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Satisfying Veggie Bake.

Pâtes petit pois ++

Cheesy Kale and Winter Squash Tart (Vegan, Gluten-Free) - Rainbow Plant Life. One of my favorite foods to make is a savory tart.

Cheesy Kale and Winter Squash Tart (Vegan, Gluten-Free) - Rainbow Plant Life

For one, savory tarts are a delightful surprise simply because most people think of dessert when they think of tarts. Also, they are comforting and delicious, and a delicious excuse to eat carbs. Sadly, I don’t make savory tarts nearly as often as I would like. BUT, it’s a new year and a new year means new changes, so cheers to more savory tarts in 2019, including this Cheesy Kale and Winter Squash Tart.

I wanted to make a savory tart that tasted indulgent but was still relatively healthy. I was inspired to make this tart when I found the cutest carnival squash at Whole Foods. If you can’t find carnival squash, you can substitute a similar winter squash. You could even use a larger winter squash like butternut squash, kabocha squash, or red kuri squash. The other vegetables in this savory tart are three of my all-time favorites: kale, onions, and mushrooms.

And for the final and arguably the best part, the CHEEZE! Vegan Italian White Bean and Pasta Stew - Rainbow Plant Life. If you’ve ever craving rustic Italian comfort food, this Vegan Italian White Bean and Pasta Stew is the recipe for you!

Vegan Italian White Bean and Pasta Stew - Rainbow Plant Life

It’s a crossover between a soup and a pasta (a “pasta soup” is probably a better title than “stew” but it sounds silly), and in the traditional Italian style of cucina povera (“peasant cooking” or “poor kitchen”), this recipe is made with affordable everyday pantry ingredients. It’s inspired by the Italian classic pasta e ceci (pasta and chickpeas) and is made with some of my favorite pantry staples. Think whole peeled tomatoes, pasta, and cannellini beans. It’s brothy yet thick, saucy and rich, and packed with flavor. Sweet & Spicy Vegan Tahini Noodles. I’m back with another incredible noodle dish that will have you jumping for joy and slurping up every last bite.

Sweet & Spicy Vegan Tahini Noodles

After you guys fell in love with these stir fry sesame noodles and these hot chili chicken noodles I knew it was time to combine the two into delicious, sweet and spicy tahini noodles that are vegan, ready in about 30 minutes and full of flavor. We’re obsessed with all things tahini here at AK because it’s so versatile in both sweet and savory recipes.

Vegan Butternut Squash Lasagna. A few of my favorite comfort foods in this world include enchiladas, pancakes, sloppy joes, meatloaf and of course, lasagna.

Vegan Butternut Squash Lasagna

A few weeks ago, I made you a cheesy vegetarian pumpkin lasagna and last year, I shared my favorite healthier turkey lasagna. What I didn’t realize is that I had yet to make you a vegan lasagna! So here we are. Today I’m sharing a magical vegan butternut squash lasagna with a savory garlic tahini tofu cream sauce. The Best Vegan Sweet and Sticky Tofu. Creamy broccoli pie. 2 medium leeks (400g) 400g broccoli 400g of celeriac or potato or parsnip 700ml oat milk 4 tbsp oil 4 tbsp white four.

Creamy broccoli pie

Vegan "Beef" & Broccoli (Better Than Takeout!) - From My Bowl. Recette vegan - Brochettes de kefta vegan. The Best Vegan Lentil Shepherd's Pie - Rainbow Plant Life. One of my favorite cozy winter recipes is this healthy Vegan Lentil Shepherd’s Pie.

The Best Vegan Lentil Shepherd's Pie - Rainbow Plant Life

I came up with this recipe when I realized that the shepherd’s pie recipe from my vegan instant pot cookbook was so popular. And since many of my readers/followers don’t have an Instant Pot, I wanted to adapt the recipe from my cookbook to the stovetop (which is the traditional method of making shepherd’s pie). Sure, it requires a bit more work than the Instant Pot version, but the results are worth it! Though there are a few different steps involved in this recipe, the actual cooking part is quite straightforward and not complicated. Tofu Tikka Masala - Rainbow Plant Life. Max’s favorite takeout dish has always been chicken tikka masala.

Tofu Tikka Masala - Rainbow Plant Life

As a half-British kid who grew up in NYC (and whose mom craved exclusively Indian food while pregnant with him), this makes total sense. So, I finally developed a killer plant-based version of this recipe to please his insatiable appetite for Indian takeout. The result is this tofu tikka masala, and I’m not joking when I say it’s almost too good to be true. Max agrees, and says it’s his new favorite Indian dish (which says a lot, because he’s obsessed with my red lentil curry). One Pot Pumpkin Pasta (10 Ingredients!) - From My Bowl. Pasta al pesto di zucchine, porri e pinoli. Leek and Zucchini Casserole - Honeypie's Recipes. Summer brings an abundance of zucchini either from your own garden or the farmers’ market.

Leek and Zucchini Casserole - Honeypie's Recipes

I found piles of leeks at the farmers’ market at the same time the zucchini reached peak season. As I eyed them, it was like they were screaming at me to make a Leek and Zucchini Casserole! Zucchini and Leek Gratin - Just Cook. (168) TORTA SALATA SVUOTAFRIGO. Red Thai Curry with Sweet Potatoes & Chickpeas. Mac and cheese vegan au butternut. Petite recette pour les enfants: lentilles corail et Tubicini - La fée Stéphanie. Les pédiatres le disent, les légumes secs sont bons pour la santé et les enfants devraient en manger au moins une fois par semaine.

Petite recette pour les enfants: lentilles corail et Tubicini - La fée Stéphanie

Mais voilà, on ne pense pas toujours la veille au soir à les faire tremper. Tofu au poireau en sauce asiatique - La fée Stéphanie. Cette semaine, je suis en vacances!

Tofu au poireau en sauce asiatique - La fée Stéphanie

Mais avant de partir, je vous ai préparé une petite recette de tofu au poireau qui je suis sûre vous plaira, car super bonne et rapide. Oat Crepes with Harissa Beans and Tomatoes. This post is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. About this time of year, my meals revolve around the easiest way to eat as much summer produce. Typically the answers to that are grain bowls, but I like to change it occasionally, like with these oat crepes. Tomatoes In our produce pick-up and even in our small garden, cherry tomatoes are the summer winner.

During peak tomato season, we end up with a large mound each week, and the tomatoes find their way into everything. How to Make Dumpling Wrappers. Red Cabbage Tofu Potstickers. A note about culture/this recipe: I’m sharing this recipe for the filling. I did not grow up with potstickers but have a deep appreciation for the cultural history/process of making them. If you’re interested in learning more about Chinese cuisine, I highly recommend following Lisa Lin. When I slow down, I find I cook more and often turn to make everything from scratch. Pâte brisée vegan, une base indispensable pour de délicieuses tartes aux fruits - La fée Stéphanie. Polpette vegane di ceci e patate con sugo alle verdure. Risotto vegano ai piselli.

BEST Cabbage Soup. Cabbage soup is about as comforting and healthy as they come! All you need to do is simmer a bunch of sliced cabbage with mirepoix vegetables, diced tomatoes, vegetable broth, and herbs for an easy and delicious, low calorie meal. Polenta crémeuse et sa sauce tomate. Very Best Lentil Soup. Lentil soup is a classic vegetarian soup recipe.

It’s hearty, healthy, delightfully filling (with plant-based protein), and warming on those cold, wintery days. While there are many variations of lentil soup, you can’t go wrong with a simple, delicious Mediterranean version. Spaghetti al limone. Pick Up Limes: Aushak - Afghan Dumplings. Cut the leeks in half lengthwise, keeping the end intact, and wash in between the layers. Very thinly slice the white and light green portions of the leeks. The thinner you can slice this the better. Our 2 medium leeks gave approximately 5 cups of chopped leeks. In a large strainer over a bowl, combine the leeks, oil, and salt. Mix together using your hands, massaging to ensure the leeks are well coated with the oil and salt. With lemon, olives, and tomatoes. Homemade gnocchi recipe. Vegan 'Fish' Cakes - Avant-Garde Vegan.

Ingredients Filling 1 cup/250g Mash Potato 1 Large can (565g) Jackfruit, water squeezed out 1 tbs White Miso Paste Juice & Zest 1 Lemon 2 tbs Chives, chopped fine 2 tbs Nori Flakes (or 1 sheet blitzed fine) Coating 1 cup/120g Panko Bread Crumbs. Vegan Gyros: With Pulled Jackfruit - Holistic Foodie. Recette tortillas mexicaine blé ou maïs maison.

Ludique et pas compliqué à faire à la maison, les tortillas ou galettes souples au blé ou au maïs permettent ensuite de les garnir avec légumes grillés, haricots rouges, viandes type boeuf à la tomate épicé ou poulet grillé, omelette, avocat etc. pour les transformer en repas complet. On peut en faire des wraps, fajitas etc. Bourguignon de ma grand-mère aux PST (vegan) Dans ma quête de plats familiaux du dimanche, bien que j’ai décidé d’en inventer certains moi même, comme ICI, j’ai aussi eu envie de revisiter les classiques. Bien qu’ici le mot « revisité » soit franchement exagéré. Médaillons de PST au lait de coco, carottes et garam masala. Je fais des essais de « plats du dimanche », ce qui implique de la sauce ! Recette pour un Noël végane : Irish Stew (ragoût à la bière) & gaufres de pommes de terre.

Irish quoi ?! (825) CARBONNADE FLAMANDE VEGAN. Protéines de pois et poivrons sautés, sauce teriyaki - La fée Stéphanie. Quiche aux courgettes, une tarte salée qui change! - La fée Stéphanie. Boulettes à la courgette, parfumées au citron - La fée Stéphanie. Easy BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches. Hearty Lentil & Swiss Chard Soup Recipe. Vegetarian Stuffed Swiss chard Rolls. Pick Up Limes: Potato & Spinach Curry. "Pasta coi fagiolini " - pâtes aux haricots verts: recette vegan facile et rapide - La fée Stéphanie. The Conscientious Eater. Vegan Kimchi Fried Rice. Vegetarian Cabbage Soup. Banana Peel Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwich. Rainbow Plant Life Lazy Meals. "Zucchine alla poverella" et pâtes à la crème de petits-pois - les Pouilles dans l'assiette! - La fée Stéphanie. RECIPE // smooth lentil pasta (you can’t taste the health) Spaghetti aux "puntarelle"comme en Italie - La fée Stéphanie. Burgers de PST (protéines de soja texturées) - La fée Stéphanie.

Dahl de lentilles corail, petits pois et épinards - La fée Stéphanie. Moussaka libanaise, un plat vegan pour toute la famille! - La fée Stéphanie. Enchiladas Végétariennes. Tofu Croustillant à la Sauce Aigre-Douce. "Spaghetti" carbo à la mode de chez moi , recette végétale - La fée Stéphanie. (630) 3 RECETTES DÉLICIEUSES pour vous réconcilier avec les LENTILLES. Pick Up Limes: Creamy Hummus Pasta Bake. Pick Up Limes: Sun-Dried Tomato & Roasted Vegetable Tart. Côtelettes vegan à base de farine de pois chiche. Mamma mia che pasta! Pâtes aux aubergines et aux pois chiches grillés, sauce à l'avocat - La fée Stéphanie. Exceedingly vegan. Lean Green One Pot Pasta Recipe. Creamy Chickpea Curry. Chickpea Masala Recipe. Crispy Greek-style pie recipe. Dairy-Free Spinach Quiche. Veggie Fried Quinoa Recipe. Naan Pizza with Butternut Squash and Pesto. Protein Packed Healthy Mac and Cheese. Black Bean Quesadillas Recipe. Thai Sweet Potato Curry Recipe. Mattar Tofu (vegan + gluten-free)

Fiesta Black Bean Burrito Bowls Recipe. LEMON & PEA RISOTTO — madeleine olivia. Creamy cheezy broccoli pasta. "Poisson" pané. Vegan Fish - The Hidden Veggies. Vegan fish fingers - easy and incredibly delicious. One Pot Cheesy "Beef" Pasta. Gnocchi alla Trapanese recipe. Cheesy leek & potato pie recipe. Glass Noodle Stir Fry Recipe. Nouilles chinoises épicées à l'ananas.

LEEK & POTATO SOUP — madeleine olivia. HUMMUS PASTA — madeleine olivia. VEGAN MICROWAVE NOODLES — madeleine olivia. Classic One Pot Pasta Recipe. Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa Recipe. Mercimek köftesi (spécialité turque végétale) Gratin de pâtes au brocoli vegan. Recette Spaghettis aux brocolis. Casarecce de pois chiches, tomates, brocolis et ricotta en pas à pas.