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Professional Archival, Bookbinding, Conservation and Restoration Supplies

Professional Archival, Bookbinding, Conservation and Restoration Supplies

Blackfoot Indians (Blackfeet, Siksika) Blackfoot chief Father and son Is the name of the tribe "Blackfoot" or "Blackfeet"? Where did this name come from? "Blackfoot" is the English translation of the word siksika, which means "black foot." It refers to the dark colored moccasins the people wear. Some Blackfoot people are annoyed by the plural "Blackfeet," which is obviously an anglicization. Where do the Blackfeet Indians live? How is the Blackfeet Indian nation organized? In the past, the Piikani, Kainai, and Siksika Nations were each led by a council of chiefs, one from each clan. What is the population of the Blackfoot nation? What language do the Blackfeet speak? What was Blackfoot culture like in the past? Sponsored Links How do Blackfoot Indian children live, and what did they do for recreation? What were Blackfoot men and women's roles? What were Blackfoot homes like in the past? What was Blackfoot clothing like? What was Blackfoot transportation like in the days before cars? What are Blackfoot arts and crafts like?

HRI Rugs - Harounian Rugs International Home-made Coconut Oil Deodorant Photo by KerryAnn Foster by KerryAnn FosterCooking Traditional Foods Of all of the body products I have made at home, coconut oil deodorant has made me the happiest. I was thrilled to be able to get away from the paraben and aluminum-filled commercial deodorants but still find something that works well. I’ve used this deodorant and it has worked wonderfully well for everything except the heaviest of manual labor days spent mucking out the coops or clearing brush. I like to use citrus essential oils to scent my deodorant, but lavender or rose are also popular choices among women. If you like your deodorant to be thicker, or you need extra absorbing power, you can add extra baking soda or cornstarch. If you like a lighter deodorant, you can transfer the mixture to a bowl and use a stand mixer or hand mixer to whip air in as the coconut oil cools and hardens. Most people report that this recipe keeps them odor-free all day, regardless of their activity level. Homemade Deodorant

Age Exchange - Internationally Renowned for Work in all Areas of Reminiscence Cooling and Heating Equations Sensible Heat The sensible heat in a heating or cooling process of air (heating or cooling capacity) can be expressed as hs = 1.08 q dt (1) where hs = sensible heat (Btu/hr) q = air volume flow (cfm, cubic feet per minute) dt = temperature difference (oF) Latent Heat The latent heat due to moisture in the air can be expressed as: hl = 0.68 q dwgr (2) or hl = 4,840 q dwlb (3) where hl= latent heat (Btu/hr) q = air volume flow (cfm, cubic feet per minute) dwgr = humidity ratio difference (grains water/lb dry air) dwlb = humidity ratio difference (lb water/lb dry air) 1 grain = 0.000143 lb = 0.0648 g Total Heat - Latent and Sensible Heat Total heat due to both temperature and moisture can be expressed as: ht = 4.5 q dh (4) where ht= total heat (Btu/hr) q = air volume flow (cfm, cubic feet per minute) dh = enthalpy difference (btu/lb dry air) Total heat can also be expressed as: ht = hs + hl = 1.08 q dt + 0.68 q dwgr (5) Example - Heating Air An air flow of one cfm is heated from 32 to 52oF. where

How To Build Your Own Tablet Stylus Advertisement Steve Jobs was quite right when he said “If you see a stylus, they blew it.” While a good touchscreen should never require you to use a stylus for standard operations, there are tasks when using your fingers is a bit awkward. You can find a large selection of tablet styluses online and many are very cheap. Building your own stylus is easy, fun, and you must likely have all the materials at home already. Here is a suggested list of ingredients: old penwire, e.g. from an old electric cablesoft conductive material, e.g. household foama pair of scissors or a cutter So here is what I did. Then I disassembled an old plastic pen. I used wire with about 2.5 times the length of the pen and wrapped it around the foam… …and tested the raw stylus on my tablet to make sure it works. Next, I pulled the wire with its end first through the narrow tip of the pen and wrapped the wire around the outside of the pen, all the way to the bottom. To make it look a little nicer, I trimmed the tip.

Global Dynamics Processes: the Pattern which Connects from KaliYuga to Tao Find Tree Service & Tree Removal Service Companies for Tree Work DIY Gifts: Make Your Own Tile Coasters - Blog - Home - impulsesave These coasters are the perfect customized gift! Creative and thoughtful protection for their coffee table - and super cheap! A set of six will cost you less than $10! What you will need: 6 4x4 plain tiles. They are $0.16 each! Start by making sure your tiles are clean, then start Modge podging! The trick with the Modge lodge itself is to smooth from the center put to avoid bubbles. Once they dry, spray two coats of the finish gloss on the top,making sure the first coat dries completely before you spray a second time! Lastly, apply the felt pads to the bottom to make sure it doesn't scratch your table and you're good to go! Personlize them with messages, pictures or patterns for the most unique coasters!

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