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Ferrite core

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Magnetics - Designing with Magnetic Cores at High Temperatures. IGBT Part MFG & Pricing Catalog (Page 1) - Buy Parts - Ferrite Core. Ferrite Cores XIANGYING ferrite cores are widely used in HDTV , DVD, PC, tele-communication equipment and many kinds of transformers such as switch transformers, FBT pulse transformers, driving transformers and electronic inductor etc.

Ferrite Core

We are now producing 16 series of ferrite cores. We can make the ferrite cores according to the drawing and magnetic characteristics supplied by clients. All the ferrite cores are ISO9002 quality assured. 16 series of Mn-Zn ferrite cores we are now producing. Zhongde electronics co.,ltd. - Products. Ferrite Cores - Ferrite Toroids,Ferrite Pot Cores and Ferrite Shapes (E,I,U,EFD,ETD,EER,EC,UR,ER) and Hardware. Magnetics® soft ferrite cores are an oxide made from Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), and Zinc (Zn) which are commonly referred to as manganese zinc ferrites.

Ferrite Cores - Ferrite Toroids,Ferrite Pot Cores and Ferrite Shapes (E,I,U,EFD,ETD,EER,EC,UR,ER) and Hardware

They have a low coercivity and are also known as soft magnetic ferrites. Because of their comparatively low losses at high frequencies, they are extensively used in switched-mode power supply (SMPS) and radio frequency (RF) transformers and inductors. EMI Filtering - Split Ferrites, Flat Cable Ferrites, Round Ferrite Cores, Wound Beads, Ferrite Plates, Finemet Cores, Oval Cores, Low Cut Cores, Absorbing Sheets, Ferrite Design Kit. Dexter Magnetic Technologies - TDK Ferrite Cores for Power Applications,Power Supply Cores,Power Supply & Signal Transformers. Coilcraft - RF chip inductor, power inductor, power magnetics, and other inductors. Inductor Ferrite Core Epcos (TDK) Parts - Avnet Express.

Search Results - Ferrites and Accessories - Product Parameter - Product Search - EPCOS AG. Permeability (electromagnetism) A closely related property of materials is magnetic susceptibility, which is a measure of the magnetization of a material in addition to the magnetization of the space occupied by the material.

Permeability (electromagnetism)

In electromagnetism, the auxiliary magnetic field H represents how a magnetic field B influences the organization of magnetic dipoles in a given medium, including dipole migration and magnetic dipole reorientation. Its relation to permeability is In general, permeability is not a constant, as it can vary with the position in the medium, the frequency of the field applied, humidity, temperature, and other parameters.

In a nonlinear medium, the permeability can depend on the strength of the magnetic field. Permeability as a function of frequency can take on real or complex values. B is related to the Lorentz force on a moving charge q: H is related to the magnetic dipole density. Where μ0 = 4π × 10−7 N A−2. Magnetisation curve for ferromagnets (and ferrimagnets) and corresponding permeability where . Magnetic core. The use of a magnetic core can enormously concentrate the strength and increase the effect of magnetic fields produced by electric currents and permanent magnets.

Magnetic core

The properties of a device will depend crucially on the following factors: In many applications it is undesirable for the core to retain magnetization when the applied field is removed. This property, called hysteresis can cause energy losses in applications such as transformers. Therefore 'soft' magnetic materials with low hysteresis, such as silicon steel, rather than the 'hard' magnetic materials used for permanent magnets, are usually used in cores.

Commonly used structures[edit] Air core[edit] Straight cylindrical rod[edit] The presence of the high permeability core increases the inductance but the field must still spread into the air at the ends of the rod. Single "I" core[edit] Like a cylindrical rod but square, rarely used on its own. "C" or "U" core[edit]

Core Ray Electronics Co., Ltd. Magnetic compound,magnetic strip,magnetic sheet,magnetic strip,magnetic paper,ferro sheet. Magnet-tech offer MnZn core MnZn ferrite NiZn core soft ferrite core metallic powder core iron powder core. EE Soft Ferrite Core, EE MnZn Ferrite Core, EE Ferrite Core. Ferrite Core , SMD Power Inductor , Power transformer . Mn-Zn , Ni-Zn material , EMI filter,Coils , DC-DC converter core , Lan transformer core , made in Taiwan.