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Mindtouch Core - DEAD

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Core and Platform: ‘This is the End, Beautiful Friend’ With the exception of existing customers, MindTouch will no longer support or maintain Core or Platform.

Core and Platform: ‘This is the End, Beautiful Friend’

If you are an existing customer of MindTouch Platform, this year—2013—will be your last opportunity to renew Platform, MindTouch will support and maintain your deployment for the full annual term and all future purchases of licenses will have to be of our current product. While those existing customer of Platform can renew this year, or buy a perpetual license, I encourage you to upgrade to our latest version, which is cloud only, literally two orders of magnitude more performant, more secure and just generally a much better product. MindTouch Core, the free and open source version, was originally released in July, 2006. That early release was a prototype of what was to come. A year later Core was ranked one of the most popular open source projects in the world by In 2008, MindTouch introduced a commercial version we named Platform. MindTouch Core - LIMSWiki.

MindTouch Core (also known as MindTouch, and formerly known as MindTouch DekiWiki and MindTouch Deki) is an open-source web-based collaboration and content management application, developed by MindTouch, Inc. and community contributors.

MindTouch Core - LIMSWiki

It is divided into a PHP-driven front end and a C#-driven API, which is itself built on a service layer called DReAM. Both the front end and the API are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, while the DReAM service layer is released under the Apache License. MindTouch packages proprietary connectors on top of the open-source Core edition to provide a commercial version of their software, currently branded "MindTouch TCS," which is commercially supported.[2][3] Product history The application was originally known as DekiWiki, and was first released by MindTouch, Inc. in June 2006 as a fork of MediaWiki.

Later in 2009, the name of the application was changed again, to "MindTouch Core" or just "MindTouch". Features Further reading. MindTouch. MindTouch is a commercial, cloud-delivered web platform for knowledge collaboration and multi-channel delivery of customer support documentation.


It is produced by MindTouch, Inc., an American company based in San Diego, California. MindTouch 4[edit] MindTouch 4 is the current major version of the software service. MindTouch 4 powers customer support websites that provide customers with content, such as articles and videos, to learn more about an enterprise's products and resolve issues they may be having with them. The software also attempts to dissuade customers from filing support tickets by guiding customers to the most relevant content on the site.[1] MindTouch is considered a "multi-channel" platform,[2] since content can not only be consumed on MindTouch powered websites, but also in other sites and services via a RESTful API and embedded contextual help system.[3] CRM integration[edit] Release cycle[edit] MindTouch. MindTouch (frmly deki wiki) Resource Center. Great companies are made by happy customers.

Resource Center

Create user advocates and product experts with MindTouch®. Millions use our software every day. Product Documentation White Papers and Articles 2 Easy Steps Toward a Customer Experience Victory Over Brand Bashing & “Badvocacy”: Leveraging Product Help onto the Customer Experience Frontline: Last year only 1% of consumers surveyed reported that their expectations for a good customer experience were always met.

Tool Kits Socializing Content Management- CCMS Toolkit : This kit combines relevant white papers, case studies and articles regarding adding MindTouch to your CCMS investment to create a socially enabled publishing end point for your product and knowledge-base documentation. Case Studies Case Study: D-Tools System Integration Software D-Tools is a leader in easy-to use, highly accurate system design software. Videos and Feature Tours MindTouch Product Tour : watch an abbreviated guided tour of MindTouch. Resource Center.