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Common core math

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Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. What Happened to Math Class? I recently facilitated this information sessions for parents and educators to help them understand the changes in mathematics education and had the session recorded so I could share it with you.

What Happened to Math Class?

Below are resources (websites, articles, etc.) you may find helpful. Feel free to share the link to this page with parents, colleagues, administrators, and anyone else you think might be interested. Thanks. Best regards, Mike These sites are loaded with great math tasks, articles, blogs, videos, and resources to support you and the learning of the students you support. These are just a few of my favorite math games to play with students and adults. These articles address a lot of the common challenges families face when making sense of the changes in mathematics education. Common Core Math is Not the Enemy — Math Memoirs. Why you hate it and why we need new perspective in education We are not computers.

Common Core Math is Not the Enemy — Math Memoirs

We are not machines. Robertkaplinsky. The Elusive Search for Balance - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. By Matt Larson, NCTM PresidentFebruary 20, 2017 In a recent President’s blog post on the need to make homework comprehensible, I referred to the Fordham Institute Report, Common Core Math in the K–8 Classroom: Results from a National Survey. The report offers another interesting finding: “The math wars aren’t over.” The authors of the report observe, “The Common Core math standards seek to bring a peaceful end to the ‘math wars’ of recent years by requiring equal attention to conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application (applying math to real-world problems).

Yet striking that balance has not been easy. TEDxOrangeCoast - Matthew Peterson - Teaching Without Words. Commoncoretools. You may have noticed that I am back to publishing regular blog posts!


My goal for now is a blog post every second Wednesday. I am now also trying to answer forum questions promptly. I want to thank the readers who took up the slack for the last year and a half in answering questions in the forums. Multiplication commutativity and meaning. HArmful Effects of Teaching Algorithms. Levels of Convincing - Robert Kaplinsky. If you think others need to see this, share it on one of the sites below by clicking on the button.

Levels of Convincing - Robert Kaplinsky

I recently attended a full day workshop with Jo Boaler where she shared a different way of thinking about convincing someone from Thinking Mathematically by J. Mason, L. Burton, and K. Stacey. Robertkaplinsky. Does Common Core Math expect memorization? As a chubby girl at Treakle Elementary School (Mom said it was just “baby fat”), one thing I remember having to do was memorize my times tables.

Does Common Core Math expect memorization?

My well-meaning Dad and I sat at our kitchen table after dinner as he called out multiplication problems to me at lightning speed: six times six, twelve times eleven, eight times nine, ten times three. On and on it went. When I got one wrong (aargh!) , he went back to it again (and again). Unnerving, to be sure, but I felt great pride at (eventually) memorizing the entire lot and I relished the ritual that Dad and I shared as Mom finished the dishes and my near-teen sister chatted forever on the phone.

Content and Language Objectives using the Standards for Mathematical Practice. If you think others need to see this, share it on one of the sites below by clicking on the button.

Content and Language Objectives using the Standards for Mathematical Practice

Math content and language objectives can be challenging to create, especially when you don’t want to explicitly tell students what they will be learning at the beginning. Additionally, if your school is using the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) model, content and language objectives are required for every lesson. Fortunately, the Common Core State Standards’ Standards for Mathematical Practice are a valuable resource to use when creating content and language objectives. The list below (which is downloadable as a printable PDF using the “Download PDF” button towards the bottom of the page) separates content and language objectives and lists the math practice standard it came from in parenthesis. SWBAT analyze givens, constraints, relationships, and goals. Download PDF. More Resources Needed for 'Teacher-Friendly' Math PD. Series – Achieve the Core Aligned Materials. Part 1 Details Louisiana's instructional materials review process The Shifts are a powerful frame to help drive understanding of the Common Core Part 2 Selecting and training the review team.

Series – Achieve the Core Aligned Materials

What Isn't Mathematical Modeling? - Robert Kaplinsky. If you think others need to see this, share it on one of the sites below by clicking on the button.

What Isn't Mathematical Modeling? - Robert Kaplinsky

Many teachers reading the Standards for Mathematical Practice are confused by what “Model with Mathematics” (Math Practice 4) means. I define mathematical modeling as the process of taking an often real-world context, turning it into something you can manipulate with mathematics, and then returning to the context with the new knowledge. For example if you want to figure out how many stars there are in the universe, mathematical modeling involves creating a representation, or mathematical model, for approximating the number of stars. This is often the hardest part of the process, as once you have your model you can figure out the answer.

However, without the model, there are no numbers to calculate. Fortunately, the California Mathematics Framework Chapters is out and the chapter on mathematical modeling has a very helpful section called “What isn’t mathematical modeling?” Math Fluency Across the Grades (June 2017 Webinar) How do the Common Core Math, ELA, and Next Gen Science Standards Overlap? – Robert Kaplinsky. If you think others need to see this, share it on one of the sites below by clicking on the button.

How do the Common Core Math, ELA, and Next Gen Science Standards Overlap? – Robert Kaplinsky

I wanted to share a resource from Tina Cheuk out of the Understanding Language department at Stanford University who created a very useful graphic organizer to show that the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have significant overlap and can be collectively implemented for students’ benefit. The three lists below show student expectations for CCSS English Language Arts, NGSS Practice Standards, and CCSS Mathematics Practice Standards. The thought of incorporating and implementing each of the lists separately may seem daunting. Mathematical Habits of Mind. We all have them, some good and some bad.

Mathematical Habits of Mind

We pick them up from friends, family, and even strangers. But we may not recall who we picked them up from or when they began. Why Writing About Math Is The Best Part Of Common Core. Nctm. How Much Freedom Should A Teacher Have? How Much Freedom Should A Teacher Have? By Grant Wiggins, Ed.D Ed note: On May 26, 2015, Grant Wiggins passed away. NCSM - Overview. I Don’t Teach First Grade; I Teach Mathematics. By Claire Riddell, posted July 5, 2016 — While teaching first grade, I sought out a partnership with a fifth-grade teacher to co-teach some math lessons in both of our classes. This partnership was not required by an administrator or a district initiative; instead it came from our mutual desire to understand mathematics and pedagogy before and after our respective grade levels. After experiencing just a few lessons in fifth grade, I realized that this partnership was opportunity to see into the future. Beyond Working Hard: What Growth Mindset Teaches Us About Our Brains.

Growth mindset has become a pervasive theme in education discussions in part because of convincing research by Stanford professor Carol Dweck and others that relatively low-impact interventions on how a student thinks about himself as a learner can have big impacts on learning. Tcm2014 08 18a. (2016.06.23)%20Common%20Core%20Math%20in%20the%20K%E2%80%938%20Classroom%20 %20Results%20from%20a%20National%20Teacher%20Survey. What Exactly Is Understanding. WeAreTeachers - If you're totally exhausted from talking... Dan Meyer's Three-Act Math Tasks. Math Teaching Resources for K-5 Classrooms. Illustrative Mathematics. Illuminations. LearnZillion. Common Core Map. The Math Forum @ Drexel University.

Mathlanding Educator Review. Learning Scores. Math Programs: How They Rate on Common-Core Alignment. Based on market share and states’ recommendations, selected 20 math instructional series to review for common-core alignment. Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers.