2013 Playatta’s mission is to bring pure, simple FUN to any event. I tried to bring the same kind of things to this animation. Versiones ilustradas de Princesas Disney. Versiones ilustradas de Princesas Disney Agosto llega a su fin y parece que el verano también termina, pero aunque no tengamos mucha actividad, seguimos aquí!!!

Versiones ilustradas de Princesas Disney

Es por ello que llevo unos días preparando esta entrada. Me encanta el mundo Disney y alguna vez he publicado en la página de facebook alguna versión ilustrada de Princesas Disney. El otro día moviéndome la curiosidad encontré un montón de versiones Disney, y de ilustradores como la copa de un pino! Así que he decidido enseñaros un surtido variado de todas ellas.

The Original Star Wars Concept Art Is Amazing. Animation&effect_x on Pinterest. La Pompadour on Pinterest. Art directing effects for inFAMOUS: Second Son. In Sucker Punch Productions’ PS4 open world game inFAMOUS Second Son, players control character Delsin Rowe, a Conduit who is able to summon superhuman powers from his environment and other Conduits.

Art directing effects for inFAMOUS: Second Son

In order to realize the necessary particle effects for the game’s signature smoke and neon powers, Sucker Punch relied on a powerful expression-based particle editor and advancements in lighting and real-time curl noise generation. We talk to senior visual effects artist Matt Vainio about the artistry, tools and techniques behind the work. Neon powers concept. fxg: There’s a distinctive look to the powers in this game – how did you approach the art direction of them? Vainio: From the very beginning, one of the pieces of art direction we had was to make the powers feel like another character in the game. Smoke: dash concept. fxg: How did that manifest itself into actual concepts? Even for smoke, we didn’t want it to waft away continually all the time. Particle mesh emitter. Keyframe editor. Brittney Lee. Lorelay Bove.

Motion Graphics

500 Storyboard Tutorials & Resources. Once the script is written – how do you effective communicate the visual direction of your film?

500 Storyboard Tutorials & Resources

The answer is storyboards – essentially a scene-by-scene visual guide to the screenplay of the film. Storyboards are a vital part of the pre-visualization process, as well as being an important tool for preproduction and on the set. Developed in the 1930s by Walt Disney company for their animated cartoons, they grew in popularity during the early 40s. Storyboarding a film can be as simple as crudely drawn stick figures or advanced as elaborate 3D animatics with lens and motion simulators. Here are over 500 storyboarding tutorials, resources and tools to help you better communicate your vision. Claire Keane — My early visual development for Frozen. In this... Raiponce. רפרנסים לאנימטורים. מאמרים וספרים אונליין.