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Conflict of interest. The presence of a conflict of interest is independent of the occurrence of impropriety. Therefore, a conflict of interest can be discovered and voluntarily defused before any corruption occurs. A widely used definition is: "A conflict of interest is a set of circumstances that creates a risk that professional judgement or actions regarding a primary interest will be unduly influenced by a secondary interest. "[1] Primary interest refers to the principal goals of the profession or activity, such as the protection of clients, the health of patients, the integrity of research, and the duties of public office. Secondary interest includes not only financial gain but also such motives as the desire for professional advancement and the wish to do favours for family and friends, but conflict of interest rules usually focus on financial relationships because they are relatively more objective, fungible, and quantifiable.

Related to the practice of law[edit] Organizational[edit] Types[edit] Common Core State Standards Initiative | Home. PBS/WNET took money for pension coverage, now check out the Gates Foundation and the Common Core. Feb 16 jonpeltoCommon Core, Education Reform, Public Broadcasting Service, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Teaching Channel Common Core, Corporate Education Reform Industry, David Sirota, Public Broadcasting Service, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Teaching Channel David Sirota’s recent series of investigative articles about the extraordinary conflict of interest displayed by the Public Broadcasting Service and WNET has sent shock-waves through across the country. Sirota’s articles include; The Wolf of Sesame Street responds to Pando – much bark, no bite, still stonewallingThe Wolf of Sesame Street: Revealing the secret corruption inside PBS’s news divisionWhy won’t PBS release details of its $3.5m deal with a billionaire?

Here’s a possible answer.BREAKING: PBS to return John Arnold’s $3.5 million, following Pando exposéHow PBS is becoming the Plutocratic Broadcasting Service Thanks to an email from a Wait, What? So who is the Teaching Channel? How PBS is becoming the Plutocratic Broadcasting Service. By David Sirota On February 13, 2014 [Update 14th Feb 2014: Following Pando's exposé, PBS has announced it will return John Arnold's $3.5m donation.]

Just a few hours after anti-pension billionaire John Arnold responded to Pando’s exclusive story about media corruption, public broadcasting officials have now issued their own response – and like Arnold, they are stonewalling. Meanwhile, new questions are being raised about the larger pattern this scandal seems to embody. Taking the “public” out of PBS In its response to proof that they violated PBS’s own rules about conflicts of interest, WNET officials said only that “we are scrupulous about our editorial objectivity.” WNET officials also once again refused to address questions about why they did not explicitly disclose Arnold’s funding of the pension programming. PBS rules prohibit corporate, political or ideological interests from financing programming that directly involves those interests’ agendas.

Putting the “plutocratic” into PBS. Mercedes Schneider Explains: Who Paid for the Common Core Standards | Diane Ravitch. Mercedes Schneider has undertaken an immense task. She decided to spend her free time -- when she is not teaching -- trying to figure out how much the Gates Foundation paid various organizations to write, develop, implement, promote, and advocate for the Common Core standards. This is a herculean job because the foundation has been so free-handed with its money. To its credit, the Gates Foundation has a website that enables researchers to identify their grants over time. At a certain point, as you go through the list of who got how much money to "promote" the CCSS, you start to wonder "who DIDN'T get Gates money? " This is her first post, where she shows that the Gates Foundation underwrote the organizations writing the Common Core standards: the National Governors Association, Student Achievement Partners (David Coleman), the Council of Chief State School Officers, and Achieve.

The fourth post lists 16 universities that received Gates' funding to promote CCSS. Schneider writes: TN Student Speaks Out About Common Core, Teacher Evaluations, and Educational Data. Parent Arrested from Common Core Meeting in Baltimore County MD. Het boerenverstand zegt: fraude en manipulatie - ECONOMIE. 09-11-13 09:04 uur - Bron: Het Parool © Floris Lok Wie beloning verwart met doel, kan het gekkenhuis in Deze week debatteerde de Tweede Kamer over de onderwijsbegroting. Ik ben niet onder de indruk van het wereldbeeld dat onder de Haagse kaasstolp ligt te verspochten, maar moest donderdag tot mijn vreugde constateren dat zelfs Kamerleden soms over boerenverstand beschikken.

Bussemaker en Dekker moesten namelijk twee keer bakzeil halen bij hun poging om het Nederlandse basisonderwijs verder te vertoetsen. Maar daarmee is de kous wat mij betreft niet af. Wat gebeurt als je basisscholen voorschrijft dat zij de gemiddelde Cito-score moeten verhogen en hun financiering daarvan afhankelijk maakt? De Volkskrant gaf er donderdag een fraai staaltje van. Het kwalijkst is de categoriefout die aan de toetsfetisj ten grondslag ligt. Dat is niet verontrustend, dat is desastreus. (Ewald Engelen)

Het onderwijspamflet van Ewald Engelen: 'Milde meritocratie'. Redactie Follow the Money FTM-columnist Ewald Engelen bepleitte vijf jaar geleden in het pamflet ‘Milde meritocratie’ de onderwijskundige revolutie die nu eindelijk staat te gebeuren. Uit 2008 alweer, een onderwijspamflet van de hand van FTM columnist Ewald Engelen, geboren uit zijn vaderlijke ervaringen met een dochter die vermalen dreigde te worden in het CITO geweld waarmee bestuurlijk Nederland de onderwijsproblemen te lijf meent te moeten gaan. Dat pamflet krijgt hier op Follow the Money een welverdiende ‘new lease on life‘ omdat de sterren op dit moment allemaal op een lijn lijken te staan. Deze week hebben zowel WRR als Onderwijsraad afstand genomen van de eenzijdige cognitieve oriëntatie die het Nederlandse onderwijs de afgelopen decennia heeft gekregen.

Milde meritocratie bepleitte vijf jaar geleden al dezelfde onderwijskundige revolutie die de WRR en de Onderwijsraad voorstaan. Common Core. Common Core Comes to Town | AntiCorruption Society. By AL Whitney (C) copyright 2013 Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and the AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged The following information applies to all states that have signed on to the Common Core State Standards.

While the following revelations are about Ohio, the plot is the same in other states as well. In the Common Core State Standard (CCSS) system, children are to be indoctrinated, tested and then statistically categorized as human resources for their “value-added” to the system. Market-oriented education reform refers to a series of CCSS initiatives that include educator evaluations based in large part on student standardized test scores. Top-down pressure from federal education policies, with deliberately misleading names such as Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind (bolstered by organized advocacy efforts), is making a set of market-oriented (“value added”) education reforms look more like the new status quo than real reform.

Resources: Related. Major Corporations Fighting Common Core Backlash. I am not happy with the way that Common Core was developed. Very few people were involved in this effort to develop national standards. Once a document was in hand, the Obama administration made adoption of the standards a condition of eligibility for participation in its $4.35 billion Race to the Top.

Since then, adoption of the CCSS has become a condition to receive waivers from Arne Duncan from the nutty demand by NCLB for 100% proficiency by 2014–or else. The Gates Foundation underwrote their development, their promotion, and almost every aspect of the CCSS. As Mercedes Schneider has documented again and again on her blog, it is hard to find a national organization that has not received millions of dollars from the Gates Foundation to support the standards. There is now a price being paid in state after state for this top-down, non-democratic creation of “national standards.” Now we learn from Education Week that major corporations are going all out to promote the standards. Arne Duncan tells newspaper editors how to report on Common Core. Arne Duncan (Jacquelyn Martin/AP) It seems that a big part of Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s job now is giving impassioned defenses of the Common Core State Standards, which he did Tuesday to a convention of American news editors (some of whom may not have even known it needed defending).

A few months ago, Duncan told Chamber of Commerce leaders that they had to be more supportive of the Common Core because it was coming under withering attack from the left and right, and some states were reconsidering implementing the standards. On Tuesday, he gave another defense to the editors as well as some tips on how to report the story: So do the reporting. And he went after Core critics, saying that they were at best misinformed and at worst laboring under paranoid delusions. The Common Core has become a rallying cry for fringe groups that claim it is a scheme for the federal government to usurp state and local control of what students learn.

Evidence? Secretary Duncan, You Can’t Handle the Evidence – Secretary of Education Arne Duncan appears now to be assuming the mantle of self-righteous indignation—a tenuous perch for someone who is leading a field in which he has no experience or expertise. As Valerie Strauss has reported, Duncan this summer lambasted news editors, berating them for failing to demand evidence for claims against Common Core. Duncan, first, is striking an insincere pose that manufactures a false universe in which only evidence-based support for CC and Tea Party railings against CC exist.

This conveniently ignores the growing legions of educators, academics, and scholars who reject CC, and actually have the evidence. Since Duncan is demanding evidence, it is high time he practices what he preaches (let’s all pause here because that strikes me as a bit of lunacy, in fact, to expect a political appointee to live by the rules he imposes on others).

Evidence? Secretary Duncan, you can’t handle the evidence. For Further Reading, Secretary Duncan: Bruce Baker and Kevin G.