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Gregory Dow case: How one woman pursued justice in U.S. and Kenya for child victims of sex crimes. Who is God?! Trevor Noah puts Charlamagne in his place. 38 Beautiful Holy Sites Around the World. The global spread of the coronavirus has disrupted travel.

38 Beautiful Holy Sites Around the World

Stay up to date on the science behind the outbreak Get inspired with a visit to these sacred spaces. For millennia, humans across religions and belief systems have built architectural wonders to honor higher powers. Using the finest materials and painstaking details, these buildings serve as powerful locations for religious ceremonies, while allowing travelers to discover insight into the local culture and history. How White Evangelical Christians Fused With Trump Extremism. A group called the Jericho March, which has led a series of demonstrations for “election integrity,” held five days of events in Washington that culminated on Wednesday.

How White Evangelical Christians Fused With Trump Extremism

Last month the group, which included speakers like Mr. Metaxas and Michael T. Flynn, Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, marched around the Capitol seven times, modeling their protest on a biblical battle in which the Israelites marched around the city of Jericho until its walls crumbled, letting their armies take the city. Earlier this week, when Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, was arrested in Washington on suspicion of burning a Black Lives Matter banner torn from a historic Black church, his supporters raised more than $100,000 for his legal defense on a Christian fund-raising platform called GiveSendGo. Pro-mask or anti-mask? Your moral beliefs probably predict your stance. Governments around the world have recommended or mandated various behaviors to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Pro-mask or anti-mask? Your moral beliefs probably predict your stance

These include staying at home, wearing face masks and practicing social distancing. Yet individuals continue to flout these recommendations and ignore explicit rules about wearing face masks. What Day of the Dead tells us about the Aztec philosophy of happiness. Growing up in the United States, I remember on Halloween my mother used to say, “Honey, this is not just a day for costumes and candy.

What Day of the Dead tells us about the Aztec philosophy of happiness

You must also remember your relatives. Know their names.” She would show me pictures of great-aunts, uncles and other deceased relatives. Meanwhile, my family members in Mexico observed Day of the Dead, a national holiday that is celebrated from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2. With 9 new electors, Pope Francis remakes the college of cardinals. (RNS) — Pope Francis, in a surprise announcement on Sunday, Oct. 25, named 13 new cardinals, nine of whom will be able to vote for a new pope when Francis dies or resigns.

With 9 new electors, Pope Francis remakes the college of cardinals

The other four are over 80 years of age and therefore will not be able to vote in a conclave. Among those chosen as a cardinal elector is Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington, D.C., the first Black cardinal in the U.S. The announcement is a surprise because there are already 119 cardinal electors, just one under the limit set by Pope Paul VI in 1975.

In the past, popes usually waited until there were more vacancies before appointing new cardinals. RELATED: Pope names 13 new cardinals, includes Washington DC Archbishop Gregory. The pope’s unexpected election message. Untitled. American Catholics are again asking whether they can, in good conscience, vote for a political candidate who supports public policies in matters of life and death that are antithetical to Catholic teaching.


The answer is not obvious. Both political parties support policies that offend the Catholic conscience, including widespread support for abortion on demand among Democrats and consistent support for the death penalty among Republicans. The two parties also have wholly different views of immigration, entrenched racism and economic justice. Untitled. The nasty email that Muns sent reads: “How about if we took all the little bitter Asian women and had a lottery and cut their clits like the Muslims do.


Not a very classy position is it, neither is your trashy little bitter personality towards white men. Only in a world where journalism is controlled by brain dead Liberals do you people even have jobs.” He signs it “Muns,” and I guess we can forgive him the typos since the email also says it was sent from his iPad. He without sin and all of that. Namo Avalokiteshvara. Untitled. A time-lapse recording captured the Milky Way spinning over a Tasmanian lake, which reflected the shining stars in its still waters.


Storyful The universe is about 13.8 billion years old, according to new research recently published by an international team of astrophysicists. While this estimate of the age of the universe had been known before, in recent years, other scientific measurements had suggested instead that the universe may be hundreds of millions of years younger than this. The scientists studied an image of the oldest light in the universe to confirm its age of 13.8 billion years. This light, the "afterglow" of the Big Bang, is known as the cosmic microwave background and marks a time 380,000 years after the universe’s birth when protons and electrons joined to form the first atoms.

White supremacist ideas have historical roots in U.S.Christianity click 2x. If churches are openly political, why are they not paying taxes? While the desire to tax churches is not new, it seems as far from reality as possible at this moment.

If churches are openly political, why are they not paying taxes?

As has been commented, no atheist could possibly hope to win an election in today’s political climate—a freethinking man like Robert Ingersoll would have no influence with the majority of our electorate. Our cultural dependency on the necessity of faith is affecting our society: According to a University of Tampa study, not taxing churches is taking an estimated $71 billion from our economy every year, and this fact remains largely unquestioned. Study: Turns out religion is kinda like an opiate. Fundamentalists hacked my husband to death. The same hate is spreading across the world. I have no memory of the attack, but the pictures of my husband’s bloody, motionless body on the street, me next to him pleading for help, the four large stab wounds on my head and a sliced-off thumb, will remind me forever of the hatred and intolerance that changed my life.

Fundamentalists hacked my husband to death. The same hate is spreading across the world

Our assailants, armed with machetes, were Islamists who on 26 February 2015, ambushed us while we were visiting our homeland, Bangladesh, for a book-signing trip. They hacked my husband, Avijit Roy, to death and left me gravely injured. Jesus checking if the Facebook pic has enough likes to save the sick child. Like-farming scam exposed. - RealFunny. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more Got it! 4601Pictures. Pope Francis' associates compare right-wing US Christians with jihadists - The i newspaper online iNews. Two leading theologians close to Pope Francis have said that American evangelicals and hard-line Catholics have a worldview that is “not too far apart’’ from jihadists. Their article in the journal Civilta’ Cattolica, which has outraged religious conservatives in the US, goes on to accuse right-wing Catholics and Christians of making an unholy pact with President Trump, and of deepening political polarisation in the United States.

Some experts have interpreted the article as a call from Pope Francis himself for the church to dissociate itself from the US administration’s right-wing policies on everything from climate change to migration. Pope Francis has previously hit out at President Donald Trump’s proposals to build a wall between Mexico and the US – a policy the pontiff had said was not Christian. The Vatican has refrained from commenting on the article.

But Vatican expert Nello Scavo, author of four books on the current pope, told i he thought the article had the Francis’s backing. Pastor cautions about Trump-loving Men of the Christian Right— he NAILS it. John Pavlovitz is a veteran minister in Raleigh, North Carolina who’s not afraid to call out men of the Christian Right (sometimes known as The Religious Right or DonaldTrump lovers, supporters, and defenders). In a recent blog, Pavlovitz bluntly tells Christian women/all women that they don’t matter to these right-wing religious zealots who build up and defended Trump and the misogyny he brings to the table. Pavlovitz says Trump feels it’s okay to physically force himself on women and that seems to be natural and acceptable to “Men on the Christian Right” who believe “God is a dude and the woman brought sin.”

He tells women: Apocalypse Now click 2x. Documentary Trailer (2019) OB/GYN Shares Reasons For Abortions click 2x. Muslims lived in America before Protestantism even existed. The first words to pass between Europeans and Americans (one-sided and confusing as they must have been) were in the sacred language of Islam. Christopher Columbus had hoped to sail to Asia and had prepared to communicate at its great courts in one of the major languages of Eurasian commerce. So when Columbus’s interpreter, a Spanish Jew, spoke to the Taíno of Hispaniola, he did so in Arabic. Not just the language of Islam, but the religion itself likely arrived in America in 1492, more than 20 years before Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door, igniting the Protestant reformation. Moors – African and Arab Muslims – had conquered much of the Iberian peninsula in 711, establishing a Muslim culture that lasted nearly eight centuries.

A Mormon Champion's Loss of Faith. Circumcision: Social, Sexual, Psychological Realities. We continue examining myths about circumcision, including traditions, social and sexual relations. Paula White: the pastor who helps Trump hear 'what God has to say' Paula White, Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser and personal pastor, re-enacted a moment at a private White House dinner last month which would eventually make headlines for showing the president’s hardline stance on abortion. The Very Real Search for the Bible's Mythical Manna. Islamophobia is not confined to online groups. It leaks across public life. How the religious right gained unprecedented access to Trump. Sarah Sanders: God 'wanted Donald Trump to become president'

Covington Catholic High School Students Harass Native American Protesters During Indigenous Peoples March. China is Surveilling and Threatening Uighurs in the U.S. John Chau may have been influenced by past evangelical missions and their belief in power of faith. The recent killing of a 26-year-old U.S. missionary, John Allen Chau, on a remote island in India has raised many questions about global evangelical Protestant missions. My fundamentalist childhood: less like a temple, more like a cage. Early one Saturday morning when I was twelve, my father rustled me awake. Brain Washing ( Jesus Camp ''Highlights'' ) Ideologically motivated far-right extremists have killed close to 500 people since 1990 – and 10 percent were targeted based on religion.

The mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh exemplifies an increasingly deadly form of domestic terrorism committed by far-right extremists: the targeting of institutions and individuals due to their religious affiliation. Unfortunately, it’s not new for far-right extremists to vilify non-white, non-Anglo-Saxon and non-Protestant religions. Carved idol from the Urals shatters expert views on birth of ritual art. Trump prophecy and other Christian movements: 3 essential reads. There's a psychological link between conspiracy theories and creationism. Jehovah's Witnesses refused to hand over evidence in sexual abuse case. Bishop Questions.docx. Pope Francis declares death penalty inadmissible in all cases. Did Principal Mamasai Mamakusa Expel Two Children for Wearing Crucifixes? How America Got Divorced from Reality: Christian Utopias, Anti-Elitism, Media Circus. My stolen childhood: understanding the trokosi system - BBC Africa Eye documentary.

Bishop David Oyedepo Tops Forbes List Of Richest Pastors In The World, Net Worth $150M - INFORMATION NIGERIA. Evolution - Simplest Explanation Possible. The Bible and the belt: Inside a camp for gay youth. Life Of Brian- 1979 Debate (1/4) Why do so many Mormons back Trump? Some say it's about the land. Pope warns oil executives: Climate change may ‘destroy civilization’ Project Blitz: The legislative assault by Christian nationalists to reshape America. Atlasobscura. Is Mike Pence right that religion is gaining new life in US? In US evangelical capital, a new progressiveness and differing views on Israel. Jerusalem syndrome. Theconversation. Reduced Analytic and Actively Open-Minded Thinking Help to Explain the Link between Belief in Fake News and Delusionality, Dogmatism, and Religious Fundamentalism by Michael Bronstein, Gordon Pennycook, Adam Bear, David G. Rand, Tyrone Cannon.

Why Paul Ryan fired the House chaplain. Satanists Adopt Beach in Santa Cruz, Because They’re Good Ethical People – Friendly Atheist. American Muslims Thrive in the Age of Trump Rhetoric and Hate Crimes. Evangelical leaders face own sex scandals. The article removed from Forbes, “Why White Evangelicalism Is So Cruel” – Political Orphans. Tablet Magazine’s 100 Most Jewish Foods List. Bruce MacKinnon's cartoon in the Chronicle Herald.

The fight for the right to be a Muslim in America. The Scariest Catholic in America 2 clicks. Cunk On Christmas 2016. Why Trump's evangelical supporters welcome his move on Jerusalem. Pope says world must not 'extinguish hope' in hearts of migrants, refugees. Temple of All Religions. Everybody love everybody. Psalm 53 Sung in Aramaic for Pope Francis by Georgians, Stunning. The religious right carries its golden calf into Steve Bannon’s battles. Thousands of Muslims marched in London today condemning terrorism and ISIS. Black, Jewish And Avoiding The Synagogue On The High Holy Days : Code Switch. We're at the end of white Christian America. What will that mean?

Without a Home, and Without Hope. AMEN. An Interview with Mary Johnson, a Nun Who Worked Under Mother Teresa and Later Became an Atheist – Friendly Atheist. The Muslim Americans leading the push to 'stand up and be leaders' in politics. Trump's New Project: Legalizing Discrimination Under the Guise of Religious Freedom. 'Spiritual abuse': Christian thinktank warns of sharp rise in UK exorcisms. 'Anti-Sharia' Marchers Met With Counter-Protests Around The Country.