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Vegetarian White Chili. Fettuccine with Caramelized Onions, Greens and Vegan Feta. Fettuccine with Caramelized Onions, Greens and Vegan Feta – ish cheese.

Fettuccine with Caramelized Onions, Greens and Vegan Feta

Easy Weeknight meal. Make the cheese ahead, then the dish is 1 Pot and 30 minutes. No soaking, blending or straining needed for the cheese! Vegan, can be Gluten-free, Soy-free Sometimes the simplest of meals leave a lasting memory. Adjust the flavor for tang to preference and bake the almond cheese. More Pasta from the blog The sweetness and flavor from the caramelized, light base of the pasta with cheese, olive oil, onion and greens, make this a wonderful meal meal. The Best Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe - Simply Quinoa. How to make Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff.

The Best Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe - Simply Quinoa

This easy vegan stroganoff recipe will quickly become a new favorite pasta dish! It's also healthy and gluten-free! When life gets crazy, you make pasta. Especially on weeknights when cooking is the last thing you want to do. Why? I've talked about the dilemma in our house before – I love creamy things, he's a fan of brothy/saucy things – and when it comes to pasta it's no different. One Pot Mushroom Tetrazzini. A one pot wonder? Or a one pot miracle? My mom used to make chicken tetrazzini a lot. Instant Pot Mushroom Tetrazzini (voir ac mushroom stroganoff) Instant Pot Mushroom Tetrazzini Simple Creamy Comforting Spaghetti Pasta dinner with simple pantry ingredients. 1 Pot Tetrazzini.

Instant Pot Mushroom Tetrazzini (voir ac mushroom stroganoff)

Vegan Soyfree Recipe. Can be nutfree, Glutenfree, Oilfree. Mujadara Baked Rice and Lentils. Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Pasta with Garlic Soy curls. Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Pasta with Garlic Soy curls. 20 Gm of Protein.

Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Pasta with Garlic Soy curls

Vegan Tuscan Garlic “Chicken” And pasta. Vegan Recipe Can be Soyfree with Mushrooms or Seitan. 30 Mins. Gluten-free and nutfree option Jump to Recipe This Luscious 30 Minute pasta is a vegan version of a dish I used to get in some restaurant more than a decade ago. Wow that was specific. Vegan Cheese Pasta Bake. This Vegan Cheese Pasta Bake is the ultimate crowd pleaser and perfect for a weeknight meal or your holiday table!

Vegan Cheese Pasta Bake

It’s easy and loaded with flavour! This post is sponsored by Thrive Algae Oil. All opinions and text are 100% mine. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that support Jessica in the Kitchen! When I was younger, Italian food was my favourite. Instant Pot Ziti with Tomato Sauce. Instant Pot Ziti with Tomato Sauce.

Instant Pot Ziti with Tomato Sauce

Date Night Quick Pasta Meal with Ziti, sprinkled with vegan parm and fresh herbs. 1 Pot! Vegan Soyfree Recipe. Easily Glutenfree, Nutfree. Jump to Recipe Sometimes you just need a simple pasta meal! Rice and Black Bean Bowl with Sweet Chili Mustard Sauce. If you haven't been able to tell by how much I love chili powder by the use of it in my recipes, then I'm letting you know, I love it.

Rice and Black Bean Bowl with Sweet Chili Mustard Sauce

This recipe is basically centered all around chili powder. It's in the rice, the beans and the sauce. Consider this recipe an ode to chili powder. My love of chili powder is then combined with my love of simple food, like black beans and brown rice. Extra chili powder on those too please. I've learned to really enjoy food in it's simplest form and that good food can also be simple food and completely satisfying. Vegan Spicy Glazed Popcorn Broccoli. Vegan Nut Meatloaf. This Vegan Meatloaf is flavorful, decadent, nutty and great for anyone wanting a no bean/lentil loaf.

Vegan Nut Meatloaf

Use nuts of choice. Vegan Recipe. Can be Glutenfree, soyfree Jump to Recipe Every year a new “meat” loaf ! My Lentil Quinoa Loaf is super popular. Vegan Meatballs (Oil-free) These Easy Vegan Meatballs and Spaghetti are infused with amazing Italian dried herbs and flavor.

Vegan Meatballs (Oil-free)

These are oil-free, dairy-free and made with chickpeas and couscous for amazing texture. The day has arrived. You now have this amazing "meatball" recipe that I shared a teaser photo of on both IG and Facebook, which everybody went wild over. Guys, it is almost a bit "scary" how meaty these are, hahaha. One Pot Mexican Spiced Vegetable Quinoa. Vegan Crab Bites. This post may contain affiliate links.

Vegan Crab Bites

I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. Fast, easy and utterly delicious ~ these Vegan Crab Bites are the perfect party appetizer. They can be served hot or cold and take 20 minutes to prepare. If you’re going to a party, but have no idea what to bring, you’ll definitely want to make these Vegan Crab Bites. They are a crowd favorite! Who can resist a creamy dip tucked inside a crispy shell? Lentil Mushroom Stew with Mashed Sweet Potatoes.

Instant Pot Lentil Mushroom Stew with Easy Mashed Sweet Potatoes. 1 Pot 30 Minute. Upside down Lentil Shepherds Pie! Vegan Glutenfee Nutfree Soyfree Recipe Stovetop option Jump to Recipe If you all loved the Mushroom Bourguignon, you’ll love this easy lentil mushroom stew too. Similar ingredients, process to use just 1 Pot, and just 15 mins active time! Indian Butter Tofu Paneer. Restaurant Style Tofu Butter Masala Recipe – Easy Indian Butter Tofu “Paneer”.

Dairy-free Tofu Paneer Butter Masala. Tofu is marinated and baked then simmered in tomato ginger cashew sauce. Vegan Butter Tofu Gluten-free Recipe. Jump to Recipe You have got to make this Butter Tofu! This butter sauce is a simpler and more restaurant like variation and can be used with veggies, chickpeas or any other additions. More restaurant style Indian Mains from the blog. Quinoa Pizza Bites. These Easy Quinoa Pizza Bites will satisfy your every pizza cravings. They are protein packed, delicious, and great for parties! This might be my last Quinoa post for January (yeah right), because I think I’m all Quinoa-ed out! I’ve been eating it on the down low and I am officially adding it to my list of grains to eat endlessly. These Quinoa Pizza Bites were such a hit! First of all, if I had my own way I would host a Super Bowl party will all of these delicious healthy stuff including of course my Sticky Sesame Cauliflower Wings but that would be in a perfect world…I still plan to sneak in some healthy treats without these shouting men knowing!

Slow Cooker Tomato Soup. Crispy Chilli Tofu. Vegan mayo. Omelette Vegan. Vegan Meatballs with Sun-Dried Tomatoes. This is the ultimate recipe for vegan meatballs! Made with white beans and sun-dried tomatoes, these meatballs are flavorful, easy to make and also healthy! Growing up in an Italian-American family, many of our holiday meals featured my grandmother's famous meatballs and gravy. It's a “recipe” that has been passed down through the generations and one that my mom taught me while I was in college. I used to make it for Matt and I on Sundays sometimes in that first year we were living together after college. It's still a constant in our holidays, and probably the most requested meal from my brother when we're visiting my parents, but now that I'm plant-based, it's no longer a meal that I eat.

Thai Style Vegan Crab Cakes. Goulasch hongrois aux haricots et tofu fumé, recette. Crispy Baked Tofu Nuggets. Vegan Thai corn fritters. Potato Cauliflower Patties Vegan Recipe. Potato Cauliflower Patties Vegan Recipe. Easy Cauliflower croquettes, pan fried or Baked. Use up leftover Mashed Potatoes / Veggies. Soyfree Nutfree. 30 mins!

Creamy Kale Pesto Risotto. Mexican Meatless Pie - The Buddhist Chef. Description This Mexican version of the Shepherd’s Pie is one of my favorites. Vegan Teriyaki Meatballs (Sweet & Sticky) - Jessica In The Kitchen. Sticky Sesame Vegan Cauliflower Wings (VIDEO) - Jessica In The Kitchen. Sweet and Sour Chickpeas Peppers Broccoli. Black Peper Tofu. Cincinnati Chili. My Vegetarian Cincinnati Chili is full of protein, entirely vegan and gluten free. For real the best way to to have spicy food that is good for your body and soul. Baked Vegan Mac and Cheese. Vegan Pumpkin Fettuccine Alfredo With Sage & Mushrooms. I hope you guys are not sick and tired of all those pumpkin recipes floating around the world wide web at the moment cause I’m not ready to give them up just yet.

This is your all time favourite Fettuccine Alfredo with an autumnal twist. The pasta is tossed in a creamy pumpkin sauce infused with fresh sage and a generous splash of white wine all topped off with garlic mushrooms and toasted pumpkin seeds. Chickpea and Kale Curry. Harissa Chickpea Stew with Sweet Potato. Harissa Chickpea Stew with Sweet Potato. 1 Pot. This stew is my fridge clean up version of a Moroccan Chickpea Stew. Sesame Peanut Noodles with Tofu. Sticky Ginger Sesame Tofu and Veggies 1 Pot 30 Mins. Coconut Korma Sauce with Cauliflower, Potato, Chickpeas. Veggie Kurma Recipe. Eggplant Goulash.

Red Pesto Pasta. Tofu Chili. Irresistible Risotto. Cuban Rice and Beans. Easy vegan shakshouka recipe. Chana Masala. Connoisseurusveg. Bosh - Rogan BOSH! Connoisseurusveg. Tofu and Veggie BBQ Bowl. Connoisseurusveg. Pra Ram Tofu (Thai Peanut Sauce) Aloo Baingan (Potato Eggplant Curry) Taco-Spiced Vegan Frittata. Vegan Meatballs. Red Lentil Curry. Kale black bean quinoa sauté. Vegan Eggplant Moussaka. Quinoa zucchini patties. Fully Loaded Lasagne. Bangin' Bolognese. Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Sauce. Big Bosh Nut Roast. Vegan Wellington with Mushrooms, Lentils, Veggies. Giant sausage roll. Vegan Mushroom Pie. Sweet Skillet Cornbread. Moroccan couscous. Vegan Beef Stew. Creamy Coconut Milk Vegan Korma. Chickpea Spinach Pie.

Creamy Vegan Mushroom Lasagna. Thai Curry Fettuccine. Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili.